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Good to see a vendor promoting online security and encryption too, especially in this sub forum.

What vendor is charging $216 for 500mg of MDMA + shipping?!?!? that is fucking scandalous!!

That mdma listing looks very nice :-)


Shipping / Re: Packaging methods tested with actual trained dog
« on: February 06, 2013, 08:03 pm »
I am sending the link to this thread to a vendor as we speak...

When talking to your vendors re shipping open a discussion re this stuff and forward them the link, the more people we share this info with the better.

Newbie discussion / Re: Order Marked "In Transit"
« on: February 06, 2013, 11:10 am »
If an orders status is marked as "In Transit" does this absolutely mean the package has been shipped, or do some sellers mark in transit once they process the order?  An order went to in transit extremely fast, so is that just luck?

Being marked in transit is not necessarily a guarantee of anything and totally depends on the vendor, if your order is marked in transit within a few hours of you placing your order you can bet it hasn't been shipped yet. Some vendors clearly state on their vendor page how long their processing times are, its normally anything from 24 hours to 3 days.

Personally I prefer my order to stay as processing until it has actually been shipped otherwise if fucks with my arrival estimate.

Hello my fellow travelers on the road  ;D

Really love the recent feedback, appreciate you all taking the time to post in this thread. Definitely keeps the smile flashing bright  ;D

Party flocks BACK
Speed BACK
Crystal Meth BACK

mdma still coming......
Cocaine back soon

Are these the newer party flocks with lower mdma content or the ones I had off you last time that melted my face?

Silk Road discussion / Re: Newzealand vs Australia customs.
« on: February 06, 2013, 09:39 am »
What do you mean by FUD on forums?

An i got a message from bostonceltics saying
 'any posting any nz customs you actually sound like a idiot..fucking do some reading and learn man or you will get yourself in shit.
and if its not arrived within 16 days, it aint coming..and customs have got it.'

After replying to bostonceltics he replies
'ive had 3 letters from customs, maybe even visits from police but i dont order to my house.
where will u be getting your orders from? also how are u getting your bitcoins?
it took 8 days. his mdma is average. if you like i can sell you mdma? i have about 50grams in stock'

Trying to sell without a vendor account? Kinda dodge!!

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD)

Can anyone tell me about bitcoins, their value, where and how to get them? I'm a little new to this but excited at the prospect!!!

Depends on what country you are in, try using the search function and do some reading, I am sure all will become clear soon enough :-)

you forgot to tell him not to forget his towel. ever.



Gold :-)


What I'd like to know is; was it just the packages that got le's attention? Or was it a customer in his home country?  A rival dealer?  Alot of variables here.  Plus, it sounds like he was just out there with his shit.. A BMW? What?  I wouldn't drive anything that sticks out, nothing to get attention.  They got his cell phone with texts?  Guess he never heard of 'burn' phones. Coulda been a nosy neighbour too, maybe all of the above.  When people get stupid, they get real stupid.  Whats the difference between a vendor who never gets busted and maintains long term relationships with a customer base and a dealer who gets busted?  My point exactly.

His number plate on his BMW was the same as his vendor name, lets just say this guy wasn't flying under the radar.

Newbie discussion / Re: Some advice for new buyers
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:44 am »
I have a question about the cops and PGP...what's to say they can't learn to use the software and then use other 'legalities' to get you to reveal your keys, etc.? Just wondering. I use it myself but was just curious.

Also, I think I am missing an obvious point when asking this question.

Do not save anything on your computer unless you encrypt it. If you want to keep stuff on your computer download trucrypt and create an encrypted partition on your hard drive with an outer and hidden inner partition. Then if you are 'forced' to give up a password you can give up the password to the outer volume, you need to make sure you save some innocuous stuff in the outer when you create it though, adding files later can corrupt the hidden inner partition.

I run TOR from a USB that I never leave in my house, I also run an encrypted linux window for extra security that needs to be mounted via trucrypt.


Shipping / Re: How many UN-successful orders have you made?
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:27 am »
Also at what point would you burn your address? I've heard of some people losing 5+ and continuing to order to the same address, which to me is fucking mental.

One no show burns an address as far as I am concerned.

This ^^^

To be safe, yeah agreed, but.....

My PO box isn't associated with my true identity in any way, except for CCTV at the post office...if a single package doesn't arrive there (and so far I'm 42/42 at that box), I would be more likely to assume that USPS messed up, or maybe the vendor messed up, than that LE is on my ass at the PO box.  I doubt I'd burn it after a single no show.  It seems highly unlikely that a CD will happen at a PO box.

Now for residential addresses, where a CD is something that could happen on any order, regardless of the addressee, then yes, one no-show means don't risk the next one.

I would never make the assumption of anything just for convenience sakes, admittedly having a very successful PO box not in your name would be hard to let go of and if a no show happened I would like you most probably be tempted to push it after a break of a month or two and try again. A lot however would depend on the size of the order that didn't make it if I were making calculated judgements on whether to burn or risk using again.

Don't make the mistake of assuming LE will not attempt a CD at a PO box, I have heard of one unlucky person in my country currently facing serious charges in part evidenced by CCTV from post offices, you can never be too careful.

Stay safe people.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Newzealand vs Australia customs.
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:00 am »
So between Aussie and NZ who would have the better customs for intercepting drugs?
I know NZ has very good detection for possible pests and bio-hazards but I am unsure how much luck they have with silkroad interception?

Im fairly confidant they would catch most bulk eg 10+ grams but I also think many small package's an letters would easily get through.

Regards Garlow2000

Who cares who has the better customs, starting threads like this only serves to perpetuate the FUD and conjecture on the forums helping no one. Both countries have tight customs, inviting people to speculate on what they think to be true on this subject is a waste of time.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but it needed to be said.

Currently on day 16 and starting to get concerned, anyone else having delays to AU ?

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