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Title: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: warweed on November 07, 2011, 05:51 am
Just a thread im starting for us by us the following is a list of some of the people i see popping up that well look little to good to be true I'm not actively looking im jut watching for new names popping up

BTCpal is one of them when i sent him a message directing him to this thread he failed to respond +1 scammer


at time of posting

has been a member for 2 hours
was last seen: today
ranked #224 out of 224 sellers with 0% positive feedback from 1 transactions
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Money   BTCs for your MoneyPak Number in Minutes!   ฿0.01   Worldwide   undeclared   add to cart

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5 of 5   Had the BTC funds in my SR account within about 15 minutes! Thanks, I appreciate it!   item   22 minutes

Time it takes sign up a account make a btc deposit to sr buy a seller account and buy his own product I THINK SO :D
just a heads up to keep a eye on this fellow 

just seems a bit to convenient


I will be forwarding this link to BTCpal so they have the option to defend them self after all i hate to point fingers and be wrong

Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: warweed on November 08, 2011, 12:28 am
Second one that came up today I will list here and in the nature of fairness i will message them for a opportunity to explain that way it is fair

Sugar Mama
has been a member for 6 days
was last seen: today
ranked #110 out of 220 sellers with 100% positive feedback from 20 transactions
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If you are planning a large order feel free to let me know so I can plan.

I have 80+ Bitcoins ready to send (approximately $240+).
The bitcoins will be sold, first-to-send-mp first served. Do NOT blindly send a moneypak without talking to me in case I will be unable to process your order.
The fee at the moment is a flat Moneypak Value * 15%. You will receive: (Moneypak Value - Fee) * SR Rate. (See SR rate below.)

rating   feedback   item   freshness
5 of 5   Very fast replies and understanding when I sent the wrong MP number.

Good exchange rate as well!

Will use again!

Thank you sugar mamma   item   15 minutes
5 of 5   super fast, awesome service   item   51 minutes
5 of 5   Within I think 5 minutes of me sending the code to Sugar Mama, I got my bitcoins. No point going to anyone else.    item   2 hours
5 of 5   Great service, very quick, and was very friendly and helped me out. Great to finally have a good moneypak->btc exchanger again   item   23 hours
5 of 5   Helped a newbie out and was nice about it. Will use again.   item   2 days
5 of 5   Super FAST!! Will use again!   item   2 days
5 of 5   Finally a awesome seller! with the quickness even though I miss wrote the MP code XD
   item   2 days
5 of 5   first time buyer. went great. it all went through in minutes! keep it up mama and you will get all the business you can handle! thanks!   item   2 days
5 of 5   Thank you Mama - one honest transaction - shall we do more? This went fast, and it went well. See the forums.   item   3 days
5 of 5   Great service, nice and fast. Thanks for everything.   item   3 days
5 of 5   fast and a nice seller will do more with this person   item   4 days
5 of 5   Fast and easy bitcoins!   item   4 days
5 of 5   YESSS Fianlly...I got my money in seconds. She's an extreme pleasure to deal with. She also came through when no one else would respond for 2 days. Repeat customer.   item   4 days
5 of 5   Excellent Vendor! Great communication and delivered as promised within seconds!   item   4 days
5 of 5   AMAZING SUPER FAST SERVICE.....She helped me with the 0.03 to place the order and she transferred the bitcoins instantly...Thanks once again   item   4 days
5 of 5   Couldnt have gone better. Fast, cheap, and very friendly!   item   4 days
5 of 5   Yes! Another real BTC trader! Had my coins in minutes.    item   6 days
5 of 5   Swift delivery. Sugar Mama is legit for MP to BTC transactions.    item   6 days
5 of 5   Got BTC Quick and at the rate advertised. Thanks Sugar Momma   item   6 days

Now although the demand for bitcoin is high and the other reputable exchangers get alot more then this i still find it hard to believe especially reading over the feedback it seems a bit to good grammer wise and long feedbacks also how many people are buying 4 or less bitcoins ?? I mean if sugar only has 80 btc ... Just find it a bit hard to believe
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: Sugar Mama on November 08, 2011, 12:59 am
Ok I'll reply but what do you want me to say? That I'm not a scammer? Ok, I'm not a scammer. The listings don't mean much, mostly because you don't know who wrote them. I have a review thread, you can decide for yourself whether to trust me based on that: http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=4862.msg41033#msg41033. b0lixtrader a full member, just reviewed me (finally!) and was kind enough to start his own thread called "Sugar Mama is legit!!" http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=5151.msg43509#msg43509 (love you!). I'll tell you what I tell anyone: if you're not convinced, wait longer, over time I'll get more reviews by more established members. At this point this what I got.

To your points since you asked:
Every one of those reviews were made by real people but I can't prove it. They might be pointless to everyone else but I like reading them. You're suspecting the grammar? I assume by nature this place is filled with somewhat educated people. I think people write long feedback because they appreciate not being scammed and because I'm very friendly. Anyway posts by non-newbies in the forums mean more.

As far as the 80 bitcoins, that's how much I have left not how much I had before all those people bought. If you had seen my profile at the beginning of the day you'd see that I had 200 something coins. I updated it throughout the day so people don't need to ask if they have larger amounts to convert. I also refill every so often. What kind of exchange would I be if I only had 80 coins forever?

-Your Sugar Mama
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: Pharmville on November 08, 2011, 01:35 am
I agree with you WarWeed.  The timing of the BTC Pal thing and it certainly *does* look like the same person wrote all the reviews of Sugar Mama, but that could be kind of just coincidental.

I wish so DAMN bad that SR would REQUIRE that new buyers register at the Forum before they could have a buyers account.  I would think that to a new buyer the idea of buying drugs off an internet page would at least be a bit weird so it makes sense that they would want to find out as much as they possibly could before the embarked on that first purchase.  But they don't...

I can't tell you how many new customers we get who tell me in their first pm that they'd like to place an order, and all our feedback looks good but they're just scared to order because the first or first and second orders they placed they got ripped off.  Of course, after a couple of rips THEN they come over to the forum and start reading.  Jeez.  Talk about closing the barn door once the horse is already out!

I truly believe the only way you really get rid of all the scammers from a place as popular as SR is to starve them out.  Call them out quickly, like you're doing here and make it unprofitable in both time and money to scam on SR.  I can't think of another single way that would work.  BUT...who knows?   

I wish I knew how to make a person's computer burn up by remote control and all I needed was their IP.  I'd set some laptops on fire from coast to coast on all these damn scammers.  The scammers have also ruined the quality of the conversation on this Forum, which used to be one of the things I enjoyed most about SR: coming over and hearing intelligent, well thought out comments, learning new things about shipping or computer technology.  Hearing what kind of experiences buyers were having with other vendors and what kind they were having with us.  It seems like non-existent heroin and scamming are the only two topics that generate a lot of replies these days.  Or threads about the prices being too high.... ;)

have a great night everyone,

ETA: I know b0lixtrader and he is a very legit buyer so he is undoubtedly telling the truth as far as his own experience goes.  No doubt.  -A-
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: fidocscentral on November 08, 2011, 03:15 am
Pharmville, this is my first post on here; just came here to completely agree with what you said. I opened a Dwolla account last Tuesday, and sent a transfer knowing it would take til today for the money to get there, so I wouldn't be over my head jumping into a purchase.

What did I do with the 6 days in between the money getting deposited? Came to the forums to read up on all the vendors and which ones have the best reputations!

I chose AAKoven after many choices back and forth, and sent him the BTC tonight, just have to wait for him to wake up and finalize everything for me :). Looking forward to my first buy and hoping it all goes well for future purchases.
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: warweed on November 08, 2011, 08:27 am
thank you sugar momma this thread is more to address the issue of possible scammers and to keep an eye on suspicious characters
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: Skelten on November 09, 2011, 01:48 am
I know everything I say here will never hold water seeing as it's my first post but I just couldn't lurk anymore when I saw an accusation of Sugar Mama. I have done a moneypak transfer with her and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results, especially for a service that is pretty much impossible to find elsewhere and an easy scam for somebody to pull.

It takes trust to send away moneypak, as anybody who has used one can tell you it may as well be cash. We have all been in the situation with a new dealer where you aren't sure if it's actually going to go through or not but you have to have a little trust in people. There is so much more money to be made it doing it legitimately than scamming somebody and having your name ruined, and I for one am glad that there are sellers on here, like Sugar Mama, who provide the exact service descibed perfectly.

So if you want to consider me just some ghost account made to perpetuate a scam than that's up to you, but if you can stand to trust me a bit I assure you I am a real customer that was completely satisfied with Sugar Mama's services, and hope she sticks around so I can continue my patronage.
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: wzrd1 on November 09, 2011, 03:44 am
Skelton, as you said, it's your first post, hence suspect.
MY personal motto is, "Trust nobody, not even yourself". What is even funnier is, I'm a highly successful information security professional.
My clients have never been phished. My clients have never had worms own their networks. My clients have never had virus infections rule their systems.
Because, I emphasize the basics, user education, intelligent policies that are enforceable and remediation of potential vulnerabilities as they become known.
I can truthfully say, I know of NO information security professional who can make such a claim and be truthful, save myself and would LOVE to meet one who COULD make such a claim that welcomes the light of day to illuminate it, as I can and have done.
Frankly, someone can easily and trivially make a node and account, then post glowing reviews, then rinse and repeat the process.
Someone can easily and trivially do the same and post the response that is here.
Hell, anything more intelligent than a monkey could be trained to do that.
So, I review a handful of things when considering a vendor. I'll not go into much, other than to consider HOW a review is stated, in dialect, regional terms, linguistic therms, terms that reflect previous posts or even reinforce posts, etc. If they all match, zero trust.
Not even if *I* offered something for sale. As in, *I* would not buy for me if all feedback messages are of the same dialect, linguistic style of my region, reinforce previous messages, etc. For then, *I* would not buy from my own damned self!
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: RapidImprovement on November 09, 2011, 10:09 am
+1 warweed for this thread.
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: subtlety on November 10, 2011, 11:00 pm
Yep, good idea for a thread.  I just asked about BTC Pal in the scammer thread in rumor mill.  This should be stickied there separate from the general scams.  I said in my other post there should be a place for moneypac exchangers to establish themselves here, and I won't buy (BTC) from anyone I can't find on the forums.

Almost went with BTC Pal tonight cause of his good looking rates, searched the forums, and ultimately went with SYG because he did me right my first purchase.  Glad I made the right decision.

It can't be said enough, but as a newbie, these forums are essential.  Finally gonna make my first (product) purchase very soon ;D.
Title: Re: MoneyPak Scammers
Post by: phubaiblues on November 11, 2011, 04:42 am
There have already been a couple of suggestions on how sellers of btc could provide a form of escrow, from using a trusted member as a third-party moneypak holder, to setting up a possible deposit, a form of 'bond' so that if there are problems, a 3rd party could step in...

Until a form of escrow is provided there's nothing to prevent these vendors from skipping out.  This isn't personal, it's a plea for honest btc sellers, to respect the fact that SR is based on escrow.  Selling and not ripping people off up until now,  doesn't mean all that much, as it could all change tomorrow. 

I support sumyungai or sugarmama or any other legal seller to find a way to work within the system, rather than working underneath our umbrella, (yet not providing protection for buyers.)  What this has done, so far, is just attract scammers, who sell a little while legitimately, then rip a bunch of people off...See:PeopleB4Profits for a guided tour. 

Newbies: I suggest using outside exchanges, mtgox or tradehill, or--for

I'm trying to keep a friendly pressure on the btc sellers to find a way to protect buyers. { A good scammer, could still come on here, make a little money while building reputaion, then rip a bunch....escrow protects us from this...)