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You seem easily upset mate, if you're considering becoming a vendor you might want to get a handle on that.

Your o/p smacked of LE hence my comment, have another read and think about it... 3rd post asking for ounces of mollie or 'equivalent'?? I'm sure I wasn't alone in making that assumption.

You'll have a hard time finding domestic vendors selling those qualities at prices worth your while for reselling, most domestic vendors are buying from o/s and massively reduced prices then making a nice profit reselling in AU.

As someone else suggested ask about via PM and you might get a better grasp on how things work on here, newbie posts asking for large amounts just looks suss.

I smell bacon.


I've given you every chance to talk, you will not.

I sent you £160 in btc for 2 g of your washed uncut coke. I received 1.7g of gear that was so heavily cut it was unbelievable! The cut was so fine a powder in almost stuck to the mirror!

I snorted a fair line and there was no effect whatsoever, so I had another very big one, if this was what you said it was I would have been rocked, nothing at all!

Then I noticed the cut had solidified inside my nose! I had to pick that shit out of my nostril, not pleasant.

I contacted him and there was no attempt to explain why he had sent me a bag of talc, he said he would send me some of his new batch but then he stopped reading my messages.

Really gutted because up to now I've had nothing but good experiences on sr, really has put me off to be honest.

My advice is do not deal with DonnyBerger

Seems Donny's disappearance has coincided with his Christmas three for the price of two sale, wondering how many others were sucked into that 'two good to be true' offer. Someone else posted they are chasing him for a BTC transfer today too, either way it's not looking good for donny or his customers.

Who bought all the god damn party flocks!! damn it, was going to grab a few more but wasn't meant to be it seems  :(

Rumor mill / Re: DonnyBerger - Scammer? Anyone spoke to him recently?
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:29 am »
Sc0t1and_Y4rdi3,  I've not accused anyone of being a scammer. I explained my circumstances and asked questions.
 I'm still hopeful Donny will give me my BTC as agreed, in which case I'll respond on this thread explaining he's done so.

Maybe that's my double digit I.Q. though ;)

Don't bite mate, seriously look at the neg karma rating of that dick, all he ever does is flame and complain.

First rule do not feed the trolls  ;)

Like our profile says we only sell high purity fishscale so yes same great priced stuff.
Excellent, so its settled then..On Tuesday I will purchase 1 gram from SkippyJiff and 1 gram from you. Then a couple days after I have tested both batches I will report back with an honest review. I will do two seperate reviews, one for you and one for Skippy. Of course I will compare the two batches, and for one thing skippys coke is about $40 more than yours so if yours comes out on top I would think it would be great for business, and also vise versa. But regardless of vendor, if its good quailty coke than I shall let it be known on the forums. I keep it very real and honest. Can't wait to do business with you...

Ok thanks but i am expecting skippys stuff to be better as his is acetone washed tripled but for the price of mine you cant beat the price im looking forward to your reviews thanks.

I think he said a few posts back he wasn't going to wash this batch because he was so happy with it it wasn't worth it. Be interested to read the reviews of both...

Shipping / Re: Has Anyone Ship to Malaysia before?
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:28 am »
Importing weed of all drugs into a country with some of the strictest drugs laws on the planet just seems like a really bad fucking idea if you ask me, seriously you can source weed locally can you not? there must be some growers who sell half decent stuff. There is a thread on here re some guys who got hold of a drug detection dog and they ran all sorts of tests with different packaging techniques and one of the posts above is right, permeation will eventually happen no matter how many vac seal layers you use.

If you do decide to give this a go you will want to make sure you have a totally safe drop address arrangement with no links to you or people who know you because if it goes bad I would not want to be on the receiving end of the Malaysian justice system.

I'm having some issues with DonnyBerger, he has stopped reading my email even though he has logged in,

I was exchanging messages a week ago sizing up a possible order then his rating plummeted so I never went ahead, he then said he would be offering samples which I stuck my hand out for to help with the reassurance factor but then eventuated. His review thread is now attracting more concerned posts, I'm assuming you are in escrow?? you bloody well should be.

I made an order (foolishly) out of escrow, when sr was down, what i was sent was shocking!, DonnyBerger is still not even opening my messages even though he says on his page he'd rather come to an agreement than have negative feedback! I've tried messaging again, just hope he responds otherwise I will feel obliged to tell people what happened

You are out of escrow and he's ignoring you, I'd just open it up to the forums mate, seems unlikely you'll be getting a resolution anytime soon. If you just report your experience and keep the emotion of out it it may motivate his to start communicating with you.


if you sent the fucking packages they would have arrived... it is that simple!!!

Does anyone else see the irony in this statement?

I'm sure fred does.

Off topic / Re: Chit Chat and Other Crap
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:19 am »
< Hero


Shipping / Re: Frequently Asked Questions / F*cking Asinine Questions
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:16 am »
Great effort!! +1 for you  :)

shame the noobs won't read it though and will just keep on asking their stupid fucking questions and creating threads for issues that have been discussed to death a thousand times already.

sorry if that sounds rather negative but my optimism has been dampened after 2+ months on the road, I even created a thread similar to yours when I first came on here and found my feet. Now I just alternate between noob bashing and/or helping if I'm in a good mood, it does get rather tiresome though.


Shipping / Re: Xmas Shipping
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:10 am »
Safety in numbers!!  ;)

Rumor mill / Re: ****BIGBILL6778 YOU ARE A FUCKING RAT COWARD****
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:36 am »
Nobody cares don't you get it you fucking moron!!!!!

Take your banal crap off the forums.


Hey OP, is there anything I can do so you stop posting on the forums?

You're not really expecting to get a sensible response from this clown are you?

His neg karma is off the chart, people are opening shill accounts ripping the piss out of him, he's a laughing stock on here and the vendor forums, everyone who responds to his posts and threads abuses the fuck out of him but he relentlessly keeps coming back for more almost enjoying the fact his name gets bumped!! you can't reason with someone like that.

Shipping / Re: Sniffer dogs at festivals
« on: December 08, 2012, 11:36 pm »
The festivals I go to they ask to see your drugs. I've shown them a QP of weed, about a half ounce of mdma, 50+ tabs and vials of this and that for a group of 6 people and that was totally acceptable. They're more concerned with people bringing in 500 dirty e pills.

Are you serious? What amazing part of the world is this? I think I will move there immediately.
Is this cops you're talking about? If a cop spotted a pill here, you'd be immediately arrested. 5 pills can get you done for dealing which is absolutely fucked.
In Australia, everyone still uses drugs, they just put them down their pants or bra, because they can't do anything to find that. Or some people see sniffer dogs, panic and consume 12 hours worth of drugs in one go. Seen it countless times. And an hour later they are in the medical tent. They are also allowed to strip search is they have "reasonable suspicion" that someone has drugs in their pants or concealed inside of them. IMO that's a massive breach of privacy and rights. I haven't heard of that happening to anyone at a festival though.

I think they should just let people take what they want in in the name of harm reduction.

As much as I love Australia it's attitude and approach to drugs is utter bullshit, police attitudes are equally as fucked and their heavy handed approach to policing of festivals is enough to put you off going.

Not sure if that's going to change anytime soon either especially with a general election not far off, the libs love to tub thump their tough on crime bullshit, yawn.

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