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Why would they originally tell us they have the power to cancel it after 4 days if that is not possible?

Who is going to be responsible for our lost money if BTC drops dramatically while our funds are in your possession?

Ok I am going to say this as clearly as I can, developing and rolling out a site like SR has many variables to contend with, what was said one day may not hold true the next, it is a highly fluid situation. Please understand we could not foresee all eventuality's and it is only when we get into it we start finding the bugs.

I understand your frustration, I really do but right now your coins are staying in escrow so please just accept that until the upgrades are pushed through. If the price of bitcoin collapses tomorrow you can petition DPR for compensation given you were disadvantaged through no fault of your own. He may well tell you to get on your bike but I suspect given he is reasonable kinda person he may come to your aid.

Now can we please put this issue to bed for the time being.


If I must wait another week, will it auto finalize after it's been like 15 days?

There is no auto finalize at this stage so no.

Customer Support / Re: can you please ck send message on my buyers account
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:06:58 pm »
Or they are ignoring you.

Have you tried contacting them via the forums?

Silk Road Discussion / Re: Feedback, Sub-categories, Auto-finalize
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:22:41 pm »
ASAP PLEASE! Without these this place is DEAD. On SR1 I'd get 20 to 30 orders a day profiting $30,000 a week. Here my listings have been up for almost a day and I have not gotten 1 order yet. I have been patiently waiting for feedback, subs, and finalize because they have been promised to us "tomorrow" for like the last week but they are still not here. I know security takes precedence but the thought of having to go over to Sheep makes me cringe.

doctor why not try BMR?  security over there is very nice, there are no sub categories, however.  There is not one spec of mda on that market place. Ive done business with you before, and would like to get my hands on more of your gear, if you would send me your pgp key so i verify you are indeed the doctor of old.  many vendors have gone over with much sucess.  many have risen to the top quickly.

DrMDA has been verified to enable them to gain a vendors account here. Please do not use these forums to redirect business to other sites, if you want to use them that's your choice but using this infrastructure to do so it not cool.


Oxyflight was demoted for a range of infractions so your coins are gone I'm afraid.


DPR, Sarge Libertas and more are off having holidays or procrastinating somewhere.

Nothing is getting done here

Drinking in the pool bar no doubt sipping cocktails whilst counting their bitcoins.

You have no idea how wrong you are on all fronts but time will tell.

Customer Support / Re: Please could a moderator read this post ....
« on: November 26, 2013, 07:17:53 pm »
I just read your PM MissX, basically you are in limbo until some additional functionality is rolled out enabling admins to have the ability to cancel orders.

If the vendor isn't playing by the rules report them via PM to Libertas and DPR and they will look into it for you.


Week or two?! Damn... I'm disappointed with you guys. Your costing people money. Just cancel mine, my vendor never even sent out the package, he hasn't even been online. Just cancel, I know you guys can! There's gotta be another reason why you aren't canceling these orders. I can't be waiting another week or two.

I pulled that timescale out of the air by the way, I just don't see the point in leading you on.Tell yourself to chill out for at least a week as there is nothing that can be done. And no there is no 'reason' as you put it behind Libertas not cancelling your order, it is as he has said numerous times due to the site not have admin functionality to enable him to do that, if he could I know he would as I am sure he is not enjoying the barrage of messages he is getting daily for irate buyers.

Me neither, I call bullshit.

A point that I am failing to see here is that scammers are only effective if a buyer goes along with it. So long as buyers do not FE unless they have some special relationship with the vendor, scamming becomes the exception to the rule.

A policy should not be put in place on the pretense that every new vendor is a potential scammer. There were exponentially more legit and trusted vendors on SR then there were scams. There is no reason to make it more difficult for new vendors to start up on the market so long as buyers take the proper precautions and the SR staff remain vigilant.

That's the issue though, lots of them do because even though the few thousand of us who frequent these forums know FE is risky many of thise buyers don't eve nknow these forums exist. The last SMF had something like 70,000 user registrations and you can probably knock off 20,000 of those as coachella shills but when you look at that in comparison to the market site with a million registers users and probably far fewer burner accounts it kind of puts things into perspective.

The bond is a hoop that needs to be jumped through and if fronting up a few hundred bucks is such an impediment to getting started I would question their suitability to do so in the first place. And remember it's a bond as well and you can get it back.

We've not had a problem withdrawing since yesterday we moved 18btc's off site to cash out in the $800's. Sheep's having growing pains we didn't panic. At least the crazy Czech's told people.

A comparison would be last November when Silkroad couldn't stay online due the massive registration increase or in April and May the DDoS attack and no one could get online. You couldn't get at your btc''s either. Being a vendor we wanted to move btc's out and could not. Last fall DPR kept the doors wide open so it was a shitshow trying to get online making it unbearlable to try to log on

We were a top 25% seller for over 1 year on SR and lost a good amount during the seizure. We learned that being "all in" on one site is not a good thing


70's Style -  BMR - Backopy 's 4% low commission (bring your own customers, not a problem if you'/re established) site
*can leave feedback, have escrow, marginal customer service, sellers can cancel orders and product sort features

Sheep - a eastern European vessel to which not many know what's going on - 6.89% Commission & you don't need to bring your own customers. We're fortunate to have a good base
* cleaner gui, can leave feedback, have escrow, nominal customer service, sellers can cancel orders and product sort features

SR2 - We logged on looked around and it should IMO the launch should been stalled 1 month or 2 to implement basic buyer & seller required functionality. It has it's place as competition is good. While we appreciated Silkroad and it's ability to generate a sizable account base. The site now is SR2.

While I do miss Brad's brand of sarcasm and some other old crew. We'll not vend on this newly created site.

I do not recollect who said in a thread you watch all the big vendors. Let's watch.. wait and see..

The fact that SR2 gave the big ole USA the finger during it's opening launch using the seizure screen as a log in, DPR using a Twitter account and at least one mod who can't control their posts (which kind of reminds me of Limitless's banter back in the day) is reason enough for many to take their business elsewhere.

We wish site the best and in hopes that it prospers but it's never going to be the Prom Queen she was...

border warrior I presume the mod you are referring to is me and my uncontrolled post was the “SUCK IT FEDS” one? or are you referring to my other anti government posts? Well here is another.

Do you really believe that a few people on a forum cocking a snook at the FBI for their monumental waste of time in closing the original Silk Road down is going to draw additional heat? the fact that SR2.0 went live a little over 4 weeks from the takedown is more than enough motivation for them to feel seriously butt hurt and come after us.

Whether you like it on not we are out in the open now, more people than ever have heard about Silk Road and it is only going to get bigger, pretending we will be left alone if just stay quiet and try to fly under the radar is a little bit unrealistic. The very concept of flying under the radar on an illegal site selling drugs is absurd, just being operational is the biggest fuck you to the US government, I am sure my “SUCK IT FEDS” post didn’t bring about a special task force to silence these rambunctious upstarts who just wont roll over like good little sheeple and choke down some of Uncle Sam’s pecker.

The new SR’s security eclipses its predecessor, DPR has network testers and hackers trying to tear the market site apart and you know what, they haven’t been able to do it, at least not yet anyway.

He has built a fortress of a site, admittedly it is a bit light of functionality and features and yes it has some quirks that need resolving but when it gets up to full speed none of the other sites will be able to come close. BMR mopped up a lot of Silk Roads client base when the site was seized and many vendors have realised spreading themselves out over other sites hedges their risk. I am still confident though that many if not all the old SR vendors will return once it is out of its beta testing phase and where they go their customers follow.

I know you thought us reckless and maybe even foolish to launch in the way that we did but I say it would have made no difference to how we are viewed by the enemy and taking control of some of the media is long overdue, did you hear the bullshit that was being reported in the weeks after SR went down? unbelievable bullshit, we were all done a huge disservice so I applaud DPR’s move to get some factual and informative information out there.

This isn’t just about selling drugs you know, this is the catalyst for something much bigger and far more important for everyone whether they know it or not.


« on: November 26, 2013, 05:18:12 pm »
coachella is the only being alive that can ID someone by ellipses.

Like for real tho, you use "..." like err day in every "casual post" you do.

You also end your posts with "just sayin" alot.

This is, of course, strictly speaking on the casual side of things. When your writing 4 reals, you sit up straight, and argue your best from Eleusis (greek town) about how a certain old school ex-con has his facts all fucked up.

Catch it? Yeah Nigga. I can smell it.

No.  I didn't catch it.  I have no idea what you're talking about honestly, though I have great sympathy for whatever unsuspecting fool you've managed to find.  Really now, you don't give me much credit.  I've known that you want to find me for quite some time.  I still don't know why, but it certainly can't be good.  Why not kill two birds with one stone and feed both you and anyone else who might want to find me misinformation in random posts here and there?  Why wouldn't I make a game of it, just to be sure I don't get bored and let my guard down?  Maybe something like how many posts it takes for you to pick up on one of my lies and run with it?  That sounds fun, don't you think?

Mm.  I probably shouldn't be so honest, but you know it's funny: you never even asked who I am.  I might have actually told you before I decided you wished me ill.  Wouldn't that have been silly of me.  Well, see you on /.   :D

You want honest?

I have know who the fuck you were for a while. I knew when I investigated Chan. You fit the perfect descrption of DPR. A older male, who was online in the 90's. It not too hard finding men as old as my father who can program.

You think I want to hurt you? I just wanted to vend faggot.

30 minutes a web site comes up you won't have any control over. I will unmask you. I don't want your bullshit money, I told you I would bring that with my own hands. I ruin, when I am ruined. This is no free market. It's controlled by a weak little man. Daddy daddy, please come home. You will have no control over the website. Get one of your admin buddies to ban me from Reddit, I will switch proxies. 30 minutes a website comes up with a 12 hour count down. You have 12 hours to work this out with me. Delete this account, ban me. You can't stop it. Law enforcement will see it, promise. Don't want to incriminate yourself by getting in contact? Better find a way to communicate my "demands" or shit will be ripped down soon.

This is the art of ruin.

You've got to be kidding me.  How many innocent people have you fucked over at this point?  You truly are dangerous.  Before I had to deal with you, I never did understand why meth had such a bad reputation.  Now I'm fucking ashamed to admit I even take it.

Give it a rest, will you brother?  You're hurting people who don't deserve it, and you're a danger to everyone around you.  Does it make you feel better to know you worry me?  You do, you know.  Not because I think you're competent or worthy of respect.  Quite the opposite, actually.  It's because I think you're pathetically unable to control your own mind, let alone your deluded, mistaken, vicious actions.

I think I'd like it very much if you destroyed yourself someday soon.  Alas, I doubt it will be today.  You are the same as you have always been: wrong.  Publish what you wish.  I have no control over your actions, but I am sorry to whomever it is you've found.

I wouldn't worry SS (I know you aren't anyway), coachella's doxxing generally comprises of posting some random information totally unrelated to you then he weaves it all together is some grandiose nonsense that makes no sense to anyone except for him.

Casein-point, who remembers the hydro shrooms episode? coachella literally glued some hand picked shrooms into a polystyrene cup with a hot glue gun and floated them in a bucket and stuck a lamp overhead then proceeded to claim he had achieved what no other mycologist had done before him.


The bond is essential to deter opportunistic scammers, without it the market would be flooded with them.

I understand your logic but it doesn't hold up I'm afraid, the bond is an effective mechanism, plus it signifies a level of trust between the seller and the market as you are effectively saying you will follow the rules because if you don't you will forfeit it.

Off Topic / Re: Old SR accounts and Bitcoins
« on: November 26, 2013, 04:53:16 pm »
C'mon people, no one is going to be suing the Feds, this is getting ridiculous.

Timelines are not always helpful, especially when they are not met (remember the countdown timer for SR 2.0 to go live).

They are doing all they can to sort this issue out, the forum admins (Libertas) cannot cancel orders yet, when he can he will. I'd realistically guesstimate another week or two before some of these big ticket items start to get knocked over then there will be the inevitable bugs to fix.

DPR may see things differently, he may anticipate rolling out these functions sooner, I am just trying to alleviate some of your anxiety for not knowing.


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