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Title: Need to sell your bitcoins for hard cash?
Post by: StExo on July 17, 2013, 06:21 pm
I am gauging interest, as I done about a year ago since there is now a greater need than 12 months ago for a cash in the mail service for those with bitcoins wanting to take them out of the system without going through official channels. By it's nature, especially after the Vlad incident last year, this will require some degree of trust so I may be opening up the service to only small amounts to begin with - but I want to see if anyone would be interested.

The service cost would be approximately 5-10% depending on currency fluctuations and conversions since I cannot stock every single worldwide currency, so I will be simplifying the issue to only providing 3 currencies: Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling (GBP) and using my own exchange rates to counteract and fluctuations that may occur (ie, you get the same conversion rate I did at the time of exchanging it rather than the one for that hour to stabilise the price and that rate remains constant for around 1 week).

All mail would need to be recorded of course so there is proof it arrives and for mild excess, ie you have $402 worth of coins, I have to round it down to $400 to keep it simple as stacking lots of $1 or $2 notes is a pain. To start with it must remain in escrow for both party's security, but if anyone would like to try rip me off, successful or not, the price for everyone else will go up, I will begin to demand a customer FE's and I won't hesitate to publicly name and shame your username.

Services regarding obtain bitcoins I am currently in the testing phase to see if some internal mechanisms work, but soon we may be able to offer some solutions for anonymous or as close to anonymous methods as possible to obtain bitcoin for trusted and known buyers (ie forum users, it will not be on general listing).

Let me know your thoughts below and if there is enough interest I'll move to implement the plan.