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Rumor mill / Re: Tony76 Official LSD review thread!!!
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:54 am »
I'd say white sheets have the added benefit of extra safety, but either way, if it's quality then I have no reason to complain. Trying to get some BTC in order for your full sheet tony, do you think you'll have enough of this batch to send out this weekend/early monday, or will you have to restock?

I have enough. Cheers.

Rumor mill / Re: Tony76 Official LSD review thread!!!
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:48 am »
So you guys want me to use white sheets instead?

Wouldn't that make people not want to buy it since they will think it's fake / RC etc?

Rumor mill / Re: edgarnumbers scammer?
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:24 am »
Don't be a pussy... Why do you need a gun? Attack your enemy with a boomerang/used condom hybrid weapon.

Rumor mill / Re: Tony76 vs. AAkoven MDMA
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:48 am »
Over at SR we have a great amount of wonderful vendors, and as long as you go with the long term vendors you will not be let down. I have heard great things about Ivory / Skyy / AAkoven and all the other top vendors.

Cheers and hope you have a good time, regardless of who you decide to go with :)

Tony - I my sheet arrived today, and I was surprised to see it was a different design than in the picture. I'm not picky - if its acid, its acid - but giving a picture could possibly give others an insight... do you (or anyone else) happen to know the name of the print?
also it'd be good to know if this sheet was laid separately/sourced differently than the other sheets you had. I trust users like Holly when they vouch for a sheet, but getting different stuff shipped than advertised always makes me worried... I was also surprised it was unperforated, but I guess that was just my assumption and wasn't actually stated anywhere that it was perforated.

Anyways, arrived well, and looking forward to trying it! I may have another experienced friend try it before I do and if so I'll report back to the forums... the MDMA is good too  8)

It's the exact same acid, on different paper. Also.. Please come back with a trip report, i love reading them!


Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 09:22 am »
Wow this thread has been moving quickly. I've been lurking here and there.
Drama, drama, drama... I've been following it the past couple days. At least, that is, the parts that I've caught.
Not that it's any of my business, and not that I should, but I'm gonna anyway since their decision to have this argument publicly made it my business; but this dick measuring contest between opi and tony has gotten a little too Drug Dealer Soap Opera for my tastes. And I'm a girl, so that might be saying something.

Take the high road for christ sake. ONE of you at least. Looked like tony was about to, but relapsed rather quickly. Opi, you've been on the offensive since the get go. At this rate, the two of you will either divide up SR H customers or lose your clientele by showing us how petty you can be. I apologize if that rubs either of you the wrong way, but I feel that it's the truth.

Opi, you have to be especially careful and especially graceful as you are a brand new vendor. You say your quality and service will speak for you, but you know what else speaks for you? The way you deal with people in here. Think about it.

I have no loyalty to either one of you. I'm as unbiased as they come. Never ordered from tony (nor opi). And I'll bet I'm not the only one who would rather have this thread go back to being what it's here for. So WE can talk about YOU and your products. Opi, you're a vendor now, and I'm not saying you can't post in here. Of course all vendors are welcome to, but now you have a whole new set of standards that you are being held to. And so it goes...

One other thing I feel I need to say is that the FE thing for a new vendor is beyond hypocritical. How do you expect people to trust you with NO stats? YOU don't trust buyers with no stats. And like vendors, US BUYERS don't trust you vendors with no stats. Fix that. Seriously. It makes you look greedy. Don't think so? IT DOES. Straight up. Makes you look greedy and makes you seem as though you think you are better than your buyers. That's the message you're projecting as a new vendor who requires FE. And I know all the reasons vendors do it. And I mostly agree with the practice in some respects, but YOU haven't earned that yet as far as I'm concerned, opi. I'm sorry to say. I get the feeling that you'll be angry at "me" and retaliate, but I'm only trying to show you a perspective. It's up to you what you do with it and how you react.

On another note, I ordered a .5 from PharmerJohn. I hope it'll be here tomorrow! *crosses fingers* I'll write a review.

I fully agree with everything you have said, including the criticism of my behavior. I was trying to drop it and not dirty the thread, but i let his stupid remarks make me lose my cool. I will try to not let anger get the better of me again.

Sorry to everyone who had to endure this pissing match.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 08:58 am »
I left you alone, until you started running your mouth again.

So you have a 3 small pebbles, and you have 1G listings for sale? Seems legit... considering you already mentioned you use H yourself.

You have 0 sales so far... - ZERO - and are already making people finalize early for you?

Don't try and come at me unless you have something to back it up next time.

you dont know how to read. do you?

clearly explained so since when is 2/14 sales that are FE suspicious..

notice other 12/14 r escrow.

3 small pebbles = just under 5 grams, I know how to control my self when it comes to H....

you have zero solid arguements..

watch next week 14/14 orders are going to be 100%....

you'll be eating your words.

I don't care how many are in escrow. You have had 0 paid/received sales so far so you should not be requiring early finalization from anyone. You mentioned one of the guys you made finalize early had 2 orders in his purchasing stats.. That's more than you have, so why did you require him to finalize early? Just because you have some orders in escrow doesn't mean anything, until they receive their orders.

I gave you a chance to drop it, but you kept taking jabs at me, so i'm going to return the favor.

Again... Why are you requiring anybody to finalize early when you have had not a single paid order sent and received?

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:44 am »
I left you alone, until you started running your mouth again.

So you have a 3 small pebbles, and you have 1G listings for sale? Seems legit... considering you already mentioned you use H yourself.

You have 0 sales so far... - ZERO - and are already making people finalize early for you?

Don't try and come at me unless you have something to back it up next time.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:21 am »
Where did you go OPI? You were pretty quick to respond before i asked for a picture of your pebbles (more than a grab like you posted last time)

I see you already have people finalizing early for you on SR, even though you have 4 transactions total..

How's this for an idea... Is it possible that you bought a few grams of pebbles from me, and then gave out a couple of free samples to habitat and PBucket so they could write reviews for you on the forums to build your rep... to start getting people to buy from you, and make them finalize early to pull a quick scam and run?

Now that would be a very clever scam..

I mean.. the only 2 reviews you have are from PBucket and Habitat... They've made numerous posts for you on the H thread... and then Habitat started your own review thread... for only him and PBucket to post reviews on your product..

Now you are already requiring early finalization? Why? How are you worthy of early finalization already? Based on the reviews of 2 people you sent free 0.1 samples?

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 06:57 am »
you were the one talking shit about me so i don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I even offered to prove to you that my heroin IS better than yours, as TWO of your previous customers had said, and now at least another 11 other members in the coming weeks will too

 I have never once said anything about wumg00, nucleo, paperchasing or anyone else.

If you are so sure that I keep doing that then prove it, if not shut the fuck up and keep your own 'ideas' to your self.

Opi do me a favor... Take a high res picture of a BUNCH of your pebbles right now.. Not just a few... but as much as you have.. If you can prove you have a  ton of pebbles... enough to handle a bunch of orders you are in the process of taking, i will give you the respect you are seeking from this community.

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 21, 2012, 06:22 am »
Yeah the prices on here for H are really way too high. In fact, Ive decided to just order from Noriega or Psilocin as their H is basically half as much, but the quality is actually similar to what Ive gotten that is higher priced. Opi puts up a G for MORE than Tony? And hes brand new? Yep $300 a G is too much to pay for international vendors, period.
I dont know where you got 300$ from... its 270-80 @ mtgoxUSD rate which is at 4.83 * 57 = $275.9  with more than 4 btcoins going to SR in commission

habitat I appreciate the help, its very sad that another vendor had to play dirty like that..... Oh well, its just the way it is... My service and quality will speak for me!!

I love how you keep taking jabs at me. Keep them coming. My customers know my product / service is top notch, so i don't know what you are trying to do by continuously running your mouth. Like i said earlier, stop dirtying up this thread with jabs at me, and let your service / product speak for itself.

I built my rep by offering good products and good service... not by jumping on the scene and talking shit about wumg00 / nucleo / paperchasing and the other top vendors.. Why can't you do the same?

Nope.  ;) Isn't something I do often if at all.  but don't see a harm in sharing my stash to those that don't wanna wait. (priority shipped)
Maybe you should become a reseller and list 10 strips :D

Thanks for your help... Im just a little nervous as am new. I did do quite a bit of research though and decided to go with Tony. Ive been checking back every hour or so and nothing. hopefully all is well. Its just a bit frustrating to have funds held up and to be unsure.
I dont like to process orders unless i have actually processed them. I will be processing them all tonight.

Rumor mill / Re: Good LSD Vendor list
« on: March 20, 2012, 04:22 am »
tony, is it going to be every monday for sure? That way I can set the coins up.
The only thing "for sure" in life are death and taxes. I will however do my best to keep LSD in stock. :)

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: March 20, 2012, 04:21 am »
Received Noriega's Asian #4 today!  Man the shipping was fast, it took like 5 days!?!?!?  Wtf?  Domestic orders take longer than that lol.  Anyway, the gear is pretty good, its def not 90% pure but its def much better than the supposed "highest" quality shit I got from "you know who" (I fear to say the name lest I get lynched again) as well as some of the shit that gets sold around here in DC.  Its def cut with something good because the burn to the nose isn't too bad.  Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase but I am going to keep looking for the purest dope I can find on SR, what can I say I am a connoisseur? :)

Thanks! :)
Why don't you just say my name in your post? I'm the only vendor who has "Highest quality" in their listing title. Be direct.

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