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Product offers / Re: $550 sheets GDF fluff. Who's interested???
« on: April 06, 2012, 11:23 pm »
Tony, I feel it is my duty as a former customer of Mike to encourage you to do more research before saying things that aren't true. I COMPLETELY understand your intentions, and if the following things were not true, I'd be writing a post commending you for your actions.

Look through all of Mike's feedback on the market. You can see that all of his previous batches of L have updated feedback that confirms the arrival. Obviously, as he has stated his most recent batch has not shipped yet, so all we see is a bunch of "FE"'s. If you look closely at his feedback from his last batch, a couple people even mentioning finalizing early and that it all still arrived.

I have been a member of SR for 1 year now. Over 2 grand spent, over 30 transactions. I'm not bragging, as I'm absolutely positive that I'm not some 'super buyer' at all. However, I do have experience. I have experience with mike, from OVDB back when SR was even more scam-ridden than it is now.

I encourage everyone to research heavily before making claims that are unfounded. I've noticed that the public nature of this market encourages an outrageous amount of whistle-blowing from both vendors and buyers, as people who are not experienced in this trade (not referring to you tony) get easily spooked/worried and need reassurance that their product is coming. These people were not here for the days where you simply sent a WU to someone on the west coast and maybe a month later 100 hits of acid shows up. No communication, just mail. We should consider the fact that we can even be in contact with the main supply chain a blessing.

I was very careful to not make any accusations in my post, as i have dealt with my fair share of false whistle-blowers whenever i've had a sale as well.

Please show me where i have made false accusations or unfounded claims. Everything i have written, to my knowledge, is fact and not speculation.

Started sale claiming FULL escrow to change to requiring early finalization = fact
Offering DCNs and then not offering DCNs = fact

Product offers / Re: $550 sheets GDF fluff. Who's interested???
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:39 pm »
This DCN can't come soooooooon enough  :). Also, was the other thread in the Rumor Mill deleted? Looked for it but couldn't seem to find it. Trying my best to be patient, but I gotta be honest, I'm a little nervous/antsy. Hoping for a DCN later today and a letter in my mailbox on tuesday (my guestimated time of arrival). I also can't wait to give this thread its definitive answer on authenticity.

I didn't delete the thread but I couldn't find it the other day either... 

Anyway an old bud from OVDB popped over and told me about a vunerability with giving this many DCN's at once.  The DCN's are nearly sequential, if I give them to all buyers, they could just change the last digit of the DCN and be checking on other folks' packs as well.  I do not feel comfortable with this.  If LEO even knew which main post office my stuff gets sorted through, they could watch me and I could be fucked by the second round of orders.  Also, LEO could monitor the locations of the other buyers.  I'm sure you all don't want this any more than I do.  I still have all DCN's in my hand right now with user names so I know who's is what.  If by the 4th shipping day you haven't gotten your shipment, please PM me and I will check your DCN to see what the status is.

I didn't realize the vulnerability until he pointed this out to me, I don't know how I've been so blind my whole career.
No worries folks, they are going out as planned, I just gotta be greedy with the DCN's

I've been watching this from the sidelines, and had my own thoughts but kept them to myself since you are a competing vendor and i didn't want it to look like i was trying to discredit someone by bringing up issues.. but now i feel it is my duty to say something

You did not even have 20 transactions under your belt here, and now you are raking in probably close to 10,000USD on early finalizations?

You made this thread advertising FULL ESCROW left and right, and now you are making people FE

You say you're going to give DCNs but now you're saying you cant give them out because its a security risk?

Pharmville was one of the top vendors here, and he was on top of his game, and he still gave out DCNs for every order. So it can't be that big of a security risk.

Saying for people to "wait 4 days" for your DCN's seems like trying to buy more time if this was a scam

I understand you were an old school person on OVDB, but that doesn't mean you should be taking in 10,000 USD in early finalizations , and going back on your word of offering full escrow and DCNs

Now there is no escrow and no DCNs

Please be careful people... Don't want to see another ForeverFamily incident.

If you are legit, and i hope you are for the sake of everyone on SR, i apologize. However you have to admit this looks VERY shady

There we go.... That's what i like to see...

Everyone receiving their orders :)

A little patience goes a long way

I have sources inside the FBI and DEA who have informed me the plan to catch DPR involves messaging him with the following message

"Hey... Looking to buy 1 gram of weed... can we meet up in person for the transaction? by the way... we are definitely not federal agents.. i promise"

Hey guys just want to point out that this is a postal issue not a vendor.  I follow several vendor threads here on the forums and there are people complaining about things taking a very long time right now.  So don't get too worked up over it its not just tony's product its a lot of peoples.

That makes me feel a lot better. All these posts are really stressing me out.. To the point that it's fucked up my mood and i have been in a shit mood all day.

I get stuff to the mailbox as fast as i can, and after that its in the hands of Canada Post and USPS... both of which have been extremely slow lately. It's stressin me out

Rumor mill / Re: *** Paper-Mart is now OPEN ***
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:48 pm »
Welcome back, brother

edit: You may want to fix the link in your signature to your sellers page as it is not working

Rumor mill / Re: Meth vendors and product reviews
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:08 pm »
I'm considering starting to sell Meth... However, i don't like the idea of mailing shards that could be felt thru the packaging..

Would you guys care if it was crushed up for security reasons?

guys just to put everyone at ease:

i ordered 10g sunday night. finalized early monday morning. had the product in-hand today (thursday). the product also was shipped across the country (canada) to reach me.

So if i had to guess any delays it's USPS's fault.


Cheers all :)

Yeah, lol, that isn't going to really put many people's minds at ease. My ship date was last Wednesday, and it's not here yet today and I'm in the middle of the country (Canada).  So just consider yourself lucky. Nobody should be ringing alarm bells yet. If I don't see my pack by middle of next week, I may have more to say, but I don't think anybody is accusing Tony of anything.

I would hope not.. I think i have earned my trust here... Especially having done over 5 Mega sales that all required early finalization.. If i was going to bolt, it would have been then..

Trust me guys, this is harder on me than it is on you.. You may not believe me, but i stress out a ton when things are late because i'm always worried that people will think i am unreliable etc.. I wish i had the option of offering something like DSN's anonymously, but the fact is that it is impossible in canada to get tracking without being on camera somewhere

Also keep in mind that as a top vendor, some of these claims could be fraudulent.. Every seller has fraudulent claims, and it's obviously going to be higher amount for a top vendor based on buyers/fraudsters ratio.

I already have my suspicions on who is making false claims, and will be altering my refund/reship policy to reflect that.

I fully have faith in my shipping/packaging, so i am not worried about packages not making it.


I wanted to echo some of the statements I've been reading.  My first several orders all arrived quickly and predictably within 5 days.  These orders were for Tony's regular H product.  However, our last order was for pebbles and was placed last Monday evening.  It sat in processing for a day or two and I have not been able to get confirmation on when exactly it shipped.  However, mail was just delivered and we were again disappointed today.  So that makes 8 business days (excluding Saturday) and 10 total days since I placed my order. 

I was hoping either Tony or another user could confirm whether his shipping/packing methods for pebbles are significantly different than his regular H product and maybe that could be the cause of the delay?  After reading many of your other posts though it seems that I am certainly not the exception.  Although on my order before this one Tony also warned me that the post had been going slow and he could not guarantee 5 days to coastal US, but it got here in 5 days anyway.  I thought he was just giving a safe buffer so we would be extra pleased when it did arrive in 5. 

At any rate, anyone who has successfully received Tony's pebbles, please reply and share your experience. 

Thanks.  Much love and respect all. 


Nanu.. I've replied to you. The reason that i haven't responded to your inquiries is because you have sent me approx 10-14 messages since you placed your order 8 days ago. I clearly state to NOT contact me within 14 days of placing an order, on all my item pages and seller profile.

So instead of waiting, you come and add to the "non delivery" posts when you have only been waiting 8 days, which im sure will add to scaring people from ordering..

I take care over my customers.. There is no reason for anyone to worry.

Guys i understand waiting for a package is frustrating... Post has been extremely slow lately and it's out of my hands..

I wish i could get the USPS to hurry up, but they just had major layoffs and im sure that has something to do with some delays

Please do not spread misinformation

blackberry messenger is NOT secure

Rumor mill / Re: Tony76 Official LSD review thread!!!
« on: April 03, 2012, 04:32 am »
Hey guys I'm on day 15 and my 1/2 sheet of blotter still hasn't arrived.  I don't understand why this has happened to me  :(  Why couldn't I have been the one who received in 6 business days like all of my other orders from tony~  I waited the allotted time tony specifies on his page (14 days) and messaged him via SR on the 15th day (Saturday) and still haven't received a response.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt with the weekend, but i've kept in contact with dr gonzo who informed me that he has received a response from tony, so I don't know why I was neglected.  Maybe it has been sitting in customs and is slowly making its way to me?  I have no reason to believe it was confiscated because a)  I have not received a love letter & b)  it's a piece of paper in an envelope so there should be no suspicion.  I have been scouring the forums for any glimpse of hope and it seems i'm not the only one who has been experiencing  delays in the mail.  One even wrote that his product showed up 3 weeks later (not sure if he meant business days).  If I take into account no postal mail on Saturdays for Canada + Sundays for U.S.A I fall at business day 13 meaning tomorrow is the golden day!  I understand Tony76 is a really busy person and I really appreciate the service he offers to us I just want what I paid and have been patiently waiting for :(
I have no control over the post. It has been very slow as of late and i can't do anything about it. If i didn't respond to you message, it was most likely because i confused it with one of the other 100 messages i get a day along the lines of "hey its been 7 days... wheres my package? give me a refund!"

It will get there.. Like you said, it's a piece of paper. Keep me posted. Cheers

Wow. Just  placed my 3rd order with Tony, and was forced to FE this time. I am not sure why, as I am a repeat customer, with more than 10 purchases. 0 auto finalize, and 0 refund rate. My 1st 2 orders were for 1g each. This time I decided to get a bit more. But, had I known I was gonna have to risk it on FE, I would have bumped up a bit to get the better deal.
Considering both our track records, I ain't sure what I did to be forced to FE, unless it's the larger quantity? Although, I don't see that posted anywhere???? Will it be full escrow if I only order 1 at a time???
It's too bad, as his product is finally catching on here, and I was going to be coming after more and more. I know T's the shit, the #1 mofo on the road, but I feel like I earned my way into escrow, according to his page. It's not easy to acquire my purchasing stats.
I will update my feedback for you once I get my letter.
I hope this doesn't deter you from dealing with me in the future. We both have our reasons for doing what we do.

Leaving me a 1 out of 5 for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that i asked you to finalize early is not cool.

Your 1 out of 5 rating hurt my rating for no good reason.

Had you been too uncomfortable finalizing early, you could have asked me to cancel your order, instead of leaving me a 1 out of 5 because of it.

Just want to say there has been alot of talk that Tony''s stuff is weak and had me a little worried on how much to take. I dropped 150 with a 50mg boost at T90 and I rolled fucking hard as hell. Ive had Ivory's and NDA and Tony s is def on par in strength.

Does he have a new batch potentially? Can anyone personally compare new stuff to 1+ month older stuff?
I've stated numerous times that i have a new MDMA supplier, and everything from 2 weeks ago and on is the new batch

I will always have this stuff in stock too

Rumor mill / Re: H vendors
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:04 pm »
Just to be clear.. As of right now, i am NOT leaving SR...

I am just fed up with the annoying customers

Literally 2 percent of my buyers cause me 99% of my headaches and stress

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