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^^ this.

Yep - happening to all of us.  DPR is aware of the issue.

oh okay my bad for wasting forum space ha. good thing i didnt put my password in

You can put your password in... :o  It's not a phishing site mate.

haha oh shit i didnt read the other thread.. what can i say this place can make one paranoid when it comes to shit like security. specially after this past couple days

Totally understandable!

That's correct - it's not a phishing site.  It's totally fine to put your password in as long as you are at the correct SR url!  (silkroadvb5piz3r.onion)  Or you can simply refresh the page until the normal length captcha appears.

Yep - happening to all of us.  DPR is aware of the issue.

i guess karma caught up to you didnt it?


I think he was referring to the fact that the OP's vendor feedback involves several scam claims.

i just imagine you cleaning yr glock in a windowless room smoking mad crack brillo pads everywhere blasting eric clapton right now

and i have this weird feeling that sarah mclachlan's "angel" is next on yr playlist..

let's not forget the skin suit on the mannequin in the corner of the room.

Here is the wiki page about the process:

No, it absolutely does not auto-finalize your order if you take it to resolution and fail to receive a response from the vendor.

Definitely fake feedback, check out what just came in

5 of 5    A+    6 minutes    item
5 of 5    A+    6 minutes    item
5 of 5    a+    6 minutes    item
5 of 5    A+    7 minutes    item


As if a bunch of buyers all got their item and finalized at the same time and left the same feedback.  Scamgiantscamer sucks at spoofing his feedback.  Stay far away from this guy. 

To be fair, these identical feedback ratings are from a single buyer who was finalizing on multiple orders.  (a legitimate buyer - not a shill account)

Security / Re: DPR's PGP Signing Key
« on: May 06, 2013, 03:33 am »
Thanks for posting that, Libertas!

"They" asked Jesus why he keeps deleting his forum account and making a new one?

Yeah, those goddamn Romans.

Yes, this is happening to a lot of us and DPR knows about the issue.  It's something that has resulted from the security measures taken during the attacks.  It should be fixed, but DPR asked that I let him know if it's still occurring in a few days.  For now though, he's aware of it and there's no need to worry, as frustrating as it can be to get randomly logged off!

(and before anyone says it - there's also no need to worry about the fact that you get a 3-character captcha.  it's happened before and is nothing to get freaked out about.  just reload the page and you'll get a normal-length captcha.)

Sorry, I should have prefaced that by mentioning that it was just my opinion that they're either the same person or somehow working together anyway.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Your SilkRoad Adventure
« on: May 06, 2013, 03:07 am »
Really happy to see that you're still with us here.  :)

Silk Road discussion / Re: Auto Log Out...Anyone?
« on: May 06, 2013, 02:59 am »
No need to worry - not sure if any of you remember, but awhile back the same thing was happening.  It didn't mean anything sketchy, it was just a weird glitch that kept logging people out and giving them a 3-character captcha.  Nothing to worry about though - DPR was able to fix it then so I'm sure he'll be able to fix it this time as well.  Still not completely out of the woods yet with the attacks, so this issue may persist for a bit, but if it is still happening in a day or two, I'm supposed to let DPR know.

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