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Security / Re: Bitcoin Troubles
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:57 pm »
There are already multiple threads on the Mt Gox issues.

Come on, LE reads these forums -- let's not out the vendor in question.  :-\

Rumor mill / Re: Scammed by worthless trash, clearing my name
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:47 pm »
I locked the main thread.

reporting this up to staff so they can keep an eye on the situation.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Thank you to everyone anyway
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:42 pm »
Look, your story was full of holes and made little sense.  If the story is true, then of course we hope your friend will be okay, but you can't come here with a weird story, claim to be a newbie but also know so much about how SR works, make a very rare spelling mistake that was previously made by Chaosforpeace himself, spam a bunch of threads asking for donations, and expect us to believe you.  People come here every day to scam others out of their btc with fake sob stories - people claiming they have cancer when they don't, people claiming their child has some rare disease when they don't, etc.  People have every right to question claims like these especially when they sound so much like a scam and things just don't add up.

Isnt this the forum thread spamming site? Who gives away money for free? unless they bought in real early and have a million to cash out before they go away for good....

How is it they can spam that quickly in the forums when it takes me 2 mins to post a response? Do you not need ADMIN power to post like they do?

SO who would have the ability to spam over 200 messages simultaneously? Who would have enough coin to give them away for bonus money? If the site could be who I think it could be the question becomes... What will happen once they have sold all their coins and have way more cash then hey will ever need.....?

bye bye SR?

Are you implying that the bitcoin spammers are SR admin?  Wow.  That is ridiculous.  The bitcoin spammers from bitswing are the same ones who used to try to scam people by spamming "mtgix" and "btkoin" and "bitcointalks" --- obvious scams.  They also post their spam in other bitcoin-related forums.

They are NOT legitimate - they just steal people's money and never send any bitcoins. 

I want to make sure you understand this very clearly: THE BITCOIN SPAMMER/SCAMMER IS NOT SILK ROAD ADMIN.  SR has 3 admin, not a single one of whom would ever do something like that, not to mention the ridiculous waste of time it is and the fact that it is the SR admin themselves who have helped us implement policies to get rid of the posts those bitcoin spammers make as quickly as possible.

Rumor mill / Re: CaliMeds
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:29 pm »
If he was banned when do we get our escrow funds back?

Once the "resolve" option becomes available (4 days or so) click on that, and then request a 100% refund.

Customer support / Re: Bitcoins not showing on SR
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:28 pm »
Hi!  Okay, first things first ... go to and enter the btc address you had the coins sent to.  Does the transaction show up there?  If you're not comfortable checking this yourself, either Libertas or myself can look into it.  I actually have a worsening migraine at the moment and may sign off here in a minute, so you probably want to ask Libertas. 

He'll see this and you can PM him your btc address (The one you provided to bitinstant) and he can check to see if it's showing on blockchain.  If it is showing, then it's an issue on the SR-end of things.  If it doesn't show up, then it's a problem on Bitinstant's side.

Off topic / Re: Vancouver company intercepts LSD-laced mail
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:22 pm »
Another reason you don't use a fake / invalid address.

This is not permitted on SR.

Okay, I thought I might have jumped the "It's a scam." gun last night so I edited my statement .... but after reading the rest of the posts that have been made since then, I'm even more sure this is a scam and there are too many holes in this strange story.

I mean, like "ALLOT" of holes. 

Anyone who wants to is free to donate.
Thank you scout for taking back everything you said.
My only request is by all my posts in the other threads you added the word scammer. I am not sure how to take that out so if you could help me I would be grateful.

Thanks again for taking back what you said

Let me be clear: I have already expressed that I find this story questionable.

Also, Chaosforpeace doesn't seem to have a vendor account - it goes directly to a page to send a message.  In fact, it looks like they have been banned ... or suspended or something.
He had told me he was going to open up shop online, but thank god he never did. Imagine if they would have caught him with that operation. He would be even more screwed.
Because of that he never had a vendor account. That is why it would be just a buyer account.

I am no expert on the silk road, are you saying that buyers have profiles on the main site. I was lead to believe only vendors or people who had sold on the road had profiles. As I said he never created a vendor account.

No, in your PM to me you mentioned he was a dealer, so I thought you meant he had a vendor account here. 

Also, I'm still really confused about your story.  He gave you his username and password, and you're familiar with SR ... why aren't you posting from your own account?

Anyone who wants to is free to donate.

If no one credible speaks up as knowing personal stuff about Chaos, I'd PM scout. If he believes ya, I'd trust his judgment. LE could well have his accounts now and they may know some personal stuff so this is not an easy situation.

I've been on these forums too long to give any non-biased judgment here .. I don't know much about Chaosforpeace ... but I do know posts like these often turn out to be scams.  Maybe I'm just jaded.

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