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Title: Replace the rating system with something simpler
Post by: Sunray1000 on September 17, 2012, 09:25 pm
The current rating system for a vendor is poor.  I would replace it with two options

1. Did it arrive? Y/N
2. Happy with the quality? Y/N/Don't know

Ditch the text, its generally a waste of time.

If the quality is Don't know, then send out a SR message to people 2 weeks after receiving to remind them to update that rating.

Unless you're an addict or mental and rip open a package of acid tabs and neck a few on Tuesday morning before work, a couple of weeks is generally a good time frame to get some feed back on quality.

Quality is subjective to the buyer over the actual purity or quality of the gear sold, so a binary choice is all that is needed. If what you got made you happy, that's all that mattered.  Telling me A+++++ or whatever is shill buying and irrelevant.

Then you can show % ratios as a vendor feedback, in little graphs.
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Post by: StExo on September 18, 2012, 01:00 am
Title: Re: Replace the rating system with something simpler
Post by: Sunray1000 on September 23, 2012, 02:20 pm
I read the feedback but I don't trust any of it to be frank, simply because most people who are happy don't use it, some people who don't do which skews the feedback.  Most are happy to have received it and looking forward to taking it at the weekend.   So something that suggests updating the status in a week or two if they were happy with what they received would be very useful.  This being unrelated to the receipt is of great use.

If you take a look at any vendors feedback for popular products there are loads of 'FE for trusted seller' and 'Will update when taken'  all with 5/5.   Is that useful in any way?  The odd message of doom from scammers and competing vendors. Then the vendors who make purchases from SR accounts to drive feedback saying 'amazing vendor' and 'best quality gear ever, pukka vendor'  etc. All combined to really leave the feedback in tatters as far as I am concerned. 

That just made me realise that the FE's would make the setting 'Delivered y/n/Finalized Early'.  People who say 'trusted seller' are unhelpful to people new to SR as they themselves are generally new.

Going to this simpler system would be much tighter and gives better information to everyone.  Forces vendors to be better, stops one person fucking about too much and lets the happy people drown out the naysayers if there are lots.

Title: Re: Replace the rating system with something simpler
Post by: kitkat82 on September 24, 2012, 03:14 am
I also have to disagree with the idea.

I make around 2 purchases a week, and I look very carefully at the feedback in the comments section.  I feel like I am better covered if a vendor goes under or decides to start scamming if I use a variety of vendors.  I have learned a lot from comments in the feedback section.

 If a vendor is selling 2 mg xanax bars, and suddenly his shipments are taking longer than usual, he is requiring a lot of FE from first time buyers or newbies, and is subbing twice the amount of tablets at 1mg that tells me not to buy from this vendor.  Why?  Well he is probably over his head in new orders, unable to keep up with demand and running too low on funds to ship/buy drugs, and possibly getting high on his own product.

I also look to see if they get good comments on packaging, if any comments with a 5/5 rating mention that they received a refund or a reshipment then this makes me think the packaging might be shoddy.

I can tell a lot from the descriptions.  When people are effusively happy it usually means that they got the product, it didn't take forever, and it was real.  They are that happy because they have had experiences where they waited so long for a product that they thought they had been scammed or that the DEA was about to bust into their home at any moment.  When you have a family and a career at stake shipping safety is a very important consideration to make.

There are lots of drugs for sale on SR, and I don't think that (for example) college students who are looking to buy MDMA or LSD or perhaps even some Ketamine once a month make up the majority of the sales.  I am sure that a very causal drug user would be more appreciative of that type of system, but I don't think that the person who usesonly at parties or raves is the target audience here.  Of course I don't have stats on that, so I can't be sure.