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Title: Vendor Account Lottery
Post by: futura on January 16, 2013, 12:51 am
I need help from someone with an established vendor account in good standing...

I want to open a Vendor Account but do not have the 500.00 neccesary.

I was thinking of a Lottery as I have a lot of stuff lying around and its time to do an early Spring Cleaning!!

The Lottery would be for:

1 Ounce Cracker Dry Psilocybin Mushrooms(Various varieties such as Orissa India, Cambodian, Z- Strain)(Grown Organicaly from Ralphsters Spores on Rye Grain using High Mountain Compost)

1 gram Mescaline HCL ( D-Limo Extracted/Triple Acetone/Double IPA Washed)

3 hits Tesselated ("First Issue")  200+ug Blotter LSD

15 Hits 25I-NBOME(550ug "Complexed" Blotters)

100 Xanax (0.5mg generic Pills)

25 Dalmane(Flurazepam)-(Very Hard to find Sleeping Pills)

10 Vicodin (7.5/750)

25 Donnatal (Belladona/Phenobarbital)

2 Grams Organicaly Grown "Cluster Bomb" Trichome Hash (Dry Ice Extracted)

And would run like this:

This Lottery will only be shipped to a USA Address so please dont buy Tix if you dont have a USA Shipping Address.

I would want it listed at .40 BC per entry

It would run till 125 Tickets sold...

I would get 500.00 for my seller account and whoever helped me out by listing the lottery would get the rest...which at current BC price would be about 200.00 US Dollars

I would start a thread in the forum and post all the entries forum usernames as they are bought and also the winner so everyone would know its for real...I would require your forum usermname when you buy lottery Tix so I could post entries and final winner names on forum and prove to everyone this is legit...

FE would be required cause I dont know how long it will take to get all 125 entires sold, and I would not want the vendors account thats helping me to have any issues...

All you would need to do as a vendor to help me is to post the lottery, transfer the BC to my SR Wallet (so I could get my vendor account) once the 125 entries are sold and PM me the forum names every couple days of the ticket buyers so I could keep the forum post updated...I would do the drawing and take care of shipping. I will ship with DCN and PM you the DCN numbers so you could track delivery as well...

So is there any vendor out there who wants to help??

And to anticipate some responses...

Question: Why dont you just create a user account yourself and do your own lottery or sell samples??

Answer: I do not have 500.00 and I will not have it any time soon...

Question: Why dont you just sell the stuff locallly and use cash to buy vendors account

Answer: I dont know anyone locally who will buy this stuff...all my freak friends from the 60's and 70's are either dead or have gone straight!!

Question: What will this vendor account be for??

Answer: I will be vending small quantities of Mescaline, Mushrooms, Xanax, and reselling smaller amounts of High Quality MDMA,LSD, and COCAINE from Star Vendors who only sell large amounts...

The Cocaine will be Triple Acetone Washed and also Triple IPA washed (IPA removes Amphetamine salts...)

The MDMA is "Brown Sugar" will also be Triple Acetone Washed, and solvent purged

The LSD will be for those who want a few hits of some star vendor stuff that sold out in like a day or two and is being re-offered in smaller quantities than is available from the Star Vendor...or for someone who wants a "Blast from the Past'...Like when I see a forum post like this: "Anyone have any of so and so's Maya's...chances are I will!!

To start it will be USA to USA only...


Title: Re: Vendor Account Lottery
Post by: GORDENRAMSEY on January 16, 2013, 03:10 am
If you can't even afford the $500 for a vendor account how are you going to keep  Mescaline, Mushrooms, Xanax,MDMA,LSD, and COCAINE in stock?

How will you handle all your orders being in escrow with your money tied up for the first month+ because being a new vendor you have rules against FE.

What's to keep you from buying one of your lotto tickets using an alternate account and then declare that account the winner keeping the money and products?

Whats to stop you  from getting bitcoins transferred into your account and screwing the vendor and people saying GOODBYE
then opening a vendor account?

AND quite a few other situations that could go wrong
Title: Re: Vendor Account Lottery
Post by: scout on January 16, 2013, 03:23 am
Sorry, but this won't work.  For one thing, in order to sell anything here (including tickets) you'd need a vendor account.  If you can't afford the cost of a vendor account, how can you afford all of the other necessary things to package and ship your product securely?  How will you maintain any kind of stock?

Also, requiring FE right off the bat is not allowed for a good reason!  You can't require people to FE, and you can't even allow them to FE until you've been a vendor for a certain length of time or have a certain number of transactions.  This is for the protection of the buyers.

There's no way, either, to protect the other vendor in your scenario.