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Title: Are introduction threads ok? Also, a quick question...
Post by: GunsoftheNavarone86 on November 28, 2011, 05:54 am
Hi everybody!
First and foremost, I am glad to be here  :) I've been lurking for some time now, trying to learn all there is to learn about SR. However, I decided that when it finally comes time to make a purchase that I would be better off if I had made some forum posts, and learned a little more about this awesome community you guys have here. I'm definitely not new to the drug scene, but for sure I am very new to SR, bitcoins, and the whole shebang. Please forgive me if people on the forums don't make intro threads here (I didn't find anything that said you SHOULD NOT, so I went for it  :P). So anyway, there is a question at the end of all this: sometime soon I want to buy from SR, I've read the wiki but it seems like this isn't so cut and dry. Would it be best to get some bitcoins (I'm thinking of doing the moneypak method, that seems like the fastest) and then just go for it? I know a lot of vendors are weary of newbies for obvious reasons. If anyone has some suggestions, I am all ears, just trying to learn all I can  ;D Thanks guys!
Title: Re: Are introduction threads ok? Also, a quick question...
Post by: MerryMen on November 28, 2011, 06:14 am
Hello, new as well.  I'm not interested in drugs, I'm looking to sell other items, including military hardware (not guns), and anything else I come across that is of a grey nature.  I've been lurking for about a month deciding whether or not I should trust SR or TOR.  and for the most part I'm pretty comfortable with the anonymity.
Title: Re: Are introduction threads ok? Also, a quick question...
Post by: microRNA on November 28, 2011, 07:10 am
In all honesty, if everyone came and tried to introduce themselves it would get kinda overwhelming. There are thousands of people here, and it could easily fill an entire category or at least its own thread. For sellers it is certainly reasonable in the product offers section, but not for every new buyer. If someone has a question, as you did, then I certainly feel it is more appropriate. Just my opinion.

So far SR has been working well for many people. I feel that if tor and encryption wasnt safe, all the high profile vendors would be picked off so quickly. The most important thing about SR is just to learn to watch out for scams and how to pick the right vendors. Some advice would be absolutely NEVER use links or you are prone to being phished and losing all your money so memorize the URL or something. Since you both have been lurking you are at least approaching the initial steps correctly. Do research on the forums to pick vendors. Remember, you have absolutely no protection against scams if you agree to finalize early, so do not do it! You are paying SR fees for the service of escrow, so you shouldnt release early. New buyers sometimes have to earn this privilege to protect vendors from scammers though as well. Moneypak transactions can not be covered by escrow, and SR feedback cannot be trusted, so be extremely careful who you give the MP number to, but this will count as a transaction will enable you to use escrow with more sellers. If you have a chase bank or bank of America nearby it is almost just as easy and fast to to do a cash deposit with anonymously though. Always double check your bitcoin address because if you mess it up they cannot be recovered. Browser based wallets are easier than desktop based, but special precautions must be taken with them as well, like ensuring you have all the instawallet urls saved safely. Always have patience with SR, especially if a package doesnt arrive, it is best to remain calm and approach a vendor with respect which will work in your favor when you resolve the situation. I just had a package take 12 days to travel only ~400 miles but it finally arrived much to my bewilderment so I am glad I didnt go cry scammer on the forum. To further shipping effectiveness, it is always best to use delivery confirmation to protect yourself from scam buyers claiming non-delivery during resolution. Good luck here at SR!

- miRNA
Title: Re: Are introduction threads ok? Also, a quick question...
Post by: GunsoftheNavarone86 on November 28, 2011, 08:50 am
Thanks microRNA! Great advice there, I am just happy to have some knowledge dropped on me! I was also curious though, with the chase and B of A bank deposits, do you have to have a checking account at these banks to do this? or you just fill out a deposit slip and wait for your bitcoins? Anywho, I appreciate your warnings for sure, and as time goes on I'm sure I'll figure this all out more. It just seems to me that being new I will almost certainly have to finalize early, at least it seems that way when I look at SR and just about every vendor is saying that will be the only way they will conduct business with a new user. I of course understand their position, and respect it, but it seems like us n00bs are in a tough spot too. Who would have figured buying drugs over the internet would be so complicated!  ;D Seriously though, I appreciate your courtesy and helpfulness microRNA, and anyone else who can help to educate this lowly ignorant junkie  ;) Thanks guys!
Title: Re: Are introduction threads ok? Also, a quick question...
Post by: microRNA on November 28, 2011, 10:32 am
The cash deposits are super easy. For wells fargo (which get-bc just switched to chase and screwed me...) all you needed was the cash, name of the account holder and acct number on the slip and the teller filled in the rest. No name or bank acct needed from you or anything. Then you take a picture of your receipt, and email it with your order number to them. Then they send you bitcoins within 24 hrs after taking a fee of 5% of the deposit, and usually give you a number of bitcoins equal to just slightly more expensive than the current exchange rate. They will supposedly start taking moneypaks around january too.

I never had to finalize early as a new buyer, because my first transaction was with sumyungai (highly recommended) for a MP to btc exchange. Since I had an order already, I was able to remain within escrow on my actual first purchase of medicine. If you must go outside escrow, just stay small and use a really well established/trusted vendor (personally, like Pharmville, Paperchasing, Goodfella1, or LexiSadie) so you are almost for sure to have the product arrive (or at least honestly shipped, some packages dont arrive due to mail unreliability). Also be cautious about the vendors you deal with and the security of their shipping methods. If you question whether they are complying with the appropriate safety precautions, send them a message and ask. One of my favorite vendors even started using printed labels for me after I asked, which I really appreciate. I may get ripped now for saying this and because I am enticed by the offers of new vendors, but I have received every order I have placed so far even after finalizing early for some special circumstances. Just be smart and SR can be a wonderful resource.