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aside from this being both scam and spam, I think its clear the mods can, will, and have deleted anything they want.

Says the guy who just deleted his own entire account.  :\

As PrincessHIGH's question was specifically addressed to the mods, I am still waiting on a reply from them.

Piece, Love, and Fuck Haters.

We didn't learn until recently that we were allowed to delete CP-related posts. 

Off topic / Re: locking spam threads
« on: June 06, 2013, 02:29 am »
Can we please  get these spam to 50 , win a bitcoin ect threads locked .

 I love chatting to some of the nicest most open minded  people I've met  online here and sure as hell don't see any benefit to these shity spam threads - other then to enable lazy people with little personality and nothing to say /advice to give or experiences to share .

It  also enables scam vendors to create multiple shill accounts and spam there way to  a degree of respectability , so they can shill till their hearts content and review there own products .

Please consider locking these useless threads that benefit no one but shills and lazy non contributors mod's .

Sorry, but people are free to spam to 50 to get out of the Newbie forum, and participate in giveaways or whatever other "useless threads" they desire.  The only things not allowed here are scams, bitcoin spam, CP, and posting anything that would endanger someone (ie their personal info).

As this is clearly in breach of each of these thirteen rules, why have you allowed this material to remain up without not only removing it, but even contesting it?

Those "rules" are part of the standard registration text for these types of forums.  You also know very well that we are not permitted to edit or remove posts unless they are scams, spam, endanger someone, or involve CP. 

Anyway youd think the mods wouldnt let her go all slanderous over many many threads on a good vendor, but who really cares I guess, its good entertainment.

Moderators can not delete posts or threads unless they are scams, spam, or endanger someone ... so there's nothing we can do.

Also another wonderful thing!  ;)

 I think people just forget about it.. Out of sight out of mind, ya know? But if they leave it.. Its there at the top of the screen and they can't miss it..

Yeah, you're exactly right.  I've been here for almost exactly a year as "scout" and it seems like a lot of people don't realize they can edit their feedback, don't know how to edit their feedback, or simply forget to edit their feedback for one reason or another. 

People can also edit their feedback:

Account --> Feedback --> View/Edit --> Edit

Vendor Exotica was taken off SR I guess for whatever reason. he has messaged me that he has my order ready but can't send now (even though he marked it in transit). How can I cancel? He offered to send to me another way if I prepay but since I dont know what he was kicked off for, that's an issue. How can I cancel if he doesn't or cannot?

Since it seems he has been banned, I would encourage you NOT to pursue this order outside of SR's escrow system.  Since you are presumably still in escrow, just stay there (do not finalize your order!) and when the "resolve" link becomes available, use it to take your order to the Resolution Center and request a refund.  Since the vendor has been banned for scamming, receiving a refund will NOT negatively affect your buyer stats. 

Technical support / Re: awkward capatcha?
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:42 pm »
It's locked again!  WTF?

Technical support / Re: awkward capatcha?
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:38 pm »
Thread unlocked and moved to Technical support. I presume it was locked by a mod / admin in error?


Wasn't me.

hi i just tried joining silk road and everytime i log out and try and log back in i get forwarded to site is down page, but if i make a new account it lets me in ten if i log out and try and log back in again it tells me site is down again? i dont see any links for SR elp or anyting just a link to tis forum. can someone help or am i supposed to make a new account eac time never closing te tor browser? elp :)

SR is not down, and hasn't been down recently.  You're at a phishing site.  You need to go to the one and only CORRECT url for Silk Road and register a new account:


Newbie discussion / Re: SR QuickBuy ?
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:26 pm »
It's just a vendor who hasn't changed the photo on their listing since that QuickBuy hack.  DO NOT SEND BTC TO THAT ADDRESS! 

Don't let it get to you too much.  It used to upset me personally, but I realized quickly that recently, it's not reflective of anything.  Keep being yourself, and fuck the angry trolls who spend their days sitting here negging people into oblivion.  :)

Rumor mill / Re: Seller "good drugs" unlisted now?
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:18 pm »
yeah i did FE. anything i can do about it? learned my lesson i guess. :(

Sorry, but when you finalize, you're basically saying that you've received the order and are happy with it, and the transaction is over.  You've released funds to the vendor, and at that point, SR can't do anything to help.  You should always stay in escrow until you have received your order and are content with it.

No need to worry - a lot of users are getting mass-negged recently, so it has made the karma system pretty useless. 

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