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$100 just showed up in my SR account, thanks a lot camomug, not even sure if I can use it, but thanks regardless.

You lucky bastard!

I don't think any of these "extra" transactions are showing up on blockchain, so it sounds like an SR thing ... is that what everyone else is thinking as well?

Nah, I think these mistaken deposits will be "fixed" eventually.

I just made a deposit from blockchain into my wallet, and am not having this same "problem".  So maybe you few did win the lottery!  :D

Earlier today, they (SR Support) stated that withdrawals were delayed up to 15 hours ... so who knows.

Not yet. 51k now. but i did a withdrawal of 10 btc to test and under account history it says withdrawal but the address field is blank.

That's normal.  When you withdraw to an external btc address (or any btc address) the field is blank on account history.

Has it stopped by now for you, Stonedstupor?

Newbie discussion / Re: Bitcoins being added to account multiple times
« on: February 15, 2013, 01:59 am »
Yeah, someone else already has $42k worth, I think!

Someone will definitely be looking for it.

My guess is that at some point, they'll take the site down or at least disable withdrawals in order to prevent people from being able to withdraw all these extra coins before the issue is fixed. 

3221   but i'm still not seeing a huge influx live on ... weird.

Use the homepage rather than largest transactions

I am using the homepage -- I just posted the largest transactions because they were enormous!  lol. 

1500 btc just now!  holy crap!

3223   but i'm still not seeing a huge influx live on ... weird.

Actually, a lot of helpful members look here.  :\

I'm sure it'll get sorted back out.  I'm not seeing the large transactions on blockchain ... just the usual stuff.

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