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Pics added to original post. Let me know if it's working please.

also.. is the built in Attachment function in this forum safe to use for uploading pictures? I want to upload pictures of the product.

There is no way 2 get bitcoins in Canada.

There is definitely not anyway for a heroin dealer with the best shit 2 use his drugs to influence others to do what he wants, IE buy bitcoins. I guess we will just never know.
What exactly are you implying here? That i'm full of shit because i won't use a street customer to go make a deposit for me?

What is so wrong about offering free samples? I thought that is how people build a rep and trust?

edit: It's good to be skeptical about new people (because of LE/Scammers) but you should ask questions instead of making snide remarks. I believe i can bring something great to the table here and contribute (good product at a good price in a region where vendors seems to be lacking). It's a turn off when people automatically start to act like you're sketchy for no good reason.

hurm seems sketch

and yes use cavirtex he is located out of calgary i know him personally great man good exchange needs all the volume it can get

im currently on the west coast i would take a sample but i don't trust new vendors sorry dude
No need to apologize. I'm extremely paranoid too.. As the saying goes... stay paranoid, stay safe.

I don't really know how else to build a rep though, other than sending out free samples..

Am i missing something here? As long as there is no signature required it's all good... or am i mistaken?

Have you tried using ?  You can have a friend do a cash deposit so that you don't appear on camera and then buy bitcoins on their exchange.
Is there any way to get btc and avoid cameras altogether? I'd rather just send out samples to show people i'm legit and then have someone put some trust in me and buy something so i can just buy a vendors account.

Product offers / Re: $200 Moneypak for bitcoins
« on: January 10, 2012, 07:30 am »
MrGrey: Do you do H or MDMA? Looking for respected members to build my rep ( free sample )

Doh.. I just saw the stickied note at the top saying nobody can offer anything unless they have a vendors account.
I hope the mods can make an exception here because getting BTC's anonymously in Canada isn't very easy. If there is a way i can get it easily without being on camera or anything let me know and i'll just do that.

edit: pics added
http://xfq5l5p4g3eyrct7.onion/view.php?image=62d1fe7de333f15b0355ab9e03978064.jpg - H
http://xfq5l5p4g3eyrct7.onion/view.php?image=ba9d3287a325c5dc2345d62d199f2a72.jpg - MDMA

Hi all

Looking to see if i want to start vending on here.

Currently i have MDMA and HEROIN in stock

MDMA - White
HEROIN - Brown powder.. I GUARANTEE this is the best on SR.. (no disrespect other H dealers)

Ketamine i can get extremely easily also, but i don't know if there is a demand for it here. I can also get meth extremely easily and for a good rate.

I have been in the game for over 20 years, so i can pretty much get my hands on anything so long as there is money to be made and a good solid demand for it.

I will be giving out samples to a few VERY WELL RESPECTED members.

I have a couple of pictures also to prove i have the stuff. Where would be the best place to upload them as far as safety is concerned?

I want to open up a vendors account but there is no such thing as a moneypak in canada to easily get one and then use it to exchange for BTC... so i guess i will send some samples out first and once people see i'm legit hopefully i can get someone to buy me a vendor account in exchange for product.

I know everyone claims to have the best shit, but i actually guarantee my H is the best you will ever find. I am that confident. That isn't just a sales pitch because i am not going to say that about my MDMA.. My MDMA is really great but i don't know with certainty that it's the best MDMA on SR as i have never tried any of the MDMA on SR.

Oh yeah, and a special offer: First person to buy me a Vendors account will have a special locked in price of 200/g of H and 50/g of MDMA for life. I don't forget people who help me out.

I even took pictures of some money to prove that i'm not some Nigerian trying to pull a quick one.

So where should i upload the pics?

Questions? Comments?

Looking forward to joining this community.

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