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what about green then  what the f*** did he do comared to again ........ charabros superthrips samgiancana    try to remain anonymous to work mates and say so to Sr & were did that get him  >:(  booted  and all he wanted was his account back even willing to pay 500 buck for the sake of the feedback
Some support guys

You want support?  Then be honest.  In your messages to me, you said your vendor account - Greenfield - was banned due to tampering with the feedback back when you purchased from your vendor account using your buyer account "for work mates" ....

I explained to you why this kind of feedback tampering got you banned, and now you're coming here trying to get sympathy for Greenfield - which happens to be your vendor account name - and not even mentioning the fact that YOU ARE GREENFIELD!

Silk Road discussion / Re: Counterfeit GBP Notes - NOT A SCAM!!
« on: March 16, 2013, 12:07 am »
I guess I might make a thread here once I get some to send out a few free samples and then if they are popular enough list them over at BMR.

Actually, you really can't advertise here unless you are a vendor, nor can you advertise prohibited items (like counterfeit bills).

also, edar -- weren't you telling me yesterday in PM's that YOU were the one whose vendor account was being looked into due to YOU purchasing as a buyer from your own vendor account? 

you're not being very honest by posting this thread and speaking about Greenfield in third person when you already admitted in your messages to me that YOU = GREENFIELD.

What?  Vendors absolutely DO get informed of the rules.  They know very well that they are supposed to stay in escrow for everything.  They also know not to fuck with their own feedback. 

Honestly, at this point it just feels like you're trying to rile people up and imply that SR is unfair.  It isn't.  If you truly believe they are so unjust, then I welcome you to find another anonymous marketplace like this and go be happy there.  You don't even know the full story on SamGiancana and yet you insist on acting as though you do.  You don't. 

If a scammer is caught, SR absolutely has the right to freeze their funds here!  They also have the right to issue refunds in those cases to buyers who remained in escrow with the scammer.  Everything you're saying implies that you'd rather SR hand the scammer all of their ill-gained money on their way out!  Not going to happen, nor should it.


I love the way you don't take shit. It's cool you get to go to the mountain, and tell us what god said.

It's actually not like that at all - inigo himself posted here, and all the things I've said are my own opinion and my own understanding of things.  Definitely not trying to speak on behalf of DPR at all.

You need to get in touch with SR Support and open this issue up in the resolution center.  Do not FE.  SR Staff will get your order canceled / refunded if he refuses to ship.

It's as simple as that - do not FE.  If you do, you need to understand this means you will not be eligible for a refund in any way, shape, or form.

Sam, from your messages, it is clear that you were involved not only in out of escrow trading, but feedback manipulation as well using your buyer account.  After reading those messages you posted, I am convinced that inigo and the staff made the right decision, 100%.  Not to mention your strange connections to TeflonDon / CanadianLTD / mtlJohn.

This banning of your vendor account is absolutely justified.

Feedback manipulation and OOE should be enough to get a vendor banned every day of the week. So even if we overlook the other, far more serious stuff, you don't really deserve to be here.

Agreed.  In fact, I had no idea about the feedback manipulation or involvement with TeflonDon/mtlJohn/CanadianLTD until SamGiancana posted all his messages with Vendor Support.  Knowing those things, I believe the staff was 100% correct in the decision they made.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Counterfeit GBP Notes - NOT A SCAM!!
« on: March 15, 2013, 11:08 pm »
Not allowed on SR.

how many times do i have to say this: NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU TO FINALIZE EARLY.  if they ask you to FE, it's simple - you find a vendor who allows you to stay in escrow and doesn't ask you to FE!  it's not difficult! 

No one can stop them from requesting that buyers FE ... however, asking buyers to FE is not the same thing as "forcing" them to FE.  Buyers are ALWAYS advised to STAY IN ESCROW.  And if a particular vendor asks you to FE, then you find a different vendor who allows you to remain in escrow.

Also, the $500 for an account is refunded after a certain amount of time/number of transactions.

edar, did you FE with charabros?  if so, then no, you won't be getting a refund.  i've explained several times that out of escrow transactions - including finalizing early - are not supported.  when you agree to finalize early, you are making the decision to deal outside of the escrow system which is in place for your protection.

Quote from: SamGiancana
SamGiancana    Im not just guessing that he is gmemphis or that canadian guy, he has had me give him cash for bitcoins in the past to run transactions through his accounts before i could pick them up from him locally, instead of doing cash deals so he got feedback.


READ FROM BOTTOM UP - How the fuck can I be accused of being these guys?
This is beyond fucked up.
Keeping someones cash based on ASSUMPTIONS of me being past scammers is not a proper thing to do. If we are supposedly "anonymous" how the fuck can you say I am these guys?
So what do you do with this money then? Give it to the people that got scammed from those 2 guys? What the fuck does "repair damages" mean?
I am NOT these guys, I have had AMPLE OPPERTUNITY to scam if I was going to.
Why the fuck are you stealing my money?

Vendor Support    I have talked to DPR and verified my decision. We are confiscating the funds in your wallet to repair the damage done by your GMemphis and CanadianLTD accounts.    9 minutes    unread
SamGiancana    Im not just guessing that he is gmemphis or that canadian guy, he has had me give him cash for bitcoins in the past to run transactions through his accounts before i could pick them up from him locally, instead of doing cash deals so he got feedback.    3 hours    unread
SamGiancana    How could you possibly trace the money when nothing used has been mine. Have you followed my story on here at all?
"Theteflondon" is a guy that I had been doing business with locally, he was my cocaine supplier. I would never meet him face to face but only his guy, and through texting.
He put me on to the idea that I should get on SR, so I gave him 500 bucks and he sent the coins to purchase this account. Just two weeks ago I went to do another coke deal with him, where he said he could take my bitcoins for me and turn it in to cash since i was clueless how to do this (hence the western union post on the forums, and hence me sending $7775.00) worth of coins to his address. I STILL have the messages on my buyer account "omarion2" where I sent the coins to that address and he scammed them. That same day he told me to give him 500 gram of my methylone and he would get me cash for it shortly after. I believed him and went and gave the guy the methylone.
After this happened and I realised he scammed me, I made a post about it on the forums and outed him as a scammer before he could get to anyone else, lots of people decided not to listen clearly, but many other members agreed, and clearly I was right considering his account is not gone. I pulled my listings down because I wasn't able to supply anyone anymore. *(This is also why I got 2 - 3 complains on my last 2 - 3 coke orders and refunded them - he gave me bunk coke on my last pickup)
I have no idea how ANY money could be followed to my own personal accounts. The money itself CAME from theteflondon for this account if this is even what you mean by tracing the money. I am an honest person here and have been straight up from day one.

   4 hours    unread
Vendor Support    I came to that conclusion by following the money. I know that others are accusing TheTeflonDon of being them, but I believe they are mistaken. They are just working off of hunches, I on the other hand have concrete evidence that is very damning. I am 99% positive that you are GMemphis, and that is more than enough to ban you and confiscate your funds. I appreciate you being respectful but I am not going to reinstate your account.    12 hours    read

This makes things clearer to me, so thanks for sharing.  It seems you also used your own buyer account to leave positive reviews for your vendor account / product as "omarion2" ???  ( see: http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=127204.msg876973#msg876973 )

The whole deal with you and TeflonDon and leaving feedback for yourself through your buyer account is just sketchy as shit.

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