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^^^^It is euphoric as a good cup of coffee. Yes, that is all.

With respect to how some vendors can be the best amongst all, but the worst with some is all preference, trolling, etc..... You really have to analyze the vendors and reviews when buying this stuff. You also need to get an EZ Test kit to give you a legitimate analysis of purity. There isn't any, "Oh well, I've done coke for so many years and this is it!" crap! You can't do that. Sure, you can judge to a point of whether or not the coke is coke and if it is decent, but not a fucking scientific panel being produced based off you knowledge from years of doing street coke.

Everyone knows that cocaine is the most adulterated drug on the market. It is easy to mask and majority of the people who are doing it are so damn high and mighty that they KNOW.

Get real people. Buy an EZ Test kit.

It is interesting how certain references get banded about on here and after a while they seem to become established and help shape peoples perceptions. For example the term 'street coke' gets used a lot and in the context it gets used it implies that SR coke must be of better quality. Well let be be the first person to burst that bubble it isn't any better or worse it is the fucking same, comes via the same sources and it also gets stepped on just as much. Ask anyone on here who buys coke, I bet you a lot of them will say they can or have gotten the same or better out in the real world. I'm buying on here because the domestic tariff in my country is simply offensive, the highest in the world so even if I'm paying $150 a gram on SR it is still 50% if not more cheaper than sourcing locally (not that I can I hasten to add).

All this talk about 'pure cocaine' is another interesting thing to consider, from what I have read this 'pure cocaine' has a much more subtle effect which I think you yourself SJ alluded to being something along the lines of a gentleman's drug, something to be enjoyed in the privacy and comfort of your home whilst engaging is some polite discourse or whatever. I think I was resold some of your pure cocaine here in AU and it did nothing, it literally had zero effect. Now before you become defensive I am not saying your product is shit because I am not, for all I know the vendor here in AU could have fucked with it or anything before selling it on, who knows! but what I do know is how I like my coke to effect me and I don't think I will be alone here if I say I want it to give me a serious lift of euphoric feeling of confidence and alertness, I do not want it to burn my nose and I would like to get to sleep after a session so I would prefer for it not to be cut to shit with amphetamines (filthy drug). Received my order from Delta yesterday, it certainly ticked all the boxes, CocaCowboy arrived today and the same.

Why pure cocaine would has a lesser physiological effect on the body baffles me, if it's pure then surely it will be stronger?!? seems not from what I have read recently though, I'm sure I am not alone in pondering this paradox too.

Just received my small tester order from CocaCowboy, happy fucking days  ;D

My .25g was in a single rock, haven't bothered to weigh it but it looks bang on, chops down nicely into a fine shimmery powder and is as good as everyone is saying, nice clean high, very smooth going up the nostrils with zero burn, feeling pretty good.

The packaging could be improved for sending to my country, less conspicuous but I see a few others have already sent that feedback directly to CC, everything was very well wrapped and sealed.

Keep it up CocaCowboy!!

I'm thinking about trying some of the coke to be had on SR. so far bcpltd's stuff looks fire, and the price looks about right for some high end gear. I've read good things about JohnDoes product, and for 220 a ball I would probably stear towards him if making a purchase. I shoot the stuff, and idealy I would like to put .1 in the cooker and get an epic bellringer. so who's coke could do this to me?

I'm a stickler for good coke, a connoisseur if you will. I've I.V.d some of the finest crystal blow and the awesomest crack the east coast has to offer, from the slums of miami, up to the cold streets of boston, if it's columbian I've probably shot it up my arm. so I'm not the type to say "well this stuff was probably alright but I couldn't really tell"/ I will rate this coke against many many other kinds I've had throughout the years. so who sohuld I buy from if I'm looking for the absolute best quality? I'm not willing to pay extremely high prices for the gear either, the absolute best coke I've ever had that didn't leave a speck of cut left in the cooker was 100 a gram.

My experience with bcpltd wasn't great, very average quality coke and defiantly not the fish scale advertised, if you do some digging you will see his feedback is very bi-polar, make of that what you will but I wouldn't use again based on what I was sent.

Rumor mill / Re: *** Northern Dancer Review Thread ***
« on: November 01, 2012, 03:10 am »
ND has moved on to bigger and better things... First off, ND was the best H vendor on here along with NoGen... If we are speaking about H then you are totally wrong as she had the most potent stuff..... She did not turn bad at all, she had an issue with a supplier and coke.... If you read all of the forum posts on her H, she had the best on here for a long time.   All of that bullshit regarding her coke was the end of it., but not to worry- her H will continue to be around here.

I'm sure ND's reputation will live on, yes lets all put on the rose tinted specs and remember how good one of the products might have been, from what I'm told and have read on here the C turned pretty bad towards the end and had very bad physiological consequences for one purchaser who consumed this bad batch/cut/mix or whatever... you need to stand behind your product and you would have to be pretty thick skinned to stand behind that.

Rumor mill / Re: Delta11 - Products/Tips/Reviews/Updates
« on: November 01, 2012, 02:55 am »
Sorry mate, didn't want to rub too much salt in the wounds  8)

So no reup anytime soon then.... that's a real fucking shame, hoping they sort out their supply issues fast, they can't sell me that then say there is no more!!! haha fuck listen to me, I sound like one of those crybaby noobs I keep complaining about so much, time for an upper cut me thinks!

Rumor mill / Re: mrouid COCAINE SPECIFIC REVIEWS
« on: November 01, 2012, 02:48 am »
Hey there Same, here's my honest review:

Ordered 1.75G of the high quality stuff for $250 a couple weeks ago. Packaging was super tight and stealth, probably the best I've seen on here yet and it came within 2 days. Product was 1.8G which is always nice. As for quality... I would say I have an average/medium knowledge of C, so I'm certainly no expert... But personally I felt for "high quality" it was super speedy and stepped on. I know this is potentially fugging with someones rep and business, but I already went to the vendor first with my review and he thanked me for my honesty. I asked if perhaps he sent me the medium quality by accident but I didn't get a response for that. Anyways, I did a bleach test with about a pea sized clump and about 80-90% stayed on the surface and turned red/orange (which is how amphetamines react with bleach apparently), and the rest did swirl to the bottom as caines should. As for the personal testing, like I said I am no expert... Started with about .3G over an hour or two while the other 1.5G was in a recrystallization process. Basically had no euphoria, no positive "up" feelings, just grindy teeth, anxiety, and an extremely compulsive urge to do more immediately. Who knows, I could be an idiot and a fiend and it was the most bomb yayo ever, but I've had stuff that's about 50% (it would be a miracle if you found that quality on the street) and it was an entirely other ball game. A happy and fun ballgame. As for the other 1.5G that I recrystallized, I am embarrassed to admit this... but somehow I let the MeOH boil on the pan while I was doing a line and getting berated over text by my GF. When it boiled, it burned and turned to brown goo which basically never recrystallized... So I lost like $200 and currently hate self for it, and I can't give a full review because I didn't even get to share any with friends. All up, I can get 24hr delivery from my regular guy IRL for 1/2 the price and it's the same or better. Personally, I was looking for higher quality for double the price of street. But hey, this buying illicit narcotics off the internet WTF do I expect?;) Hope this helps someone... Mrouid, no hard feelings dude just being honest.

Thanks for the detailed reply, that pretty much describes my experience too, def cut with something speedy and quite an odd smell to it. Look its def not the worst gear in the world, me and a mate sat up having in depth meaningful conversation for hours, we were def buzzing but we both thought is was fairly average in quality and not HQ as described. Mrouid if you are reading this I'm sorry, I know I didn't bring this up with you privately, as I said it's ok, just imo not as described.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, I should neg karma you dude for what you did to that gear!! I would have cried, anyway at least you have reliable street coke in IRL, I remember those days all too well.... 8)

« on: November 01, 2012, 02:24 am »
i tried to make it all the way through this thread, but just couldn't stand the stench of tony76 any longer.

I was feeling your pain back at post #64 mate.

post #64 is me mate and Mntljohn your e-stating again

Was it, ooops sorry mate, thought that was my carefully considered contribution to the discussion, anyway I have nothing more to add  8)

« on: October 31, 2012, 10:41 am »
i tried to make it all the way through this thread, but just couldn't stand the stench of tony76 any longer.

I was feeling your pain back at post #64 mate.

Rumor mill / Re: halfbaked's ultimate MDMA pill - aussies
« on: October 31, 2012, 10:30 am »
^^^^ what he said, there are a number of domestic vendors selling decent qulity MDMA, pills are just mdma plus filler/binding agents, basically crap.

Rumor mill / Re: Sesampino
« on: October 31, 2012, 10:24 am »
Anyone received from Sesampino these days?? Still waitin for 2.5 C! Had to FE due to his volume policy, with a msg "hope i can trust you" to which he replied with a " :) " - its funny, innit?
fuck - was already scammed by Supertrips this month. think its impossible to make a good C -deal on the road, coz there's too much money in it + most reviews done by people who don't know what they are talkin about.  >:(

Ses was going though a bumpy stage recently and as my post one up said I am surprised anyone has bought from them recently, let alone FE'd. It took me several weeks of researching on here to get the lay of the land, which vendors has consistently decent gear, which ones have good stealth etc etc. All the info is out there you just need to invest the time to sort through the shit from the facts. I've had only one issue with a domestic order that was shit, apart from that it's all been good, long may it continue.

Shipping / Re: Package Inspection Question
« on: October 31, 2012, 10:15 am »
If its clearly used for drug taking and the country you are in opens everything then they could seize it, where the fuck are you? half the country must be employed by customs to manage that type of operation! either that or you live somewhere with a population of 50.

My tester order should arrive by the end of the week, will post a review then but by the sounds of it I will be very happy.

Finally received my order today from delta after 21 days in transit, initial reports are very nice, shiny flakes, small rocks, easy to chop down to a fine powder, lovely coke smell and very easy on the nose. Licking the card has numbed my tongue and lips slightly, have railed two small lines, probably about .1 of a g and am feeling very good indeed. Effects creeps up slowly after about 5 mins, nice euphoria high, all in all excellent yayo.

Delta has the goods  ;D

Rumor mill / Re: Delta11 - Products/Tips/Reviews/Updates
« on: October 31, 2012, 08:51 am »
I would have thought though given his listings come and go pretty quickly it shouldn't be too hard to keep on top of things, a two week turnaround on a PM is very slow.

Anyway today is a happy day, my order finally made it after 21 days in transit, initial reports are very nice, shiny flakes, small rocks, easy to chop down to a fine powder, lovely coke smell and very easy on the nose. Licking the card has numbed my tongue and lips slightly, have railed two small lines, probably about .1 of a g and am feeling very good indeed. Effects creeps up slowly after about 5 mins, nice euphoria high, all in all excellent yayo.

Delta has the goods  ;D

Shipping / Re: "Flagged" in AUS.
« on: October 31, 2012, 08:44 am »
It definitely doesn't happen after one or two no shows though, still risky to keep using though as they would be logging seizures somewhere building up evidence if they ever did want to make something of it.

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