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Title: Onion Site Tools - Any needs?
Post by: wicked420 on November 17, 2012, 10:50 pm
Hello everyone,

I joined this community a little over a year ago, when SR was going through major changes, with separating the forums to the new site, and the news articles brought in huge growth etc. 

During that time, everyone was still trying to get setup on PGP/GPG and there were a lot of brand new users to TOR in general.  It was during that time, that I threw up my own onion in order to compile guides and help people get setup and started in the world of TOR. 

I created http://p3lr4cdm3pv4plyj.onion/  to host guides, and built a few tools as well.  1)  a GPG encryption test tool, that allows you to test and see if you're encrypting messages correctly.  and 2) I created a database to store all of my contact info on, so that I could reliably keep my public key stored somewhere. 

All that being said, my question now is:  Is there a demand for any other simple tools to help people remain safe?   My little onion, in just over a year is getting over 1000 hits a day of people learning how to use PGP, and testing their setup.  I'm glad the little tools I built are being used and referenced.   So, I would like to expand my small knowledge of PHP and webdev and build some other simple quick tools to help people.  Some thoughts below:

While I dont want to necessarily host images, I'm thinking of creating an image METADATA scrubber, to remove all the hidden personal information in pictures/videos/etc.  Basically you upload a picture to my site, and it cleans all your metadata, and lets you redownload it, all cleaned up.   

I could also do a privnote type tool as well, but really dont want to store any personal information , even for a small period of time,  I'm not sure I want that level of responsibility. 

Any thoughts/suggestions would be lovely!

Thanks -
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Post by: StExo on November 18, 2012, 02:16 am
Title: Re: Onion Site Tools - Any needs?
Post by: wicked420 on November 18, 2012, 08:07 am
StExo - This is what ive got setup so far, I'll add a rolling log soon, and make it so it caches for a while, but for now, i've got it so you can at least test a site: http://p3lr4cdm3pv4plyj.onion/updown/

and damaged - very true, i dont want to be responsible for/with any personal information at all. so maybe i wont do that at all. thanks for input!

Title: Re: Onion Site Tools - Any needs?
Post by: Scampony on January 09, 2013, 09:18 pm
Need a metascrubber image host bad.