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Off topic / Re: The Score On Negging on Silk Road forums
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:19 am »
I just got -10 in 30 minutes. I consider it an honor that I'm important enough for them to target.

Let's me know my contributions are valuable.

Likewise ... haven't even been on at all in the last 24+ hours but have received -20 in that time.  lol.  At this point, it's more of a joke than anything.

Astor, your contributions are invaluable, so maybe the negs are from dyslexic people who are trying to say "THANK YOU!" ...

Yes, this scammer has been banned.  In the future, the quickest way to report scams is to use the "report this vendor" link on the vendor's profile and to then send a PM to either myself or Libertas so that we can look into it.  We are on the forums all day/night but we don't always get to read every single post ... so sending a PM ensures that we can take a look and pass it along to admin.  :)

Keep up the great work reporting these fuckers!

Security / Re: SR is over for me now with 2 CD's
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:06 am »
Perhaps you are right, but what WOULD you call it if you got 2 pkg's requiring a sig that shouldn't be?

Vendor error.

Vendor lying.

These options are far more likely than LE dropping off drugs at your house and not arresting you.

^ this. 

I was just wondering if DPR will actually respond? I feel like the community has spoken... both sides are pretty clear. We've weighed out the pros and cons and while we may not have come to an answer amongst all of us its clear that the general view is this rule needs some revision.

Really the only thing we can do now is wait and see if DPR will comment.

Doesn't sound like it is a priority at this point.

Rumor mill / Re: Scammer Alert: ImportConnection
« on: May 25, 2013, 04:02 am »
Good news - SR staff has banned this scammer!

Rumor mill / Re: Scammer Alert: ImportConnection
« on: May 24, 2013, 05:28 am »
Passed this up to staff a few hours ago - I'm sure they'll look into it as soon as possible!

good point... what's stopping LE from buying reputable vendor accounts?

Nothing, just like there is nothing stopping them from buying a new vendor account either.

scout - Le would rather have an older account because of the already established customer base
and the trust it has built up - makes their work easy peazy!

EDIT: please - common sense! u r better than this!

My point was that if LE wants to use a vendor account to bust people, they will do so whether they purchase it new or used.  I understood the point being made, but thanks for the insult anyway.  :-\

If you're using Tor, then why bother at all with

You have to keep in mind though, FauxyDocs, that buyers don't have access to the Vendor Roundtable so when you say something like how you're going to post their name and address on the blacklist there, they don't realize that the blacklist doesn't actually contain anyone's real name or any shipping addresses.  So of COURSE they're going to be concerned!  I think you are well-aware of this fact and are using it to intimidate buyers who think there's really a place here that allows their name and address to be posted when there absolutely IS NOT.

Rumor mill / Re: Is This The New Supertrips?
« on: May 24, 2013, 04:55 am »
I reported him to staff earlier today, so hopefully they'll look into it soon.

You should NOT be using the proxy.  It exists to allow access to .onion sites without using Tor ... so whoever runs the proxy has access to your IP and activity associated with it here.  You should never use ... you should be using Tor!

So what do I do if I sent a large order in on 5/21 it didn't arrive today and now his page is down and he conivnced me bc I was new to SR and had only 500 transaction spent I had to fe..

Sorry, but if you finalized early, there is nothing SR can do to recover those funds.  Finalizing and releasing the funds to the vendor implies that you have received the package, are happy with it, and are ready to complete the transaction.  Once funds are released to the vendor, there's nothing SR can do.

That's why SR recommends that you NEVER FINALIZE EARLY.  I am sorry you were scammed, but the escrow system is in place for your protection!

good point... what's stopping LE from buying reputable vendor accounts?

Nothing, just like there is nothing stopping them from buying a new vendor account either.

Selling a vendor account initially seems absurd, however, I've reflected on this a little and I can actually understand where DPR might be standing on this issue:

A vendor account doesn't harm others - an asshole scammer running a vendor account does, but a vendor account itself does nothing to deceive or harm others.

Scout is right here, a vendor account on its own doesn't HARM anyone, it's level of harm depends entirely on the person USING the vendor account. In a similar way, the selling of drugs on Silk Road by itself is completely innocent, but put those drugs in the wrong hands and they could be used to commit serious atrocities. If the selling of a vendor account were to be banned simply because of POTENTIAL danger, then the entirety of Silk Road's values would be undermined.

In terms of WHY people would buy and/or sell vendor accounts; what if a vendor decides to end his run on selling and calls it a day? The benefit of selling a vendor account for him would be that he earns a final bit of cash for all the hard work he's put into the community. The buyer, in return, will be able to get hold of an account for less than the bond normally is (say he gets it for 50% cheaper than normal). The benefit for the buyer in this instance is dependent on his financial circumstances. Start-up vendors generally don't have much capital to play with in the first place to set up their shops, I speak from experience! In being able to get a cheaper vendor account, they give themselves more money to play with in order to get more/higher quality products to sell to the community. Admittedly, they won't get their money back like they would in a bond, but that initial extra cash they had could have made them enough profit to cover the original cost of the vendor account in a shorter time period than normal accounts are expected to wait (6 weeks).

I can accept the concerns that people have over the abuse of trusted vendor accounts, but at the end of the day this is just another reason for all users to stay inside the escrow system at all times to avoid being scammed.

Sorry for going on a bit there, I just thought I'd chime in with my thoughts.

Really appreciate this post - great contribution to the topic at hand! 

Your account has not been hacked unless your password and PIN were both incredibly weak.  Otherwise, it's more likely that you visited a phishing site and entered your password and PIN.  SR will never ask for your PIN at login. 

This is the one and only url you should be using:  silkroadvb5piz3r.onion

At this point, you need to create a new account and message SR Support from there with the last btc address you deposited to, the amount, and any other info that can help prove the account in question belongs to you.

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