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Took some of neon's mollie for a test drive last night with a few friends and everyone was VERY happy!!

Feeling a bit dusty today but nothing a few lunchtime beers and some yum cha won't fix, if you're looking for a domestic vendor I'd highly recommend neon lights, both transactions have been flawless.

Interesting to see the coke listings go up neon... I'll pm you  8)

Rumor mill / Re: Official discussion thread of current LSD vendors
« on: December 08, 2012, 11:20 pm »
I would normally flame someone for being lazy and asking this but I'm gonna risk it, can someone point me in the right direction of a reputable vendor for good quality LSD atm?

if you haven't ordered yet, i highly recommend JOR (JesusOfRave). He is an amazing vendor with IMHO the best communication i have seen on the road, both on the forums and SR itself. his stuff is very clean, and he is very helpful. while i personally haven't tried vitacat's stuff, everyone that has tried it has said it is amazing, although it is a bit more expensive. Jerseycow is also selling some good quality stuff in the hoffman prints. but, like DB said, although i personally haven't had any, 3jane's stuff is some of the most respected on the road. if you are wondering about any other venders, check out the LSD avengers thread ( http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=45270.0 ) it has a list of the LSD vendors on the road, with a listing about how good the vendors are. this listing takes into account the vendors quality and dosage amounts, as well as how honest they are about it. a lot of the LSD has also been lab tested for dosage, which is a factor in their rankings. while i am not a member of the avengers, i strongly support what they do, and they have really cleaned up the LSD market on the road, helping everyone to buy real, beautiful, clean LSD. i hope you chose wisely and have a great journey :)

Thank you so much! have lots of options now, really appreciate the advise  :)

We need a new comedy section on the forums for all mtljohns threads.


I couldn't even read the whole thread...I'm just posting here so I can reference the link to an article discussing a 14 year old kid getting arrested in Montreal for selling weed on the internet.  I don't wish anyone to get busted but the hilarity of every thread I see related to this jackassery is a real hoot.  Types like mtlsavile and his acquaintances have short lived runs in this type of business, going to be a great read.

Information farmer with people that still trust him, sad.


mtsavile . looool

Point to the teddy where mtlsaville touched you

Thats funny same same

still dancing around the original post i see.....



I'm guessing he doesn't give a fuck or feel the need to defend himself on the forums because you're irrelevant.



Thats funny same same

Funny thing is EVERYONE is laughing at this clown and he still keeps going, he is persistent I'll give him that. When SR was down he came in for such a hammering it was not funny, several shill accounts sending him up relentlessly whilst he was crying to the mods to have the shills banned etc, he is the laughing stock of SR and the only one who doesn't know it is him.

Rumor mill / Re: MTLJHN - scammer + least popular vendor on SR
« on: December 08, 2012, 05:01 am »
GOD DAM john I love your Karma score -90

and thats funny because this is a different username you LOSER

That's nothing, his last account reached -200+ karma before he deleted his account! or he was banned. couldn't give a fuck really but his rants are quite amusing if not irrelevant.

Mtljohn got scammed (allegedly) = awesomeness

BigBill I'm gonna +1 your karma right now, doubt you even did scam mtljohn but it's quite amusing seeing him loose his shit, especially after he scammed others.

... and cue another abusive diatribe from mtljohn with lots of CAPITAL LETTERS and cuss words!!


Who has the best domestic mdma right now? need a few grams for quick turnaround and happy to pay the domestic tariff, have heard good things about neon lights but they haven't replied to my messages today and ETM is out.

cheers ssbd

Sadly probably didn't see this in time, but you definitely wouldn't be disappointed with our product  8)

We have been back for a week or so, Oxy and Morphine sold out within 72 hours. Shit loads of MDMA but. And 10MG Oxy, 20MG Oxy, 100MG Morphines will be restocked today or tomorrow. For people interested.

Might need to order a few g's more mate so might give you a go!

Anyone else try sydenysfinest mollie recently??

So the answer to the Op's question is NO ONE has ever been arrested from anything to do with Silk Road. Another poster said he read somewhere that someone had knock on the door...Total bullshit. It has never happened.

Not correct. I sat in on a court hearing for a man who'd been sprung ordering from SR recently and someone was jailed in NZ last week.

Im assuming you referring to guy in melb - which has been documented - was some amateur charged with multiple counts of whatever the charge is, address got flagged but continues to use it, the fool deserved to get pinched.
The NZ one was similar but even more foolish - used the same address for months til it got flagged, so what do they do? They order another 10-12 international packages to the same damn address in short space of time, cops got all the packages after address was flagged, so basically handed to them on a platter.
In both cases the arrests were not the results of fine police work, just dumb individuals.
Common sense is all you really need, and if you loose any sr international package, whether you get a customs letter or not - assume the address is flagged and find another - and as always, if LE ever do ask questions, deny everything no matter what they say.       

^^^^ This!!

Plus those stupid kids in Esperance who got snitched on by their parents which resulted in the local police screening the small number of international mail items that came through the local post office each day.

Shipping / Re: Package opened but contents are inside
« on: December 07, 2012, 11:18 pm »
WOW so now from not worrying, I'm terrified that if I order again they'll build a case against me!
then how do so many transactions go on just fine?
what to do? different address? it's damn hard to find one.

NEVER use an address after a no show, considered it burned and find a new drop. Don't make it easy for LE, lazy people who keep ordering to an address then get busted only have themselves to blame.

Rumor mill / Re: Official discussion thread of current LSD vendors
« on: December 07, 2012, 11:00 pm »
I would normally flame someone for being lazy and asking this but I'm gonna risk it, can someone point me in the right direction of a reputable vendor for good quality LSD atm?


3JANE has listings going up on the 9th i believe, go with her imo

Wonderful thank you.

Just had to say the response from the community on this thread has been very accommodating and helpful. If I had posted a similar request in the coke thread I would have been shot down in flames, probably by people like me!! haha

I love SR  8)

I'm having some issues with DonnyBerger, he has stopped reading my email even though he has logged in,

I was exchanging messages a week ago sizing up a possible order then his rating plummeted so I never went ahead, he then said he would be offering samples which I stuck my hand out for to help with the reassurance factor but then eventuated. His review thread is now attracting more concerned posts, I'm assuming you are in escrow?? you bloody well should be.

Rumor mill / Re: ****BIGBILL6778 YOU ARE A FUCKING RAT COWARD****
« on: December 07, 2012, 10:38 pm »
i didnt spend 2k with you, ive spent nothing with you?

sorry dude.. i had you confused with someone

Probably one of your other imaginary customers?

Rumor mill / Re: Official discussion thread of current LSD vendors
« on: December 07, 2012, 09:22 am »
I would normally flame someone for being lazy and asking this but I'm gonna risk it, can someone point me in the right direction of a reputable vendor for good quality LSD atm?


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