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Newbie discussion / Re: 50 post rule?
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:05 am »
Of course it is moderated. 

Newbie discussion / Re: 50 post rule?
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:03 am »
It was implemented in order to give us a better chance at catching and deleting a spammer before they have the opportunity to spam the main forums and scam people.

Off topic / Re: <3<3TrashBox is now part of The Scurvy Crew<3<3
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:01 am »
Am I the only one concerned by the fact that multiple people in multiple countries are logging in using the same username here?  Having separate usernames for each part of your "crew" sure would be safer for you guys AND your buyers.

Sounds sketchy.  A vendor "forgetting" to put stamps on a package?  Either some kind of ripoff or just a very, VERY careless vendor.  Not sure what to tell you, but you might try just asking for a full refund and then placing an order with a different vendor.

Off topic / Re: Quick question regarding time stamps on SR
« on: February 08, 2013, 08:38 pm »
Hrm ... I was about to reply and then saw others had already answered here on the forums.  :)

Newbie discussion / Re: depositing with credit card
« on: February 08, 2013, 09:02 am »
There are not many places that will accept credit card payments in exchange for bitcoins because it's far too easy to reverse credit card payments.

Very cool of you to have pointed this out to help protect the poster.  +1

I sent him a PM a few minutes ago.

I think it's time that you shake hands, let this argument die for the time being, and each focus on your own products.  Let the products speak for themselves.

What say ye, nickmode & PL?

In my universe, a store selling commodities is no different than an SR vendor selling commodities, and for you to be giving instructions on how to cheat stores is like me giving instructions on how to screw over and scam SR vendors:

1. complain that you got bunk powder or medicine, when you in fact did not
2. claim that you did not receive your order, when you actually did
3. badmouth a vendor on the forums until you extort however many bitcoin or quantity of free product you feel you deserve

If we all did that, many vendors would stop selling on here, and we would all be the poorer for it.  But hey, as long as it's some faceless corporation, it's ok, right?  As long as you get what you need, everybody else be damned, am I correct in my thinking here or what?
I agree with you

You agree with bodysativa saying these coupons are used to fuck people over, yet you sell them too?  Careful, nickmode, your hypocrisy is showing. 

« on: February 07, 2013, 07:51 pm »
You need to contact SR Support over on SR itself.

This type of thing isn't permitted on SR, so you won't find any vendors here selling it.

I dont have a complaint. There is nothing you can do about the manager at target.
The thread is called "Newbie Review Thread"
Im a newbie and i had a review, so i posted it.

Sadly, some managers are dicks!

LOL FAKE POST FROM COMPETITOR! Don't be fooled newbs, go read my real reviews.

So every time someone posts a bad review you blame it on me? Or you blame it on a fake person trying to bash you? How long before you delete your post's?

IS that how you fooled everyone into thinking your coupons were god? By telling them every bad review was a fake?

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen anyone give PL's coupons a bad review.  Sure, there have been reports of coupons not being accepted 100% of the time, but that's not the same thing as a bad review.  These are counterfeit coupons - of course not every store in the world is going to accept them 100% of the time.  No one said anything negative about his actual coupons - in part because he has been honest about them, has supported his customers, spends time actively improving the coupons, and has created each one exclusively for SR.  Meaning that they did not originate from 4chan or any other site. 

You guys may want to take this argument to PM - it's filling up both of your threads now and isn't making anyone look very good.

Well went to target today and walmart and had trouble.

Super Target was first and i went up to the counter and handed her the 6 items i got and the coupons, she looked at them, scanned two of them then looked at them again and called the manager.
She came over and looked em over and told me several things,
1. Coke doesnt make coupons so that one was fake
2. The bacon one was "a ripoff of a target coupon for the same thing by a dollar off"
3. They were all fake
She accepted maybe 3 of them which took $15 off by $40 purchase to be nice.

I then went to walmart and just bought chez its and bacon (which i tried to use at target earlier and didnt work)
The maybe 22 year old cashier looked at them, looked at me, then said "I dont buy em"
I said "hey i can show you the website"
She then goes "im just messing with you"
So they worked there but obviously she knew they were fake but took em anyway,

Success or failure depends on the person checking you out, as well as your behavior.  In this case, the person checking you out and the manager do not know what they are talking about.  Coca-Cola DOES make coupons.  If they truly believed your coupons were "all fake" then they would NOT have accepted any of them "to be nice" ...

Sorry you had that experience though.

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