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Title: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: PriscillaMarie90 on November 25, 2011, 04:42 am
I've seen alot of bud out there with names like "Blueberry", "Strawberry", ect. but does that mean it really tastes like whatever it's name suggests? Or is that just a name?

If they do taste different, what is the best(most delicious) strain of marijuana? Are the plants like.. "Bred" to create these different flavors, or are the flavors added later?

Your advice and opinions are appreciated. :)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: uniwiz on November 25, 2011, 08:59 am
Get one of our friendly vendors to send you a sample pack.

No one's gonna help a lady out?

They have different tastes, and highs.
Some are fruity, other skunky, lemon, diesel, etc
These plants are bred, nothing should be added.
Nomad use to breed these wonderful plants.
Check out the seed section.
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: spongebob on November 25, 2011, 11:16 am
Not really its just a nice name to call the herb.For example the strain cheese do not smell like cheese lol
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: Variety Jones on November 25, 2011, 11:54 am
Ahh, a subject close to my heart.

Cannabis is like wine, there are many and varied flavours and aromas.

Sometimes the name refers to an aroma while in flowering, and the smell that hits you when you first open a sealed baggie. Cheese is a good example. It's basically a skunk derivative (which earned it's name not because it smells like a skunk, but because its smell is very strong). Cheese has been variously, and accurately, described as smelling like old feet, or Stilton cheese. Because Cheese started out as a UK cutting, the Stilton name stuck - that and folks won't buy as much Old Sweatsock. With Cheese, it's all about the aroma.

New York City Diesel has an aroma exactly like standing at a bus stop when a New York City bus pulls out and leaves you in a cloud of black fumes. You'd fucking swear the buds had been soaked in Diesel fuel. The Sour Diesels take it a bit further, and have a definite 'cat piss' or ammonia smell.

A lot of the fruity sounding strains are more about taste than smell, although the two are obviously tightly linked. Try and rolling up a joint - fat and loose - and before you light it, take a long, slow draw on it. Don't hyper-ventilate, and take a couple more clean, un-lit draws on it.

Cali Orange Bud will give you a very citrusy taste, with a hint of orange rind. Blueberry Bud does in fact have an over-riding berry tinge to it, although I think it's closer to choke-cherries than blueberries, but guess which name sells more bud.

Bubblegum, particularly from Serious or TH Seeds smells exactly like Bazooka Joe purple bubblegum. I mean EXACTLY like it.

Now, once you light that joint, you lose a lot of the flavour and smells to the incendiary process. The tastes become far more subtle to notice, as well as more subtle undertones come out. Vaping, for me, removes a lot of the more subtle flavours, and ends up being relatively tasteless, even if safer for your health. I've got a couple of good vaporizers, but still prefer the old fashioned method.

Grapefruit, Cinnamon and Papaya (Mango) are all very popular 'flavoured' strains, that really live up to their names, with flavours that taste exactly as you'd hope and expect them to.

And yes, they are bred for those traits. A breeder may grow out hundreds of plants looking for one with great defining characteristics, and then attempts to breed those traits into subsequent generations, back-crossing and stabilizing the strain.

Edit for best bets. Bubblegum, preferably from Serious or TH Seeds stock. Anything with Cali-Orange Bud in its makeup is going to be very citrusy. Lemon Skunk lets you smell like a clean kitchen while you get wrecked, and the lemon smell/taste survives combustion nicely. Cheese for it's unique Stilton aroma, a definite love/hate and very unique flavour.
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: PriscillaMarie90 on November 25, 2011, 12:38 pm
Thanks for the info guys! ;D Especially Variety Jones, that was VERY helpful. & Thanks for the suggestions!

How about everyone's favorites, what are the best flavors? I didn't think about scents really, but I'd like to hear about those too! :)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: rodger909 on November 25, 2011, 01:48 pm
good info VJ

i've got some NYCD that stinks but tastes like fruity candy floss in my vape, if u like flavor with a good clean hit get one :D
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: MagicMan on November 25, 2011, 04:33 pm
My personal favorite for taste is strawberry haze, very powerful, very aromatic
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: PriscillaMarie90 on November 25, 2011, 05:35 pm
good info VJ

i've got some NYCD that stinks but tastes like fruity candy floss in my vape, if u like flavor with a good clean hit get one :D

What does it stink like? Like weed or like old smelly farts?

Now to find a vendor who might cut me a deal on a few samples... lol! ;D
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: Chez on November 25, 2011, 06:26 pm
Awesome post, Variety Jones. Some great recommendations!

Priscilla, if I see you in SILC I'll list some of my favorites for you :)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: rodger909 on November 25, 2011, 06:42 pm
What does it stink like? Like weed or like old smelly farts?

nope its reeks of dankness and stinks the place out, not sure about the candy floss though i'd say its more of an opal fruits taste mmmm lol

once u get it dialed in its like smoking bubble :D
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: MagicMan on November 25, 2011, 08:36 pm
Bubba kush is one of, if not the, smelliest strains of weed I've ever had. Without vacuum sealing it's nearly impossible to hide the smell, I currently have it triple bagged and hidden in a bunch of old clothes and the room that it's in still smells pretty strongly. It's fantastic though, great smoke!
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: TravellingWithoutMoving on December 08, 2011, 01:46 am
..spicy beef ?
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: PriscillaMarie90 on December 08, 2011, 04:29 am
I ordered some "Grapefruit" from tweetb, I'm excited to try it. :)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: edballs on December 08, 2011, 10:39 am
Mr Jones is bang on, of course,

but once you light it,

there are only two considerations left....

1 is it *strong* or *really strong* - this one is obvious. Most strains are pretty fucking strong thesedays, unless your weed was somehow flown in on a light aircraft from el salvador, and even then they know what they're doing down there these days also.....

2 is it Sativa dominant or Indica dominant. Think uppy or downy, but even that is an over simplification. Sativa is more "uppy", trippy, active, etc Indica is more likely to make you couch locked or sleepy. But having said that, a really strong Sativa will stop you gong anywhere as well, if you're not careful.

Like Jones said, it's like wine. The differences can be subtle and only appreciated with a refined palette.

I have a refined palette also when it comes to wine ( I used to sell it for a living) - I can tell you the grape, the region and sometimes the year. but I still drink mostly $3 bottles of crap and I don't enjoy them any less.

I have friends who are obsessed with weed varieties. Every time I visit them, I leave just as stoned.
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: AHorseOfCourse on December 11, 2011, 12:34 pm

I'm glad you're one of the CMA users out there that hasn't sworn off MJ, even though you smoke CMA too. There's a class of CMA (crystal meth) users out there that maybe started off as potheads when they were younger, got into CMA, then completely stopped pot altogether. Wenever you hear about people gettin adversely affected by CMA, goin to rehab, fuck up their life, etc., seems big majority of them happen to not smoke MJ anymore, or stop liking the drug, etc. also...

not sayin that MJ is a wonder drug, but it is a -- well -- fucking wonder drug! Good, high-quality 420 is awesome. And shame on people who say CMA isn't good with MJ, i think the two highs are great together! (Takes the edge off of the CMA high.) And if you wanna try to wean urself off CMA somewhat, and want help with those 3-4 days of shittiness while goin thru withdrawals, pot is a great placemaker drug...u still get to smoke, the weed literally makes u happy, and i think helps very well with that particular shittiness where you have no energy or desire to get outta bed. I've noticed when nothing else motivates me to get up and shower, shave, etc., the thought of blazing herb does do the trick.

Hey, plus think, if no CMA around, better a weed high then no high at all, eh? ;]


P.S. If you can get ur hands on strain called Cat Piss (they have it in California dispensaries), consider urself blessed 0:)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: TheArtist on December 11, 2011, 03:07 pm
Variety Jones nailed this one.  ;)
Title: Re: Flavored Marijuana
Post by: onestopshop on December 15, 2011, 03:38 am
Blue Cheese - Like the above, but lovely fruity blueberry smell and taste to it.

UK Cheese -

absolutely reeks of stinky smelly socks crossed with some posh french chese. Hard to get hold of though as has been a clone only (Skunk # 1_ strain since the 90's, passed from friend to friend, if anyone outside of UK has it their most likely bullshitting.

DJ Shorts Blueberry -

Mmmm mmm tastes delicious, leaves a nice resin on the rolling papers kinda tastes like Pop Tarts - Blueberry flavour, nice high too but thats a different story.

Bubblegum -

My favourite er "snobby" strain, obviously the main aim of smoking chronic is to get blasted but the SS version I had smelt exactly like that Juicy Fruit bubblegum you get and strawberry hubba bubbas, a strains that truly makes you appreciate the beauty of weed along with..

Strawberry Cough -

My first "flavoured" weed strain, aside from the flavour the high was absolutely insane, I had to pick this stuff up from a really creepy guy but was excited as ever getting back home and opening the sandwich baggie, totally STANK the whole room of strawberries and flowers. if you lick your lips after smoking a spliff of this kinda tastes like strawberryu lollipops.

KC Brains Mango -

when i was living in london use to buy cases of really ripe mangoes from fruit markets (better then supermarket quality + cheaper), literally cannot tell the difference between cutting a mango in half and opening a small baggie of this chro...really sweet , mouthwatering mango smell.

Super Lemon Haze -

Got this from some moroccan gangsters not too long ago, the weed itself stinks like freshly grated lemon peel crossed with some of that old school skunk you used to get in the 90's... tastes/smokes like your smoking lemon peel and dead skunks can't really say a lot more then that lol

there's lots of other weed out there that has nice taste to it too, but you really can't label them as "unique", if you go on the internet you hear a lot about "piney, candy, sweet, musky, sour" tastes and smells but that doesnt really describe it lol.

if you get a chance to try any of the above then DEFINITELY drop the cash for it's, been smoking for around 9 years not as long as some people on here but have been blessed with good and dodgy contacts and have been really lucky to try some of the stuff I have.