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Title: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: seirfmuy on November 02, 2011, 10:58 am
Whether they're serving their clients face to face or through the internet, dealers across the globe risk and sacrifice much more than any of us realize. It takes a certain type of persona to deal illicitly. Not everyone's born to be president of the United States... or a vagina doctor... or CEO of a lemonade stand company... Therefore, not just anyone can be a dealer - because it takes grit. True grit.

Jokes aside, who among us wants to take on a sales job where "a bad day at work" means getting raided? Where half your clients are scheming on how to rob you? Where success is ephemeral and failure inevitable? How many 5th graders write, "when I grow up, I want to make people happy but in doing so I forfeit my safety, my faith in mankind, and most importantly - my peace of mind?"
This is why we should salute and honor vendors  here on SR and everywhere for their service to the community.

I feel that a lot of buyers take this site for granted.
Everyday, I read bullshit feedback like "3/5 - some of the pills came crushed" or "1/5 heroin was too strong, made me hit a lightpole - yeah I was shooting up while driving - Seller should have mentioned that this heroin hadn't been cut"  (ok i made this one up) or "2/5 hey maaann, this weed maaaaann... duuude. not cool bro" (ok I made this one up too) But you guys get the idea. People think ratings are trivial but its not. People think buying heroin off the net is trivial, but it's blood, guns, and grit behind that "add to cart" icon. Peeps seem to forget that it's the vendors that are going through hell and back and jumping through flaming circus hoops to get "the good shit".

Moving onward, I think we should have a "SR Dealer of the Year" award! I know it hasn't been a year since SR launched but I have a feeling it could end at any moment. Nominees would be those who have proven again and again that they've gone above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their customers. Stuff like quality of goods, speedy delivery, packaging, communication - should all come into play. I'd also like to ask everyone, "what's you're most memorable purchase?" and... "what separated this dealer from the rest of the pack?"

Personally, I nominate Dopeboy for SR Dealer of the Year.

Dopeboy runs his business like a real biz. His profile is simple. There's not a million rules about shipping and escrow or if you're new and cannot fit X amount of marshmallows in your mouth then you're not allowed to buy bullshit. His product is pure fire shiz. Like mana from the heavens. Nectar of the Gods laced with METH! that kind of shit.
His shipping and packaging is solid. You can tell you're dealing with a professional.
What I like the most is his humility. He know's that he's got the best dope around yet he's not arrogant about it. It's hard in the drug biz to not get arrogant, not to get cocky when everything's falling into place.
Recently, I was short on bitcoins so I wrote him a message - and the man cut me a deal. I've been on SR for 2 weeks and he still had enough faith in humanity to cut me a deal - which was unexpected. (now that doesn't mean everyone should run up to him lookin for deals)
 I've yet to do business with other vendors on SR. I've yet to experience more good memories. But for now my goal as a buyer is restore trust and undue the damage done by all these scammers. I'm an honest person, making an honest living, doing illegal ass shit on the internet but I aim to do right. Dopeboy showed real trust in me and that felt good.
I can't give SR vendors their safety - but I can prove that there are still good people out there. I can prove to these vendors that their faith in mankind is not lost. I've got free samples of a magic drug called, "peace of mind".  I know these vendors need a lot of that.

And its the one thing you can't buy with bitcoins.

So who's your Dealer of the Year?
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: gnumagicboy on November 02, 2011, 12:07 pm
I like your post.  It has a "real men of genius" vibe to it.  Do I have to pick just one?  Is it for 2011 or an Annual thing like the Oscars?  What are your criteria?  The best product?  The highest shipping success rate?  Speediest order processing?  Coolest vendor page? 

My problem here is I think Tetravort and Enboom are each epic in their own right and I have trouble choosing one.  Hell I will let them share the prize this year. 

This makes me want to get some more bitcoin now. :)
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: dutchshop on November 02, 2011, 12:09 pm
I support this Topic ..u spoke right from u heart bro..u got my attention...:)..

I think that is fair and respectfully to honor the first Vendors here on silkroad first because they where the frontiers who did the bloody hard work and take all the risks...RESPECT FOR YOU... I SALUUT YOU ...Veteran Vendors....OUT THERE....that you all made it possible that Silkroad market place exist and is still growing.

If you survive 1 month on silkroad as a Vendor that is the same feeling like if you survive 6 months on the streets.

Greets DutchShop,
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: profspudhed on November 02, 2011, 12:39 pm
all our good vendors deserve respect for what they provide us with, but my personal pick would be IvoryUK, consistently the best quality and fastest delivery ive had every time and always willing to help out. honorable mentions go to mitanox, streetpharmacy and pharmville, i havent ordered from all three myself but friends have and ive tested the wares. also if we had categories, not that he seems to be about anymore, but worlds best packaging would have to go to dimitrispice, obviously im not going to say what it was but it was pure genius, if you bought the changa you know exactly what im talking about. oh and if i did miss someone off please forgive me, i am a wreckhead after all, i cant remember everything! :P
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: eryx2k9 on November 02, 2011, 02:25 pm
My dealer of the year would be Streetpharmacy :) Always fast as hell and willing to help. I learned alot from him, when he shared his knowledge in silc chat. He also send me stuff in advance out of escrow one time when i was at a one week binge and running out of ammo ;)
That was really cool :P
But of course there are a lot of more vendors doing a great job(Der Speed Doktor, Tetravort, Pillowtalk, Undergound..........)! Iam glad to have not experienced any bad vendor yet, expect mr nice guy. So thanks to all who provided me with that nice stuff :)

Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: electriccrazyman on November 02, 2011, 03:09 pm
I vote for Tetravort and LexiSadie. Top quality products, crisp and timely communications, and prompt, secure shipping. I don't have experience with Dopeboy and many others, but these two are at the top of my list.

I think H is in a class all by itself. themunchies and italianpilot both get a nod. Consistency is hard to come by but they both try hard. themunchies is more reliable but italianpilot's product is top notch.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: listentothemusic on November 02, 2011, 04:06 pm
It has a "real men of genius" vibe to it.
And women.......

Regardless, Pharmville goes above and beyond.
But I feel like this could in a way hurt business if it happened by catagories.
"Oh so you say so and so is the best? Better shop from them"

Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: 98080678 on November 02, 2011, 08:03 pm
Great thread - however IMO this should be split up into different categories. I have tried many of the Ganja dealers but none of the others. By splitting into categories you might be able to allow more people to vote and make a knowledgeable vote. I mean, not everyone can make a judgement about overall vendor. That being said there is no reason why there can't be both overall and category. As far as MJ vendors go - i'd give it to LTTM or Anarcho.  Just my .02 BTC
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: anarcho47 on November 02, 2011, 08:49 pm
I think it's a fun idea, and I also think it should be done by category since each category of seller has their own individual hurdles to cross to make customers happy (Weed - size of product, odor,  Heroin - finding the shit in the first place, etc. etc.)

Also thanks for the ups.  I do my very best :)
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: GaltRR on November 03, 2011, 12:32 am
I would have to give it to the MDMA vendors in the NL. Theirs are probably one of the most watched packages and yet they have to maintain such a high shipping success rate to ensure a profit.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: PriscillaMarie90 on November 03, 2011, 01:17 am

I also love this thread and I also feel like there are many vendors on Silk Road worthy of the title!
I agree with you 100%, there are SO many people that take for granted the services offered here. Your made-up examples may as well have been real, people can be so rude and unappreciative! If your product gets to your house intact, the product is pretty good, and the cops didn't bring it to you, then the seller deserves a 5/5 usually! There are probably some exceptions, but shit, people can't be so picky.

If you told someone who was unaware of SR that you just ordered a gram of cocaine off the internet, you know they would fucking laugh at you. They would either think it must be a website run by cops or that anything you could order from it must be shit/fake. But it's neither of those! Do you people realize you are ordering GOOD drugs off the fucking INTERNET! The fact that you receive anything is astounding! The fact that it isn't a trap run by cops is amazing!

Appreciate what we have here, everyone, because it is truly revolutionary.

I nominate every seller on SR who has never ripped someone off on purpose as the SR Dealer of the Year! Lol :)
Now someone should make some sort of award for them all, lol!

Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: chronicpain on November 03, 2011, 02:19 am
My votes would have to go to HybridMike and Pharmville. Both have been very honest, quick and professional.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: Brezner on November 03, 2011, 03:26 am
+1 to Anarcho's suggestion.  There should be a DoTY for each category, we all have favorites or well-knowns from each category which bring the best of that product, in the most professional and speedy manner.

For cocaine, Tetravort is king, no question about it.  He's been doing a phenominal job of treating this like a solid business, never backed out of anything after two of the big bitcoin drops, kept his shit running and sucked it up during those profit losses.  His product is seriously some of the best I've ever had as well.  Well earned, well deserved.

Pharmville and theOCguy have been fan-fucking tastic when it comes to Opioids.  Very communicative, quick, precise, friendly, and seem to always be in stock with what I need, when I need it.  Thanks guys.

I just recently started venturing into MaryJane so I can't really pick any yet but Anarcho has been extremely friendly and communicative and willing to work with every one of my special requests.  Really looking forward to smoking his product when it arrives.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: chester25 on November 03, 2011, 04:33 am
Is there someway to see who is ranked #1? I've seen on vendors profiles they have a rank out of so many other vendors, but who is number 1 in each category?
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: rake on November 03, 2011, 04:41 am
It's interesting that many of the suggested DOTYs are post Gawker.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: dutchshop on November 03, 2011, 03:14 pm
If i have to vote for the Dealer of the Year in my Catogerie of Hash then i will vote for hashuk(99) because he was before my and i know he is my competitor.

As person and vendor  i  respect him so give him the Full Credits and the Honor.

Greets DutchShop,

Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: rocketman on November 04, 2011, 03:08 am
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned bloomingcolor,  there was a period of about 2 months where he was literally the only person here with legit acid.  Dealer of the year for me definitely.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: KingJoey on November 04, 2011, 03:21 am
I had dopeboys 250mg of mdma and mda or w/e and it totally sucked.

I still gave him good feedback but honestly there is no way it had 125mg of mdma..........
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: gumby on November 04, 2011, 03:32 am
I had dopeboys 250mg of mdma and mda or w/e and it totally sucked.

I still gave him good feedback but honestly there is no way it had 125mg of mdma..........

It was mdea/mdma. Honestly doesn't sound interesting to me at all. Apparently MDEA just has more of the stimulant effects. So what I imagine (could be totally wrong) is that its similar to just Caffeine and MDMA.
You felt it was weak, well if it's only half mdma then it's only half as strong, maybe its not dopeboys fault?

Try some mda with that or just stick to straight mdma? I WISH dopeboy sold MDA an MDMA mix, I'd buy that over MDEA any day.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: caffeine_me on November 05, 2011, 12:23 am
Stays in SR with escrow at all time.  Outstanding product and service.

Best customer service on here, period.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: bobsagetrules on November 05, 2011, 07:56 am
Pharmville - fastest shipping, most professional

Paperchasing - best service, value

420Med4U- best packaging/stealth
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: KingJoey on November 06, 2011, 03:33 am
Pharmville is good because the shipping is always fast. The biggest thing I hate is waiting a long time 4 an order but with Pharmville I usually get it as fast as the other orders I place at that time.
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: quinone on November 06, 2011, 03:54 am
Pharmville 100% - They work crazy hard to make sure i'm happy :D, shipping was also only 4 business days (+ 2 weekend) across a border

They only supply the benzo/some opiate market so there is room for other dealers of the year in diff categories (eg. i've never bought weed on here), but they still rock !
Title: Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
Post by: E=daveCĀ² on November 06, 2011, 04:52 am
LexieSadie is the only seller I've tried for weed and every time it's arrived safely within a few days.
Pharmville is great for shipping quick and responding to customers.
Dopeboy's meth was some of the cleanest I've ever had. vortexmilkman has good quality too. Both arrived in less than a week.
Best H vendor currently is themunchies. IP's decent but the wait can be long.
SumYunGai for BTC exchanges.
Honorable mention to luxxia. Has products even the bigger sellers don't have from time to time and always quick shipping.

SR needs more reliable meth and H vendors so there is always supply and the many orders are spread among them so sellers don't get overloaded. It seems like there is enough demand and money to be made. There are plenty of weed, coke, and script vendors. Lots of acid and btc scams unfortunately. A lot of room for improvement there.