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Considering heroin group buy


I saw a thread where people were complaining about H prices on SR and mentioning a group buy.

If you check my review thread you will see i have amazing H.. (also check the H review thread for my reviews)

Who would be interested in a H group buy?

I've never done a group buy before, but you guys tell me how you would like it set up etc and i'll see if i can work with it..

Let me know what prices you think are fair for a group buy of how many buyers (would be minimum 10 buyers and an amount at least of 0.5g)

I'll check back in here and see what you guys think would be a fair price and how you'd like it to work.. cheers.

Looks like someone has reagent tested my product... From my official review thread (link in my signature)


Packaging: Discreet and very well packaged.

Weight: Didn't scale it, but it looks about right to me.

Shipping: Got to the east coast within 6 days, very pleased. :)

I haven't had the chance to try it yet - I'll update once I can in about a week or so. I think I might go easy due the reviews here.

And now, for the reagent results:

Mecke: Very audible fizz, immediately turned a deep, dark green, which evened out to a dark blue with hints of purple. (Presence of MDMA, MDA, and/or MDE).
Simon's: Rich, cobalt blue. (Presence of MDMA or MDE).
Marquis: Very audible fizz with bubbling, immediately turned black. (Presence of MDMA, MDA, or MDE).

I'll upload the pics once I can. I keep getting an error.

Thanks dude, i look forward to your review!

P.S. I like your picture of the nickelback guy!

kidding... I know it's kurt cobain haha

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 28, 2012, 11:03 pm »
I haven't gotten mine yet Tony  :'(

I was really hoping it would come today. Last time you shipped on Mon it got here Sat.

I did get Papers though  8) Thank god he lives 3 hours away. I Atleast have his this weekend
I'm sure it'll be there soon, don't worry brother

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 28, 2012, 10:34 pm »
Sweet Tony76s bag just came:)
Hopefully in the next few minutes i get clear up that whole thing with blackstirling.
Bag looks righteous, lets see...
Can't wait to hear your review!

Note to my customers: SR is seriously fucked for me. I haven't been able to get in on Friday and today so far... So if you placed an order, i will process it as soon as i'm able to log in.

Rumor mill / Re: New mdma vendor - JabberWockyLover
« on: January 27, 2012, 04:32 am »
Hey SuperDimitri,

I apologize if i skipped over a message you sent me in one of the threads on here. Please understand that i am extremely busy filling orders and if i missed your message it wasn't intentional. Also, i respond to messages within a few hours for the most part unless i'm sleeping. If you have a question or concern, feel free to message me and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:57 am »
I would say also that if every one of the current batch that goes out is great, it looks bad for Stirling....we always gamble here, hell doing H is a gamble!!! With your life!!
Exactly. Time will tell.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:42 am »
No doubt.. the other vendors warned me it was only a matter of time before i would try and get scammed by a buyer.. Didn't think it would be this soon though..

Sucks that it happened so early on that 1 feedback took my perfect score of 100 to 95%... All because blackstirling wanted to scam me for a few bucks.

TO MY VALUED CUSTOMERS: I assure you i will only be giving you the best of the best... I am here for the long haul, and have no intention of fucking anybody over. If my intention was to scam i would not have 15-20 orders currently in escrow.

However, i realize this piece of shit blackstirling may have scared some of you and because of that i am sorry. If you currently have an order that is processing i will give you the option of a 100% refund and cancellation if it is what you want. I want my customers to have faith in me and i will do whatever it takes to build that trust.

I truly wish the SR team was a little more active on these forums to protect some vendors against scams like what blackstirling is trying to pull.

To everyone else:

I'm surprised there aren't more people pissed off at blackstirling. There is a reason so many vendors resort to not dealing with people with low feedbacks and requiring early finalization for every single order. It's because of people like blackstirling. I always like to give people chances, so i deal with people who have 0 feedback and 1 feedback etc... Now i think i have to reevaluate what kind of people i am comfortable working with.

So far i have been true to my work in every sense..

Foxymeow sent me 25btc out of escrow when i first came here so i could buy my sellers account... i could have taken that money and just made a new username and bought the sellers account without sending him anything back... but i didn't.. i sent him what he prepaid for and he was extremely happy with it.

I said i would bring quality products to the marketplace and i did. Everyone has been raving about my quality and shipping times. I said i would bring ketamine if there was a demand for it.. i brought that too... i said i would offer the cheapest MDMA on the market.. and i did that too.

Not once have i broken my word.

How is it that blackstirling can order an item, receive the item, write a POSITIVE review about the item..... and then take it all back and fuck up my feedback and extort me for money?

It's not right. He's clearly scamming me and he fucked up my feedback in the process.

I'm out for a bit, i'll check back in later.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:19 am »
You hate when people call you a liar and a scammer?

Lets recap this whole ordeal

1.) You order from me
2.) You receive your order in 6 days
3.) You make a post in here saying how it is amazing product and that you are nodding heavily
4.) You seemingly forget that you already posted a positive review of my product
5.) You come back to review the same order for a second time
6.) You complain about it taking 6 days from the time you ordered, to the time it was in your hands via ground shipping.. You accuse me of being a drug addict . You accuse me of giving you 80% benydryl and 20% dope when you already posted a positive review of the exact same order.
7.) You mention numerous times that if i give you a a refund that you will remove all your negative posts and change your feedback from a 1 to a 5
8.) I send all details to SR Admins in hopes of them realizing you are a scammer and extorting me for feedback

Conclusion: You ordered and received GREAT product that you even reviewed to be GREAT. You then for whatever reason decide to try and scam me and extort me by giving me bad feedback on the same product, unless i give you a full refund.

What do you guys think? Who looks like the scammer here? If i was a scammer i would have some negative feedback. The ONLY negative feedback is from you. I had a perfect 100% on SR before you tried to scam me and left a 1.

46+ finalized orders and 15-20 orders in escrow, and not a single complaint other than yours.

Who's the scammer?

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 26, 2012, 11:56 pm »
MacMan: Have no fear brother, read the reply i posted. The stuff you got from me earlier is going to be the exact same stuff you get tomorrow or the day after.

As you can see this guy keeps saying that if i send him money he will delete all of his posts and give me a 5 rating. He's just trying to extort me for money.

Blackstirling: You are already shitlisted by me now, and wouldn't be surprised if the other vendors shitlist you too now that you have shown your true colours.. So you claim that you did a bit of my powder and it was great, and you posted a fantastic review... and then you did another part of the same powder and it was benydryl? LOL. Must have remained very still in its journey from 1 country to another for it not to get mixed together huh? You are so full of shit it is unbelievable.

edit: and stop offering to change the feedback from a 1 to a 5 in exchange for money. I'm not going to let you scam me and get away with it. Hopefully SR deals with you, i've sent them all the info regarding the transaction.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 26, 2012, 11:42 pm »
Private message from him

"I would appreciate a refund, and if you continue to act in a professional manner I will keep the 5 star review and will not trash you in the forums.

Please don't think I'm a scammer, If this would have been uncut or even good H I wouldn't have had a problem. Please respond with how you plan on taking care of this matter"

He's trying to extort me into giving him money. How is this allowed on SR?

I posted this in the H review thread, posting it here too

I hate to say this, but I was very unimpressed with your product. I don't understand how you can say it is that good. I never got a rush, and it was 75% benadryl or something like that.Every time I shot, I could feel pill binders and shit in my lung capillaries. This is nowhere near quality.

I would appreciate a refund, and if you continue to act in a professional manner I will keep the 5 star review and will not trash you in the forums.

Please don't think I'm a scammer, If this would have been uncut or even good H I wouldn't have had a problem. Please respond with how you plan on taking care of this matter

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: January 26, 2012, 11:36 pm »
He buys some regular dope, take a picture of it, then CUTS THE FUCK OUT OF IT WITH BENADRYL.

And he has the fucking audacity to claim the quality is up there with wumg and nuc.

As for the other reviews, I'm going to make a wild guess and say that a lot of the people that buy H on silkroad do not have real connects. Also just the sellers claim that it is the best puts the buyer in the mindset that it IS the best. Look at my post a few pages back, that was right after I shot up and got no rush. It isn't hard to believe that people just dont want to hurt his feelings. And most people will never be the first one to call someone out.

BTW, check out Tonys page and all his early finalizations. RED FLAG (if my review wasnt enough)
Official Review for Tony76:

Shipping Time 4: He said it was out the next day, but usps took 6 days. Not really his fault but should offer faster options

Packaging 2.5/5: H was loose in a sandwich baggie vacuum sealed once

Weight 5/5: looked good, dont have scale

Appearance 2/5: looked bad. grainy white with some brown specs

Rush 0/5: No rush no matter what

Nod 2/5: It wasn't really a nod, more like sleepy (see why below)

Overall Quality 1/5: While it did get me kind of high when I did enough, it was cut HEAVILY. From what I could tell it was 80% benadryl and 20% okay dope. When I shot it I felt the benadryl or whatever kind of OTC shit it was fill the capillaries in my lungs and clog them up, I actually coughed up some of that medicine from IV-ING IT!

For Tony to claim that this is "the best heroin you will ever find", is just a horse shit fucking lie. I'm calling him out as a punk ass junkie that sells $10 worth of H with a shit ton of antihistimines for over $150

I have asked for a refund, I will update as to whether he has the decency to give it to me

First of all. I'm so fucking angry that i am literally shaking. I am not one to let shit get to me, but you really REALLY got to me. Let me address each and every single one of your concerns.

Now to everything you have said.

1.) You claim that I sold you 80% benydryl and 20% Dope...

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Let me give you a lesson. Heroin for the most part is cut with caffeine. Usually the stuff on the streets is about 60-75% Heroin and the rest caffeine.. Caffeine is cheap. It costs about 500 for a KG depending one what type you want to buy.. for smokers or pokers.. Usually the stuff on the street is a mixture of both. So again.. If i was to cut anything in the dope, it would be caffeine which is the industry standard.

Also what is interesting is that you already posted in this thread when you received your dope and you said and i qoute "My H from Tony just came in!!! I cannot tell you how excited was when i saw it. I almost had a heart attack. It is some very good dope, looks like more than a half g. I wont go into detail now, as i am enjoying it and dont want to think too much"

Did you forget you already reviewed my product, before you decided to try and scam me?

Everyone i have dealt with here can vouch for my professionalism and quality of my product. My customers always come first and out of all the orders i have i have had ZERO complaints besides you trying to scam me.

Also... i don't require EVERYONE to finalize early. Only people who have low buyer feedback. I currently have over 15 orders in escrow Do you think i would allow escrow if i was pulling a bait and switch on people? Use your fucking head.

So lets recap... Out of EVERY SINGLE review i have gotten... INCLUDING YOURS Everything has been extremely good quality and professional. Yet now you are claiming the exact same order you reviewed is 80% benydryl? Are you kidding me?

I have worked VERY HARD to build up my reputation here, and deal with everyone with the utmost professionalism and i have not encountered a single problem.. until now.

You are trying to hold my feedback hostage so you can scam me for a few dollars.

2.) You complain about my shipping time

Since when is international shipping time of 6 days too long? It has to go from one country to another via GROUND like it says in all of my listings, yet you are complaining about it taking 6 days? More evidence that you are just trying to dirty my name.

3.) You say you don't know how much it weighs, but that it looks to be correct.

You're correct on that.. Instead of what you ordered.. I THREW IN EXTRA ON TOP FOR FREE.. and this is how you repay me?

4.) You demand a refund and offer to change my feedback from a 1 to a 5 if i give it to you

You are holding my feedback hostage. You are taking advantage of the fact that i am a new seller and trying to scam me and get some free money. I'll have you know that out of the 60+ orders (40 finalized and 15-20 in escrow) I have had ZERO complaints.. but since i am a new seller JUST YOUR FEEDBACK took me from a 100 rating to a 95.. So from the bottom of my heart, FUCK YOU.

I tried not to let my emotions spill out into my post, because it is unprofessional, but i couldn't help it.

It would be very easy for me to refund you and maintain my 100% positive feedback, but that isn't going to happen, because what you are doing is WRONG.

I will also forward this to the SR Admins to show them you are trying to extort me for money by holding my feedback hostage.

And another thing... It is people like you who ruin it for everyone. The reason many vendors now REQUIRE early finalization from all buyers is because of people like you.

P.S. You are now on my shitlist and are never welcome to buy anything from me ever again, even though i have great product at great prices.

P.S.S. I'll make sure paper and wumg00 see this as well... I talk to both of them here and there and they are both great guys. I'm here for the long haul, and i hope my customers can see that. Thank you to the people who stood up for me.



I just got in. I'm going to have a smoke to calm down before i reply to you. Give me a min.

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