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Title: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: bobbyweir on December 13, 2011, 04:00 am
Anyone heard from this joker recently?  Last I heard he said was going to refund me.  His rating went from a 99 to a 68 in less than a week.  This was his last message to me:

"I was away for the last few days so I didn't get a chance to read your messages. You didn't get scammed so don't worry, I'm not that kind of person, I just trust people too much I guess and that hurt my business big time. Anyways, how much exactly do I owe you just to confirm my info. Thanks."

I hope to here from him as he had been pretty good w communication before disappearing completely.  I think he has enough people who he stole from that he probably is never going to return.  I can only wish him and his family the worst
Title: Re: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: Rassu322 on December 13, 2011, 04:30 am
Well I dont think this is the exact right away to go about things mate, maybe edit the title?

I understand, but for now, we should give him the benefit of the doubt, this is the right way to go about things, posting on the forums, but you'll never reach an agreement with him if your just flaming him!

I hope we can both get our refunds.
Title: Re: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: bobbyweir on December 13, 2011, 04:35 am
Being passive is not going to get our money back mate, I am hoping that he is not a thief or a scammer but at this point its very clear that he is.  This is been a 3 week issue, why the hell would I not suspect him of being all three of those things?

Its all on him, the only thing I can do it keep spreading the word and hopefully others who have been taken by this guy will begin to speak up
Title: Re: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: wells on December 13, 2011, 04:45 am
I've been hearing a lot about hepaair recently and from what I can tell he has vanished and I am really sorry for all of your losses. A big warning sign that a seller is going to do a runner is when they start to offer deals outside of escrow that are just a little "too good to be true" the problem with an anonymous marketplace is that they can vanish (see Sumyungai) which is why the only way to go is escrow it costs more I know but gives you peace of mind. I hope it all works out and I hope this unscrupulous seller doesn't re-appear as another vendor.
Title: Re: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: towelie on December 13, 2011, 05:04 am
I wonder if Bill Kreutzmann or Pigpen is going to start a thread on this next?
Listen guys, if you went outside of escrow you have no recourse.  You gave up the only protection that is offered to you on this site and it is posted in a million different places.  Hell a lot of people even have it in their signatures.
I hope you get your money back I really do, but don't count on it and please do not make the same mistake again.
We need these pieces of shit to leave us the fuck alone so we can do our business in peace and one way to do that is to stay in escrow!!!!
Title: Re: HepaAir is a thief, liar and scammer
Post by: nomad bloodbath on December 13, 2011, 01:57 pm
Ok Mr. bobbyweir I'm 100% positive you are related to Phillesh that saturated the forums last week with multiple duplicate HepaAir threads.
Well Duplicate threads are not welcome here, please keep your scam thread to one thread.
It's hard enough moderating this zoo with out members producing multiple duplicate threads.
This thread will suffice for your posts on this topic: http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=6832.0

Note to all members please use the search feature for vendors inside the forum section you are looking to post about. Posting multiple threads on the same topic is very disorganized and actually is more annoying than helpful.
I'm locking this thread.
Any questions please feel free to PM me.

nomad bloodbath