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I hope bclptd keeps his .1 listings up. I think we can do some serious business.

This sounds really funny: serious business with 0.1 listing  ;D ;) ;D

I got some coke from bcpltd a few months back..  Probably early to mid September, and it wasn't bad for the price.  I have a couple hundred milligrams coming my way probably sometime early this week.

I understand that it was FE and all that, but I had a few extra coins left over..  Said "fuck it", and got some.  I'm not worried in the slightest that it won't show up.
what's his shipping time and stealth like?

Shipping: I'm in the US and I went with his free shipping. The two times I ordered from him he shipped it Friday and it came Monday. I just placed a 1 G order with him and he said it will ship Monday, (ordered Friday night) so he doesn't ship on weekends.

Stealth: It was placed in a small baggie (both those orders were .5 grams)  and came vacuum sealed once in a regular letter envelope.

The stealth is actually pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was you could see a small imprint of the baggie on both sides of the envelope, but it wasn't extremely noticeable. Also, he claims it's washed fish-scale. It's not shiny or flaky. Mostly powder and definitely cut. But, it is still good stuff for the price and I like his listing more since you get to choose how much you want to spend.

Overall: I'd say bcpltd is a 5/5.

Only used BCPLTD once, what  I was sent bore no relation to what was listed and definitely NOT fishscale and was VERY average hence not been back since. I think their batches vary in quality considerably from week to week and their rating fluctuates between low to mid 90's most of the time. When you think about it that's not a bad strategy, shit one week then good the next will keep a constant flow of buyers chasing the good stuff, you can see evidence of this in the bi polar feedback on the vendor page.Personally I would not bother with this vendor when there is much better and consistently quality out there.

I see members asking for Vendor input in this thread,  and I just want to say that as a vendor I really do not have anything productive to add and that is why I am not commenting.  That does not mean that I have not been following this thread very closely,  and I would hope that other vendors are doing the same. 

I have taken the wisdom in this thread under very serious consideration,  and am now reviewing all of my packaging techniques with this information in mind so that I can better serve this community.  In my humble opinion,  safety (for everyone involved) is single most important thing,  and cost should not be a factor if it jeopardizing anyone's safety (buyer or vendor).  I believe that no matter how good my packaging is there will always be room for improvement,  so I will always be looking to improve.

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments, as a vendor maybe you could share this info in the vendor forum to help widen the discussion??

One of the main issues at hand here is permeation and instigation of better practices that overcome this problem. If we can dispel the myth regarding vac sealing being the cutting edge of stealth and encourage vendors to adopt better and safer packaging techniques everyone will benefit.

+1 for you.

What information have you been unable to find in the already established aussie threads? Have you actually taken the time to do some research? all the info you need is out there, go and look.


5-10 bucks might be the cost to the vendor for improved shipping (including time remember), I'm just going to put it out there that I'd easily pay 5x that on $200-$300 orders any day if it meant the success rate went back up into the 90s. I do believe that a properly sealed product that is undetectable as anything other than a commonly shipped legal product from outside the package by sight/small/touch plus a nondescript outer appearance, with a few extra misdirection tricks I've seen good vendors use will almost never be seized.

Additional sealing to 100% ensure the package is not going to be found by smell, plus regularly changing and innovative outer packaging that's not going to raise any flags and I'd happily fork out an extra $50 an order - that's a pretty decent return for vendors.

I would really like to hear some vendors come onto this thread and comment. As an additional optional service I am pretty certain buyers from certain countries would be more than happy to pay that bit extra for that level of service.


Shipping / Re: Packaging methods tested with actual trained dog
« on: January 06, 2013, 04:50 am »

TheYowie and Sixes are doing great work here in bringing this to the forums in a considered and factual manner. I have been bumping several threads on this topic for weeks now and it seems like we are finally building some momentum so lets keep the pressure up and not get discouraged.

Personally I would definitely pay a premium for a stealth shipping option that was actually stealth and not just vac sealed and thrown into an envelope.

We need to keep this thread bumped daily and keep contacting the mods and admins to get this recognized as a real issue that needs sorting out for the good of everyone.

I work with one particular vendor who has been somewhat open to accommodating my requests but I doubt they would go for some of the measures we are asking for here. Simple reason they can sell their inventory domestically and only sell o/s to me and a few others because we asked so nicely, I even FE for this vendor but they are one of the very few who actually sell high quality product of my drug of choice, its the risk I take to get decent gear.

We need to plan a strategy on how to progress this... I will throw my hat into the ring to help in anyway considered useful.

We have started the ball rolling...

I think the post a few back hits the nail on the head, so long as most get through with mediocre packaging where is the incentive? most people on here think vac seal is stealth and will rate a successful arrival as 5/5 simply because their order made it.

So how do we as a community support our vendors to up their game and introduce better practices as described in this thread?

I have bumped this thread several times but there has been very little comment from vendors. I personally would be happy to pay an extra premium for this level of service as I am sure many others would too as it would drastically reduce the chances of an intercept. Normal letter mail as a general rule will not be x-rayed so canine detection is our biggest risk of an intercept.

If you are ordering bulk then obviously you take your chances with all the normal risks, parcels and packages are more readily scanned so thus the chances of detection do obviously increase. Subterfuge and cleaver packaging then comes into its own however for the vast majority of us who are only ordering a few grams at a time I know I'd feel a lot happier knowing it was in a 3M bag which doesn't permeate after a matter of minutes.

So come on vendors, what say you???

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:44 pm »
I....I....I Don't know what I've done to receive two negative Karma. :0(

I have always tried to post with integrity and tact. I respect these forums, the vendors, and the users therein.

Much love to everyone, and I apologize for stepping on someones toes to the point I received negative Karma.

:( Where's the love?


I wouldn't be too concerned, some people neg karma you for something you may have posted weeks ago, you will never please everyone but continue to post with integrity and tact, the forums needs as much of that as it can get  :)

+1 for you and everyone else on this page.

Rumor mill / Re: New UK cocaine vendor: Map
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:45 am »
The last post from Map above sounded dodgy as fuck if you ask me... if people will FE I can go and buy the good stuff... has scam written all over it.

Shipping / Re: Frequently Asked Questions / F*cking Asinine Questions
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:14 am »
*bumping again*

Old habits die hard it seems  ;)

anyone on IRC Mok??

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: January 03, 2013, 06:54 am »
+1 love point for many folks above me.

I will loan you the 0.7 BTC, when can you repay?

0.7 sent to alanko007


You've always seemed like a good bloke to me samesame.


Thanks for the kind words Theophilus  :)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years!

Since Moksha seems to have given up his mod status he is free to run rampant and dish out the whoop ass as he sees fit now, no more Mr nice guy  ;)

Ja! Get off it ladies. Your slips are showing. The posts seem a bit formulatic and the “users” lack dynamic range, but a fine effort regardless.  I would suggest however that you either tone down the number of posts or add more substance. You also need to work on your dialogue. I mean, cummon. How often do you hear persons engaged in conversation addressing each other by name?

But look, the bottom line is that the local vendors set the price. I'm just riding the wave. If you don't like it don't order from me. And that's all I've got to say about that.


Integrity and honesty makes or breaks vendors, you are demonstrating neither.

I will be reporting you on the main site for your deception.

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: December 30, 2012, 07:45 am »
+1 love point for many folks above me.

I will loan you the 0.7 BTC, when can you repay?

0.7 sent to alanko007

Thanks a lot man :) In a week or so.

No worries mate, happy to help you out  :)

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