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Drug safety / Re: Recommend Best Alternatives to Smoking MJ
« on: June 01, 2013, 03:26 am »
i had no clue what dabbig was either until i seen RS and mary speak of it in the spare coin thread  LOL

you gonna try some scout?  i'm thinking of getting this volcano thing  LOL

then getting some oil ? i guess LOL

oh fer fawks sake just bring back 1970 to me  LOL

Peace & Hugs,

ChemCat  O0

i have a volcano, but i actually dislike it because all i taste is plastic and i don't feel any effects.  i do have a high tolerance for drugs though, so it might just be my body's unwillingness to get high.  lol

Drug safety / Re: Recommend Best Alternatives to Smoking MJ
« on: June 01, 2013, 03:09 am »
Very interesting!!  I'm kind of old school but it's taking a toll on my lungs, so all of these alternates are cool sounding!

Off topic / Re: **Off Topic** You Know We Are A Family
« on: June 01, 2013, 02:56 am »
(admire your strength and am quite glad you've stuck around in spite of the horrible loss you suffered.  i'd be willing to bet your wife isn't too far away either.)  :)

Drug safety / Re: Recommend Best Alternatives to Smoking MJ
« on: June 01, 2013, 02:50 am »
Just get the bho and do what we call dabbing in the cannabis community.

stupid question alert:  what is dabbing?

Everyone else?

-your mom

My mom is dead so I'm pretty sure that is someone else's mom that just wrote that.

Customer support / Re: Order Auto-Finalized on accident
« on: June 01, 2013, 02:11 am »
Sorry, but I think they only reverse auto-finalization for extraordinary circumstances, and I don't think this falls under that category ...

Why not name the vendor so others don't make the same mistake of ordering from them?
You Name them .Your good at that.

?  You were the one who made a post here about vendors threatening to expose addresses, how should I know which vendor you're referring to? 

Of course, maybe this issue steals the limelight from another: how easy or difficult it is to fake feedback (another ongoing topic). If it's relatively easy to do, then nobody needs to buy a vendor account; just invent some business first.

That's something I'm not positive about, but I do think it must be easy to fake feedback simply based on how many scammers I've seen with feedback-padding from their own buyer account(s).

I understand what you're saying and do agree on most of these points.  However, based on the philosophy of this marketplace (and of DPR who created it) I think that the ability to sell vendor accounts will remain in effect until/unless something else occurs to change DPR's mind about it.

They won't show up in your Bitcoin Fog wallet until there have been 6 blockchain confirmations.

Newbie discussion / Re: negative Karma
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:12 pm »
scout the only one spouting conspiracy theories is you. You are locking threads on whim, we need to reassess a bit here. But I am done with this subject so could we let it drop? And tell your young doggie to stop following me around the forums, it is plain embarrassing. Cute, but embarrassing.

Can I make just ONE post without you guys following me or do you love me THAT much?

Piece, Love, and Fuck Haters.

Are you serious?  What conspiracy theories have I been spouting?  I've been saying quite plainly that I have no explanation for you on why so many of us are being mass-negged, but that what I *can* tell you for a fact is that it is not me, it is not SSBD, it is not Libertas, it is not DPR, it is not inigo, it is not Symmetry.  That is not a conspiracy theory - that is stating a fact while also admitting that I don't have an answer as to who IS behind the mass-negging.


Take it or leave it, I've tried quite hard to appeal to reason and logic here, but you are having none of it.

There is always going to be scammy behavior on a site like this!  Not everyone wants to do something from scratch!  That's the value of selling an account, the dirty work has been taken care of.  As far as LE is concerned, I think that fear is unjustified.  LE can be on the site in anyway they want.  If they were to buy an account, great, then what?  Are they going to start pushing drugs to round up buyers?

I don't see what's so hard to grasp about this point.

LE starts up new account --> zero history --> cautious (or reckless) few buyers --> bad feedback (or no feedback) and busts. The rest of the community stays away.

LE buys reputable account --> long-time customers and new customers think LE is legit --> LE round up a nice pack of buyers, names and addresses --> let the bust fiesta begin.

The only reason drugs would actually need to change hands is if LE was forced to *build* a history from scratch.

I don't know what to say to "not everyone wants to X". Not everyone wants to part with drugs for cash if they can scam. So we should enable it?

ALL that being said, yeah, the site is built to be anonymous. I'm sure many accounts have already been bought and sold. By all reports, one of my regular vendors is now some kind of syndicate. So it goes. But you have to admit it's a terrible hidden risk. It means there's no such thing as knowing your vendor is even "your" vendor. At that point, what do the stats mean?

Lots of great points here, but to play devil's advocate - does LE even give a shit about busting one or two buyers?  It seems to me there is a much greater "need" to bust vendors, not buyers.  (though i guess they'll take whatever they can get!)

Newbie discussion / Re: negative Karma
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:05 pm »
I need to get back to posting and +1 people in this section to counteract their negs

I'm sure everyone will touch themselves inappropriately for that...

Oh Lim! :D There you are! ;) I wonder where you got to! Must be tough getting friends IRL! Listen Lim, I'm sorry but someone as young as you is not going to be a problem to me. ;) Come back when you re-enrol in uni. Let's see if you can actually not drop out this time shall we?

Piece, Love, and Fuck Haters.

STOP with the personal attacks. 

Newbie discussion / Re: negative Karma
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:58 pm »
The reason I have locked the other threads is because they just devolve into your long-winded conspiracy theories about how SSBD negged PrincessHIGH - which he did NOT do.  You are the one making this personal by accusing the moderators (particularly SSBD) of this childish bullshit and trying to convince everyone else to believe it.  You attack him and then expect no one to come to his defense?  Come now, it is no different than you sticking up for PrincessHIGH when she was negged.  You defended her just like I am defending SSBD.  PrincessHIGH (and others) did not deserve the mass-negging (no one does) - and SSBD does not deserve the attacks you have made on him either.

He does a damn good job here, as does Libertas, and I won't sit idly by while SSBD is accused of things he didn't do.

Not everything that happens here on SR is some grand team-agenda.  :-\

Newbie discussion / Re: negative Karma
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:52 pm »
I'm not sure if I'm on your team yet Scout but I will let you know either way in due course. :P

That's okay, no one has to be on my team in this, but the accusations are beyond ridiculous here.  Still, there's no reasoning with some people who would rather believe their own conspiracy theories, so I think maybe I'm done trying to convince people of things they refuse to hear.


Razorspyne and PrincessHIGH - you are both free to believe whatever you like in this matter, even though we've all already reassured you multiple times that the negs are NOT coming from us.  Not a single one of us would have a problem admitting it if we had indeed negged either of you.  The fact remains that we can't admit that because it wasn't ANY of us.  Unless, of course, you want to accuse the admin of it as well.  Pretty sure they didn't neg you 14 times either.

Feel free to keep arguing about this, but responding to this conspiracy crap is wasting too much time (and is obviously not getting through to you). 

I have also mentioned that we have already brought this up with DPR and the other admin, as the mass-negging is a widespread problem affecting more than just you and PrincessHIGH.

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