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He was dealing in real life. 

He got over 11 packages siezed from customs with his name on it.  Repeatedly trying.  A few made it through and they watched where it went.  Investigated and found he was a dealer.   

They got his SR account (seller account) by plea bargaining with him .  They would drop the 11 other charges if he gave up his account access.  Now the aussie cops have a vendor account to learn from.   He probably also confessed to a few things to lessen the charges.  He's facing up to 25 years!!!  I would start bargaining too..

I think this proves that not all packages siezed by customs are disregarded or thrown out.  They hand them over to local police to investigate.  Some do some dont.  I wouldn't take the chance with multiple orders getting siezed and recieving love letters.  I can't believe people keep trying after getting siezed.. .jeese.  they could have a list of multiple charges building up against you until one day they go get you with all these charges built up.

Something to think about though.  Follow the rules for vending.  Don't deal in real life and keep everything super stealth.  This guy was a show off dealer. . . liked to chat on his cel phone as the story shows he had many text messages about drugs . .. .  what a loser and a bad dealer.

Anyone who thinks customs or LE just discard any packages seized is living in a fantasy world.

One no show should burn an address.

If you have made it this far (TOR, SR, BITCOIN) not using PGP is just plain stupid.

Newbie discussion / Re: Some advice for new buyers
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:05 pm »
I want to address a few issues that have come up with several vendors after the recent surge of new buyers. SR isn't a game. You need to keep yourselves safe. Unfortunately, a lot of new buyers have a false sense of security because of the reputation SR has for being "anonymous." It is only as anonymous as you make it. Anonymity is not automatic here. Everytime you make a transaction on the road you are, very briefly, giving up your anonymity.

If you have gone to all the trouble to figure out how to get to SR, read through the forums and figured out how to make a transaction, why would you throw all that out the window by skipping a few very obvious and highly recommended steps?


A huge number of new buyers skip a few very basic steps to protect themselves and their vendors. I have outlined a few things below that you really MUST do to keep yourselves safe.

1. When you choose your SR username, pick something random and unrelated to you that will return many pages of results if googled. For christ's sake, PLEASE do not choose a username that is a derivative of your real name!

If your name is Mark Smith, do not use Msmith90 or anything else with your real name in it.

Use a movie or book title, a character from a film, anything, it isn't that hard to think of something that isn't your real name. The more unique your SR username, the easier it is to tie your real life name to your SR persona.  You do not want unique, you want generic.

You have figured out TOR, you have figured out SR, you have even figured out Bitcoin...but PGP is too hard? Give me a break. It isn't hard. It's done with software. The software isn't hard to use. Many top vendors (myself included) require PGP for communication, and get tired of hearing buyers whine about how hard it is.

PGP protects you and your vendor. LE does not have the ability to break PGP encrypted messges. It has been noted numerous times in the forums that LE hates PGP for this reason. If you use PGP THEY CAN'T READ YOUR MESSAGES.


You will find an excellent, easy to follow PGP tutorial here that was written by a highly respected forum member:

Now go buy yourself a cheap USB drive and learn how to use the software.

"But aren't our messages on SR safe because we are using TOR?"

Last summer DPR addressed this issue in the forums.
Private messages are stored on the SR server for four months, even when you use the DELETE option. This is done for technical reasons (he explained it very well, I'm not going to rehash it here. Use the search function to find the post). FOUR MONTHS. That means that if the servers fell into the wrong hands all the unencrypted, incriminating messages that msmith90 sent his weed dealer for the last four months are now exposed to whoever is controlling the server.

"Do I really need to encrypt my address since we're using TOR?"

The shipping info you put in the box IS deleted from the server when the order is confirmed. If the servers are ever compromised, who do you think LE is going to go after first? THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR MAILING ADDRESSES UNENCRYPTED AND ATTACHED TO A DRUG ORDER THAT HASN'T BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE VENDOR YET!

Do you really want to be the dude/dudette that got busted because you were too lazy to spend 15 minutes learning to use encryption? Is it worth going to prison over? Because that is the position you are putting yourself in. Prison. Because you didn't want to bother with PGP.


3. Now that you have learned how to use PGP, here are some tips:

-Do not use your real name or real life email address in the key. Use your SR username and a fake email address.
-If you set up your PGP key under a name OTHER THAN your SR username, make sure to let your vendor know this when you send them your PGP key.

"Hi, here's my public key, it's listed under the name Hunter S. Thompson"

-When you give out your key, ONLY give out the PUBLIC key. The PRIVATE key stays on your computer. The software requires BOTH KEYS to decrypt messages. That is why PGP foils LE. NEVER SEND OUT YOUR PRIVATE KEY. EVER. If someone has both keys it is possible to hack your messages.


To sum up:
1. Be anonymous
2. Learn PGP
3. Use PGP
4. Use PGP
5. Use PGP

Be safe, folks.


THIS ^^^^^^ x 10000000000!!!!!


I haven't read the whole thread but I agree with the OP. Have you seen the amount of spam and trolling on the other forums?!

However, I'd like to expand on my opinion in case one of the moderators is reading:
I think the general idea of this rule is good, but it's too restrictive - I think the 50+ posts rule should not apply to members who have been here for more than say a month. There are members here who have been here for months (I've been a member for a year) but don't post often. This rule isn't fair to older members who only post thoughtful posts but haven't reached 50+ posts. People who are here with the intent to spam or troll do not have several accounts that are months old. This rule should be adjusted to allow older members to post regardless of how many they have in the past.

It has certainly come in for a lot of criticism and angst, I am still getting multiple pm's a day expressing some very strong opinions on the 50 post rule.

My observations thus far are this, yes it has upset some forum members, especially those who have been around for a while but not posted much, it has also affected some vendors who found themselves in the same situation.

On the plus side it has significantly reduced the spam, both myself and scout can delete spammer accounts easily now and that has greatly reduced the influx across all the sub forums.

Is this the best way to achieve this outcome? only time will tell, I am pleased to see this sub forum being used more proactively with a few less 'just trying to reach my 50 post' spam threads but I can also appreciate the frustration felt by many.

And before anyone flames me, the 50 post rule was not my idea or doing, I found out about it the same as everyone else, when I logged in. I suspect it is also here to stay so endless complaining really isn't going to help anyone, my only advise is try to use the time productively and make your 50.

If anyone would like to pass on constructive advise and/or suggestions you should contact one of the admins.


Newbie discussion / Re: Seized packages in Australia
« on: February 04, 2013, 11:41 am »
If only Australia could put as much effort into education, technology and health as they do opening other peoples mail. Then we might have even one side of politics worth a shit right now.

Never a truer word posted.
+1 DrugBuddy

Bug reports / Re: a bug
« on: February 04, 2013, 10:43 am »
I have a picture of a small dog where the report to moderator picture should be, it's not even a cute dog  ::)

Some AU vendors are taking the piss but not all, I recall seeing one vendor rorting a gram of mdma for 23+ btc over the Christmas period when all others had sold out, that was blatant profiteering but no one was being forced to buy.

Personally I mostly buy my mdma domestically and my coke from o/s, I only use mdma now and again and I'm happy to pay the domestic tariff for the convenience and guaranteed delivery factor. The vendor I mostly use for that also charges what is in my honest opinion a fair price.

AU domestic drug prices are some of the highest on the planet, I appreciate the lengths some vendors go to getting their inventory into the country and expect to pay a premium if I want that level of service. If a vendor is taking the piss with price then I don't order, go without or take my chances with o/s.

I've seen domestic vendors selling a gram of come for $500+ a gram - basically FUCK THAT!

$220 for a gram of very high quality mdma that will keep me and a heap of my mates happy for the night is a fair price, back in the day aussies paid $50 a pill and were happy with that and that's going back to the mid to late 90's by the way.

Drug prices down under will always be much higher than other countries due to the on average higher income earned here and the issues with importation.

As someone else said earlier in this thread, supply and demand drives price, if don't like it don't buy it.

Just a heads up a vendor with good quality gear just re-upped. Starts with L ends in Q

That is all.

That's a long time between re-ups!

Newbie discussion / Re: Ordering international
« on: February 04, 2013, 06:59 am »
The only way people in AU have been busted by LE is via international customs.

Just food for thought.

Your DrugBuddy.

The same applies globally, importing a restricted substance attracts stiffer penalties irrespective of where you live

The only two SR related arrests in AU were two very low hanging fruit just asking to be nicked with the most recent case having ordered multiple times to his home address in his own name, and that's just the tip of the stupidity iceberg for this individual. The other was also nicked due to his IRL activities and not SR, he just told them all about SR after he was raided, as I said low hanging fruit.

I am in no way saying ordering o/s isn't risky because you need to take precautions. I would say the UK to US route is reasonably safe given the volume of mail between the two and the fact the UK generally isn't flagged as drug producing country. A vendor using good stealth should avoid any issues but there are no absolutes here.

If however I lived in the US I would have all the drugs I could possible want domestically so would have no need to risk an o/s order.

I strongly suggest you do your research thoroughly and have safe drop arrangements.

Shipping / Re: How many UN-successful orders have you made?
« on: February 04, 2013, 06:12 am »
Also at what point would you burn your address? I've heard of some people losing 5+ and continuing to order to the same address, which to me is fucking mental.

One no show burns an address as far as I am concerned.

Shipping / Re: Drop Point Info
« on: February 04, 2013, 03:06 am »
No one will or should be discussing this openly on here mate, try PMing a few well established forum members and see how you go.

I think having read the article they plucked some low hanging fruit, it's hardly a 'crack down'.

Never good to see anyone's life destroyed but complacency doesn't even come close to describing how this guy went about things.

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: February 04, 2013, 02:44 am »
Just spent the last hour responding to angry PMs, posts, and threads about the 50 post requirement.

So discouraging.  I just wish people would display some amount of understanding or patience - or at least not take their anger out on us.  We don't implement these changes, but we do our best to trust that the admin / DPR have good reason to make the decisions that they do.

Anyway, just wanted to come back to this thread because it's more encouraging.  Going to +1 the last 3 pages.

Tell me about it  mate :-\

I agree with the 5/5 problem on packs not arriving.

If your pack doesnt arrive by loss to customs or whatever, its not a perfect transaction. Even if the seller refunds the money, that should be a 3/5. The money was tied up for weeks and you didnt get what you ordered. Thats not a 5/5.

But buyers are pressured not to leave that kind of feedback, and it is also left up to subjective evaluation.

When a buyer gets refunded, there is nothing subjective about that statistic. Vendors use it to weed out the bad buyers.

A yes/no statistic on package arrival would work the same way. Not subjective at all, just yes or no. Also, the statistic should be weighted on the dollar value of the transaction. That way vendors will not be able to effectively pad their yes/no statistics with small successful transactions, either legitimate or fake.

I am in a situation where I have made significant purchases from top rated vendors (around $1200) and none of the packages have come through to multiple addresses (Australia). I only found out later that the vendors I dealt with are not really confident that their 'stealth packaging' will make it through Australia customs.

This has been resolved with a partial, 50% repayment, and I am inclined to leave 5/5 because their customer service was decent, but it feels deceptive for other buyers unless it is clear that the package didn't arrive. Even if I leave a comment in relation to that, it will be unlikely to be noticed. Arrival yes/no should be a separate part of the rating.

A yes/no statistic will also make it a lot easier to spot selective scamming, or a nascent planned disappearance.

DPR/Silk Road administration, bring in the yes/no statistic with alacrity!

Just a bit of advise that you have probably already adopted anyway but I always enter into a dialogue with the vendor before I order and suss out their packaging techniques. Some vendors are not interested in discussing this and if that's the case I don't order.

In my experience I have found certain types of packaging from certain countries stands a good chance of clearing customs so unless I know it's going to be packaged as per my requirements its not worth ordering. This also gives you a good feel for how receptive the vendor is to responding to comms etc, very slow responses or terse, rude replies are also a turn off.

The type of stealth that works is no secret so vendors should not be adverse to discussing options with you, if they can't be bothered then I take my business to one who can.

Rumor mill / Re: Alexander68?
« on: February 03, 2013, 08:41 am »
you are all thinking what i'm thinking!!
and what's also funny, is i pm'd him on SR with no response too.. hasn't even read it!!
damn!! cuz those are some bomb prices!!

I took one look at those prices and laughed.

If it's too good to be true then you can bet your last bitcoin this will not end well for those tempted to FE.

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