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What you don't seem to understand, david99, is that regardless of what happened, transactions involving the purchase of bitcoins are considered "out of escrow" transactions and will not be refunded or supported by SR.

That said, so far you haven't posted any kind of proof of having actually done any kind of transaction with BitcoinBillionaires.

Ah my mistake i was under the impression scout would report to inigo or DPR. I will contact SR support though this has gone on long enough. Trying to understand the 'dispute' but i want this sorted. thnakyou


What?  That is absolutely true.  I DO report to inigo and DPR every day. 

Newbie discussion / Re: escrow security = science fiction
« on: March 21, 2013, 04:26 pm »
So... you don't mention your purchasing stats.  You don't mention the vendor.  If your story is true, yes, it's obvious he scammed you.  But what's his rating?  What's his history?  You're giving us only this one order to go by, and again, yes, if what you say is absolutely true then it's pretty obvious he intended to fuck you over from the beginning.

What I'm saying is that basically, if he's an established vendor and you're some new guy with 5 purchases of $100 a piece or something... you did get lucky recovering 70%.

^ This. 

Popping in to remind everyone to be cautious and careful!

Customer support / Re: How long time for withdraw bitcoins
« on: March 21, 2013, 04:23 pm »
If you've been waiting 12 hours, then you need to send SR Support a message over on the main site.

Rumor mill / Re: So, I will be vending again. - A message from DPR
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:39 am »
You can send a message to Vendor Support over on the main site .... you'll probably have to search for them in the search field, but then the name will pop up and you can send them a message.

Rumor mill / Re: So, I will be vending again. - A message from DPR
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:28 am »
Welcome back.

Yeah, I wouldn't view it as a vast conspiracy that the threads were deleted. Private forums are supposed to be private. All the outrage is in my opinion not needed. If they want to band together, let them. Perfect opportunity for someone to not agree to the price fixing and make a killing, undercutting their price.

Exactly.  And the OP is complaining saying, "Allow newbie vendors with cheaper prices for their product to get a chance to vend too."

As far as I am aware, there is absolutely nothing stopping new vendors from vending.

What I think is that if someone doesn't like a vendor's prices, there is nothing forcing them to place an order.  And threats in general are stupid.  People realize they're ordering drugs off of an anonymous marketplace to have them delivered to their door, right?  If prices are too high, someone else is free to come along and take advantage of the marketplace by offering the same product for less.  Vendors are free to set their own prices, and buyers are free to place an order with whichever vendor is offering, in their opinion, the best deal .. or has the best reputation .. or lives in a certain country .. or has been here the longest .. or is the best comedian .. or has whatever other qualification. 

Markets operate based on supply and demand, and no one is ever forced to place an order with anyone.

« on: March 21, 2013, 03:48 am »
That's why we always always always say NEVER to make any kind of purchase or deal via PM - ALWAYS ONLY use the escrow system set up for your protection on the main site.

Feel free to read DPR's post on this matter:

Also, the reason the threads were being deleted is because the vendor forum is meant to provide a place where vendors can discuss issues without fear of having them posted all over the main forums.

We've won.

Hmmm... Let's simply quote our fearless leader DPR from that post regarding "cartels":

"There is also nothing morally wrong with them.  If a cartel were to form, I would not attempt to break it up unless its members were breaking other rules. "

Let me repeat that last part: " I would not attempt to break it up..."

I believe the cartels hae won you fucking idiot. You could tell you lost right there when DPR dropped the mike on your stupid head.

Now go fuck off.


^ This.  Also, the reason your threads were being deleted is because what is posted in the vendor section is NOT allowed to be copied and pasted all over the non-vendor forums.  The vendor forum is a place where vendors are supposed to be able to feel at least somewhat safe to discuss things privately as vendors - not where they have to watch what they post for fear that someone will repost it to the rest of the forums.


Please read this post by DPR.

How can I cancel the order?

The option to cancel will appear on your orders page after 4 days if the vendor has not marked it "in-transit"

If he has marked it "In-Transit" then just tell him you refuse to finalize early and ask him to cancel the order.

Or if it is a small amount of money that you are willing to gamble, go ahead and FE, Dont be mad if it never shows tho. Escrow is your only protection from scammers.

^ This.

Rest assured the scammer has been banned.  Unfortunately it seems like a lot of people fell for it.  I'm not sure why though.  Maybe they were newer vendors?

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