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Title: Single Vendor vs. Multiple Vendors
Post by: Spedly on November 16, 2011, 03:31 pm
In real life I'm the definition of a "loyal customer." Although I am new, at some point my very nature will want me to establish a business relationship with a single vendor. But I wonder how secure that philosophy is here on SR. I'd be interested in reading your opinion on this. Is it more secure to spread orders across multiple sellers? Or stick to one, trusted vendor?

I am only interested in dealing with vendors from my own country and have no desire to purchase anything other than cannabis products. I'm a middle-aged professional with a very successful career and do not want to draw attention to myself. All my purchases would be for personal use and I can never see myself buying more than an oz. at a time. I'm a light, but daily "after the wife and kids go to bed" smoker so an ounce lasts me a few months.

So, what are your thoughts? Fairly large amounts from a single vendor ordered quarterly? Or smaller amounts ordered more frequently from multiple vendors?

Title: Re: Single Vendor vs. Multiple Vendors
Post by: Variety Jones on November 16, 2011, 03:43 pm
It all depends on what you're buying.

I used to do a little bit of coke once in a while, but only before meals.

If I was in the market for coke now, and I found a vendor with a consistently high quality product, I'd never use another vendor.

Weed and hash, however, are a completely different game.

I  buy from absolutely fucking everyone. I'm in the UK, and I've had smoke sent from here, the EU and the states; sometimes I have it sent here, and quite a few times I get someone I know local to order and forward it.

I haven't dealt with any weed vendors here yet that I'd never deal with a second time, so far. I've dealt with a few that are going to see a lot of repeat business. Right now, I've got 7 orders from 4 countries on the way. Usually grams or eighths, occasionally a quarter if it's something I've tried before and really like. I'm a med user, and there is nothing in the world that is worse than building a terrific tolerance to some cannabis that you have a good line on. Changing it up and around often inhibits tolerance, and gives me a choice of a smoke depending on how I'm feeling. Do I want a little pain relief, or do I want to hit on a pure indica that is going to knock me out for the night, and give me good long rest.

If you're looking for just one thing consistently, find the best vendor for your needs. Otherwise, expand your horizons and nibble a bit on all the chocolates.

Of course, with me, it's all about the variety.