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Title: Backup Contact Information and an Announcement
Post by: anarcho47 on January 16, 2012, 01:46 am
So guys, it's been a great run so far and I'm honored to have been a part of SR for such a long time now.  I think I am now the "oldest" cannabis seller on here, which is pretty cool, and I'm glad that we have built up a mutual respect for each other and have done some awesome business and had some amazing conversations, both on these forums and over on the Market via PM.

This obviously has to do with the new changes to SR.  I fully support everything that this site has done and become since its humble inception, and have been impressed (while occasionally appalled for the odd short-stretch) with where we have all come as a community.  We are still pushing forward in something the world hasn't really seen before.  We are circumventing a monopoly on violence that has never been so widespread and pervasive in world history, every single time we do honest business together.  We are proving the lies of prohibition as dead tales and fear-mongering every time we peacefully transact, and making each others' lives richer and more satisfactory for it.

But the threat is always there.  The giant parasite would swallow us whole if they were given half the chance.  Nobody can deny this.  I suspect that as SR continues to grow we will continue to get our occasional spurts of media attention followed by outrage by the violent moralists and ruling overlords who wish to dictate our lives down to every minute of the day and the smallest of choices.

It is because of this threat that I am, first and foremost, going to post up backup contact information for anyone who should ever need to get ahold of me.  Especially if the site gets taken off the map or gets overhauled without warning.  I'll get the pertinent info out of the way:

I can be reached at:

Please save this and add it to your list of contacts or your encrypted drive.

This is the public key I will accept for this email:

Version: BCPG v1.39


Now that that's out of the way, time for my announcement:  I will no longer be offering bulk listings on the Silk Road.

The biggest reason is a simple one:  While I was still allowed to use my "custom/bulk orders" listing to do bulk sales, nobody looking at this site from the outside would be able to just scroll my feedback and actually see how much product I was selling.  With the new changes, I would have to set up individual listings for each bulk offering and attach a monetary value to it that would exist right on the site.  If the site ever did get seized and the police were looking for someone to track down, they would have an ideal target in me.

There are other reasons, such as the added commission on bulk now which will equal out to hundreds of dollars in price increases against my baseline bulk prices.  The tie-up of float, etc.

I will only be offering personal amounts of cannabis and mushrooms through the SR from this point on (up to 1oz per package).  I will also only be able to sell what is listed and in its available amounts.  You can mix-and-match orders up to 1oz, but please be sure to note that you want them shipped within the same package, and make sure the shipping information on all of the product checkouts matches.

If you need to get a hold of me in case of a site outage, scheduled downtime. loss of forums, etc., please contact me at:   and be sure to PGP Encrypt to the public key above.

Thanks again for everything guys.  It's been a hell of a ride and I'm looking forward to a brighter (albeit, lower-volume) future on here.



Title: Re: Backup Contact Information and an Announcement
Post by: jackstraw on January 16, 2012, 02:18 pm
As long as you aren't leaving the road I'm cool with that.  You are the man for that sweet BC Bud.
Title: Re: Backup Contact Information and an Announcement
Post by: Variety Jones on January 16, 2012, 04:19 pm
anarcho - I'm willing to bet that within, oh, say 30 days or so - 45 at the very outside - all of your concerns will have been addressed.

SR can't change everything at once, there are limits to how much work can be accomplished and maintain security. But from everything I've seen he's not one to leave things half done, and while he doesn't get involved in a lot of the discussions on the boards, he's very aware of all concerns, I'm sure.

I think highly enough of your goods that I pestered you into being, I think, your first overseas order, and I'm glad you're maintaining your presence here on the Silk Road. The site is evolving, and I'm sure it will improve and undergo changes until SR has a site that is beyond its' present limitations.

Best of luck to you.
Title: Re: Backup Contact Information and an Announcement
Post by: nexus68 on January 16, 2012, 10:13 pm
Glad to hear you are sticking it out here and I hope your concerns do get addressed.  I'm not yet a regular customer but I was still a bit worried about your future plans because I've really liked what I have seen so far: great product at a fair price and a very professional businessman...the two of which makes a killer combination. You're one of the good guys, keep it up.
Title: Re: Backup Contact Information and an Announcement
Post by: Propelnorium- on January 20, 2012, 06:12 pm
This helps ease my mind. Ever since I've started coming to you for my bud I've been worried that if Silk Road goes belly up one day (hope that never happens, but you never know) I'd be up shits creek without a paddle.  I'll have to look into how to use PGP properly but I've seen a couple tutorials that should make it pretty straight forward.

Cheers, I'll be in touch in a week or so. Thanks for sticking around :)