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Customer Support / Re: Resetting my Market Password
« on: November 20, 2013, 10:07:15 pm »
I'm sorry. I misread. Libertas handles the market place forum resets.

Off Topic / Re: arduino DJ controler project !!!
« on: November 20, 2013, 10:04:42 pm »
Yes they definitely would. You dont have to give anything away. You only ask for supporters in Kickstarter, not Investors.

This is actually the perfect kickstarter project.

Silk Road Discussion / Re: Accessing The Vendor Round Table - Updated
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:55:02 pm »
The complete lack of logic is this:

I plan to scam (which I am not!)
I pay the $200 'bond' and 'prove' myself for 6 weeks/$1500 transactions or whatever the requirements are.
I get my $200 back, everyone  now trusts me a a great vendor & then I scam the hell out of my trusted fools, selling bulk, pleasing gullibles to even FE as they trust me so much. After all I invested in a bond - what could go wrong? No bond will ever stop scammers. In fact as a matter of trust the trust should be working in bond as an apology for such a F**K up by idealist Ross. It's even making me think this site is going down after 6 weeks with all the bond money. Don't flame me for this. If I am not to be trusted, why should I trust a site which lost millions? Oh but this is NOT Silk Road - I forgot that's a lookalikee.
I know folk have short attention spans these days but not THAT short.

You can see this 'bond' is a stupid idea can you not?  Or am I alone on this?

No one ever said Bonds stop 100% of scammers?

Whats your suggestion?
Open up registration for free and allow unscrupulous vendors to make multiple accounts, and making a vending account worthless and easily discarded?

At least with a bond a vendor has to have a little bit of product to send out.

If you don't plan to scam, You should be able to afford a $200 bond. If you cant afford a $200 bond I dont know how your going to afford the product, the packaging, the vac sealer having money held in escrow and other equipment required.

Off Topic / Re: arduino DJ controler project !!!
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:42:00 pm »
Sounds cool. Arduino's are fun!

However, perhaps are more appropriate place for this is

I would never recommend anyone investing in anything via BTC.

Customer Support / Re: Upgraded my os & now i cant login
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:37:51 pm »
Actually now I think about it my Whonix hasn't worked for accessing SR since I updated it either. You might want to consider changing OS for the time being until you can figure it out. Can you set up a debian linux VM to tide you over or something?

In the whonix gate way type this:
sudo apt-get update &&& sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After you upgrade the gateway it should work.

Rumor Mill / Re: where is c63amg
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:13:44 pm »
He is around and verified.

I'm guessing he's holding off until things settle down and features come online..

Silk Road Discussion / Re: Accessing The Vendor Round Table - Updated
« on: November 20, 2013, 06:42:21 am »
apparently my verification wasnt enough, but i have no idea why. would be good to get a reply...

I thought i did reply.

You are verified. see vendor round table sticky for more instructions

@teddanzig - looks like your already verified. see the vendor round table sticky for more instructions

Customer Support / Re: Resetting my Market Password
« on: November 20, 2013, 12:25:32 am »
Synergy normally handles forum resets.
I can do it for you. Did you include a PGP key when you created your forum account?

Security / Re: Bitcoin not arriving in account?
« on: November 19, 2013, 11:53:14 pm »
This is definitely unusual, but please wait 24hours and if they have not shown contact Libertas.

I was a top vendor on the old SR. I was waiting for the right time to come back and I am now very discouraged and looking to setup on another site! It's a shame that they are treating us with such disrespect :(

I'm sorry you feel this way. You forum account you provided me had 1 post that was posted today. This is not enough to verify you.

Security / Re: Bitcoin not arriving in account?
« on: November 19, 2013, 09:28:45 pm »
Have you checked the transaction on How many confirms are there?

You can speed up confirms by paying a little in transaction fees.

Silk Road Discussion / Re: Accessing The Vendor Round Table - Updated
« on: November 19, 2013, 09:18:34 pm »
I have had some personal issues and haven't been able to access SR As much as normal. I will be catching up soon, I am 60 PM's behind, so if anyone has been waiting a while please PM Inigo. If you don't mind waiting another day or two, I will catch up.

I apologize to everyone who has been waiting a day or 2 for a response.

So here we are.....and this is really sad.
I have told Sarge who I was but, like a lot of others, went into panic mode (or OPSEC mode) & banished a lot of hardware/software/evidence.
I was not an active former forum user.
Who I was was a small-time benzo dealer on SR1 for 1 year 2 months who looked after his customers like they were my friends. I ALWAYS tried to rush to the postbox just before collection so they could get their gear next day.
What I was was a vendor never asking for FE - even for new users.
If you read my feedback you would know. Some would not go elsewhere.
I took chances bringing in merch. yep I knew the risks. Who I am now is a nobody (on SR) Just have a buyer account to keep my original name in case sanity takes over.  (except those who now know me on BMR from SR1) & building fast there. They know this due to my style, goods & stealth. I preferred SR but:
1. I cannot afford the bond. $500 WTF? Never will pay it, cannot afford to take the chance.
2. SR2 is NOT SR1. Who is running it. What do we know of it. In short it is a new site. It is NOT SR, sorry!
3. It lacks the functions of SR1. It;s too American-centric. Where are the find by country/domestic...mostly there but not yet.
4. What are the chances of getting the 'bond' back if it goes down again? The same as Ross's old failsafe wallet?
5. I lost over $2400 (mostly in escrow) The original SR was for freedom and had a zero 'bond' - this is an original site too, no?
6. You need to realize you are starting anew. The relying on former reputation/laurels is a joke - and a very unfunny one at that.
7. Buyers are scared of SR2. A lot felt they had a near miss with SR1. Not a good start in the trust factor stakes.
I urge you to think this whole thing over again lest SR2 be a historical memory.
The day will come, and I can see this coming, that BMR has a radical redesign/rethink. No guns/CP etc. On that day, SR2 will die.
SR1 was like my other-half to me. Now she seems like a Stepford wife.

Flame away but flames will be useless on a non-existent site's forum alas. I want it to work. Yes, it may have cost $$$ to setup.
WOW. A business outlay which will soon be recouped - or not if this fork in the road is not reversed.

Bond is $200. I cant just verify everyone who says they were a vendor but cant prove it. I would get flooded by scammers creating multiple accounts.

I'm flooded with PM's again, so it maybe another 24hours before anyone gets verified. I'm trying my best to catch up, but please be patient everybody :)

Silk Road Discussion / Re: So who's running this taco stand?? ;)
« on: November 18, 2013, 06:16:55 am »
murderface2012 I just PM'ed you my full name, social security number, cell number, home number & address.

Please let me know if you require any more  clarification.


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