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Their english is horrible, it is obviously not me. I really hope other people can notice that too.

As is the English on the phishing site. The only way you couldn't have noticed that it didn't sound like DPR is because you entered your password and PIN without reading a damn word.

OP thought it was from his "friend" SHA1 ... but SHA1 is just part of the PGP that the scammer copied and pasted around the scam message.

Are there any ideas whether its just money makers that have compromised these accounts, or is it LE??

Did you even read this thread at all?  The account was compromised NOT by LE or any hackers, but because the vendor himself provided his password and PIN to a phishing website.

Off topic / Re: I fought the law and....
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:25 pm »
No problem!  Good luck and hope you get back up and running soon!  :)

Off topic / Re: I fought the law and....
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:06 pm »
As I stated in my PM, you'll need to start a new vendor account.  There's nothing for SR to do -- you just have to create a new account and then pay the vendor bond.

Scout you are right, but the information I can provide to the Staff is fairly substantial--I'm a L1 law student myself. Furthermore, I'm a 10 mo. buyer with 500+ BTC transaction and .01% refund rate. I would hope that I've demonstrated my commitment to SR and the staff recognizes that. The fact that other have fallen victim makes me less optimistic about getting my cash back, but it has further demonstrated this man is scamming.

That might be the case if you were in the resolution center about an order you paid for with BTC using the escrow system, but it won't matter in this case because SR states from the outset (in the wiki) that they can not offer support for orders in which people are buying btc.

Rumor mill / Re: albionessentialols review thread
« on: May 10, 2013, 08:47 pm »
Albion this is Reximus. Hope to get you back soon brotha. Just got funds up. Let me know if you will do orders out of Silkroad. ( Need product comin) Would Just need to verify PGP. to see that its you. I hope this gets situated with you soon. effing hackers... Id keep changing your forum password until this is resolved. This is your only way to stay ahead of them is to keep people informed. Goodluck. -Rex

Assuming he is using a different password on the forums, his forum account should be fine.  The problem with his vendor account on SR is not that it was "hacked" exactly, but that he provided his password and PIN to a phishing site.

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Forgive me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that your PIN was only needed for withdrawls, never logging in. Why would anyone ever give out their PIN?

You are absolutely correct.  No one should be providing their PIN anywhere other than the withdrawal page of SR.  You will NEVER be asked for your PIN!

Silk Road discussion / Re: Confused and Irritated
« on: May 10, 2013, 08:28 pm »
Vendors have 4 days to put your order in transit.  If they haven't put shipped it in that timeframe and changed the status to "in transit" then you'd be able to cancel your order after those 4 days pass.  Since they did mark it in transit (and hopefully did actually ship it), you'll need to wait and see if you receive anything.  If you don't, you can click on "resolve" and take it to the resolution center in hopes of getting some amount refunded.  In the meantime, stay in escrow and you should be fine!

Do I just play the waiting game and enter the resolution center or can I do something else like request from Admin?

No, sorry, you'll need to wait the allotted time before you can take it to resolution.  Good luck and hope you get your money back!  Be sure, also, to let others know about the vendor who is attempting to scam you!

It was because the OP fell for a scam message and provided their password and PIN to a phishing site.

Locking this topic.


I'm not sure what's up ... I passed this info along very urgently directly to inigo 23 hours ago.  Are the accounts at least now frozen so no one can get in and no one can FE for the scammers in control?

LOL.  Pretty pathetic.

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