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It's not LE logging onto Dopeboyaus's account it's Dopeboyaus.

The kid is a retard, pay no attention to his page. Your details are all safe trust me I know but the kid was a loose gun just waiting to explode. If he were to write a book on his exploits it would be titled "How to get caught selling drugs".

I don't think he'll be selling on the Silkroad again although he may be egotistical and naive enough to think that this time around he'll be "invincible" but I'd like to think having had 20 AFP, customs and state police knock on your door at 7am to be a deterrant enough while coming down from a coke and mdma bender.

Remember kids, don't import large amounts and buy domestically! And if a reputable vendor's package for a large amount of gear goes missing in transit chances are they did send it and customs picked it up. Don't think they ripped you off and continue to order all your drugs to the same box as if nothing had happened and no one was watching ;)

Haha ok cuntstable, we will make sure we take your advice very seriously ppppffffffftttttttttt AFP IS INVINCIBLE!!! BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID

Rumor mill / Re: ***MTLjohn is a rat?!?!? HELL NO!!!!!!!!
« on: November 09, 2012, 12:31 pm »
Bro I got more orders in the last week and a half then the first month and a half I have been here... My clients come to me in private and tell me how proud they are of me for being the man I am...

Seeing that you have an answer for everything... can you please point me in the direction to block you from my posts... I believe this is possible... if so please explain!



Thought you weren't going to reply to this thread? couldn't resist clearly, narcissism is a hard trait to shake.


I'm an idiot

Ive had this before.

It is caught in customs.

So its been seized? i have heard of people having it in there for a month but with the shit people talk these days i dunno what to believe?

That would seem the most likely scenario yes, there may be the very occasional incidence of a package getting delayed for extended periods but as a general rule that doesn't happen so given yours entered customs on the 29/10 I would say customs got it unfortunately, hope it wasn't a big order!

Well im waiting for cocacowboy to message me and tell me if he is refunding me 100% fine.
But if he is willing to finish the transaction then let me know as well.
Its up to cc to let me know?
Either way he has to initiate and give me the refund or ship the package if he decides to.
I fe early, what can i do then (same)?
Since you seem to know so much about how all this works?
Either way cocacowboy contact me and let me know im tired of people commenting
And not knowing the situation. So this is for cocacowboy and anyone who can point in me in the right direction.

Look it is as simple as this... by your own admission you acted impatiently and in the absence of a clear context you started to speculate on the situation questing if CC was scamming which from what I've read they are clearly not. Take your dispute off this thread and deal with it calmly and you will see things will get resolved, having a running commentary on here with virgil77 just shows you in a bad light. Like I said I have no opinion on your actual situation, my issue is with how you have gone about trying to resolve it. What motivation does a vendor have to do repeat business with you after what you have posted on here? if you have a dispute and are getting no where then state your claim clearly and concisely, do not start rumors by speculating on things you have no evidence of, that is just poor form. This is all the airtime I am going to give this now, I am sure CocaCowboy would prefer it to end too.

CC please hurry up and refund so this issue can go away.

Cocacowboy he knows we had a misunderstanding this is the second time i
Order so he knows im serious about purchasing.
I cant go to resolution because i fe early like he requested.
I understand and its not kool if people keep your money in escrow for 17 days even though they receive the product. So cc just message and let me know what you would like to do since its out of my hands.
I am in no way bashing his thread just was trying to communicate. But cc was overwhelmed with orders.
I was some what impatient since i didnt hear from him for a while thats all.

So no need to get get on me and say things that are not true.
I paid with priority and fe early out of trust and faith in cc as a vendor period.
I will wait for cocacowboy to contact me and let me know what to do next?

Thanks in advance,

After yours and vergil77 diatribe I think what CC wants is for you to take your custom elsewhere and stop posting on this thread, hence the 100% refund offer. I'm not commenting on your situation, I don't have an opinion, I am however over reading your posts. Some advice, irrespective of your situation you went about this poorly, if I were a vendor I would not do business with you after this episode.

Rumor mill / Re: Where the hell did mrouid go?!!!!!
« on: November 08, 2012, 01:44 pm »
Mrouid vending for a year, (99) rating, everyone happy??? account suspended....

Other vendors, openly scamming super trips... drnarco.... let to keep selling and scamming unhindered....

MTLJohn narcissistic annoying cunt... RATS out Mrouid, thinks he is DPR best mate, bumps his own thread (even though he won't be responding to posts)...

SR WOW what an adventure  ;D

Nothing is as it a seems, the truth could really be stranger than fiction...

Ok as a general rule I agree 100% with the OP.

However.... I do occasionally FE, for a few vendors who I have an agreement with, without which I won't get my product. I understand the risk, I trust the vendor, my product arrives.... make of it what you will...

Listen AUSID, the AU community is pretty tight, we talk ok, but not openly so if you want to establish yourself as a reputable vendor do yourself a favor and sort out a deal, if that works out expect A LOT more business, if you don't need SR then just leave it alone and move on. Spicy is just calling it as he sees it, we are all watching closely, it's up to you really.

Product offers / Re: cocaine $60 8 balls
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:42 am »
I was paying $5 a gram in Bolivia 6 years ago so yes your prices are correct for domestic in Costa Rica if you are selling to tourists, not sure about if selling to locals though??  if the brick is still is 70% pure by the time it leaves SA you must know a farmer and/or be in a cartel, 90% pure is quite a claim!!

PM sent

Silk Road discussion / Re: Warning to all Australian silk road users
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:31 am »
Meth up the rusty sheriffs badge will get you busted everytime in Esperance, they do anal searches as standard for all arrivals in the area, BEWARE!!! stay of SR!!! you will get CAUGHT!!! Ooooooh fuck I am sooooooooo scared, I want my mummy  :-\

Rumor mill / Re: ***MTLjohn is a rat?!?!? HELL NO!!!!!!!!
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:03 am »
Why you would feel the need to interfere in another vendors business then create a thread justifying your actions says a lot about who you are as a person (IMO), I have read your posts on other threads and you are as they say in Canada a total douche bag, totally narcissistic and highly annoying. Mrouid had been a vendor for a year, had a (99) rating and was for intents and purposes keeping his customers happy, it is a buyers market no? if you don't like a price, product then go elsewhere with your coins. Well thank fuck we have people like you ready to go running to DPR (your new best bud) and keep us all safe. FFS we are buying illegal drugs off the internet here, this is not Costco, some shonky funny business will go down but as a competitor you took it upon yourself to RAT.

a RAT is a RAT, end off...

Oh and keep bumping this thread, I bet you love seeing your name each time.

Rumor mill / Re: And the winner of the best Aussie MDMA is.....
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:38 am »
I've done research just not extensive, mainly cause I'm too blazed.  But yeah I use PGP and that, I'm just gonna go with a trusted Aussie seller like 1stopoz or matrix.

Not the most convincing argument for being slack mate, too blazed to keep yourself safe? really? for what it's worth Matrix and Neon Lights have quality product, as railincaps said there are a number of AU vendors with quality gear, matrix lists the o/s vendor they are reselling, most recently symbiosis from the UK which is up there with some of the better quality mandy however batches change frequently so it is worth investing the time to do proper research.

Shipping / Re: Shipping 437mL Presctiption Fluid Aus to America?
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:21 am »
Given most drugs can be diluted into liquids then reconstituted via some process or other your success or otherwise will probably entirely depend on whether customs inspect and test it. Have no direct experience of importing/exporting liquids, I am presuming given they are impossible (or at the very least much harder) to conceal it will literally be the luck of the draw as to how nosy Mr customs person is. Packaging it as a health supplement or medicine is unlikely to deter/fool customs, if they have made the decision to open your package they will most likely go that little step further and test, for entry into AU anyway.

Shipping / Re: Is it safer to ship pills?
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:10 am »
Powder over pills for o/s orders as pills are more easily detected via scanners etc, powder may be more easily detected by canine detection due to quantity of the active ingredient (e.g. MDMA) i.e. if you are ordering a gram which would essentially constitute approximately 10 pills worth, however this can be overcome with multiple vac sealing (minimum twice) and careful preparation (clean environment, wiping the vac seal with alcohol between seals etc. If you are ordering domestically it shouldn't make any difference provided the packaging is done correctly i.e. the pills cannot be easily felt through the package.

Hope that helps, very nice to read a noob doing their homework before jumping in, +1 for you  :D

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