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La F is just busy guys, my delivery should be here today and i've already got another order in the pipeline that's been sat processing for over a week. this order i'm currently waiting on he has been in contact with me up until a couple of days ago, and i've got a PM sat in his box unread for 2 days now - this order is NOT one you want to be ignoring people's messages about. i think my last review has just created a bit of a tidal wave of orders and he's struggling to keep up - my advice would be do NOT cancel that order, the coke is well worth the wait. trust me on that ;)

did you PGP your message BTW? just do that for him, he wants it done, and don't forget to put your key in the message

Yup message was PGP with my public key sent, not that they would know as it's still unread.

Would love to order based on your review, maybe they got slammed after that.

Imo 5/5 and 4/5 should count as positive feedback, keeping our beloved 100 rating alive, 3/5 should be neutral and 2/5 and 1/5 should count as negative feedback.

Because for example I got this feedback: Shipping took ages!(domestic) Good product and packaging

I can't help it it took a little longer than normal for the package to arrive, I did my part by shipping it fast. I think it's unfair losing my (100) because of this.

Just my two cents though  ;)

Vendor feedback ratings on the main site are only a small piece of the puzzle and are all too often manipulated with bogus shill accounts. If you want to make an informed choice you have to use the forums like your bible before pulling the trigger on an order, the whole feedback rating system is flawed big time imho especially when it is so subjective in its current format.

If you have any issues you should contact the vendor first before leaving feedback, that is the only honorable thing to do, I can fully sympathize with vendors who are either held to ransom over threats of a bad review or have bad reviews posted with no effort to resolve issues first.

Shipping delays are often out of the vendors hands, to leave bad feedback because of that when you can prove it was shipped on time is just stupid. It maybe a generational thing with many buyers treating this place like fucking eBay.

thanks PH.  if it goes well, a lot of vendors will get some good promotion via the images,
on a side note, i updated the info in post 1 the other day with a new image uploader.  MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ALL PRECAUTIONS WHEN UPLOADING AN IMAGE OF ANYTHING YOU PLAN ON POSTING HERE!
Cheers rem0ved I always ensure all meta/exif data is cleaned it's absolutely essential. Does anyone know what's up with La Fuente I placed an order with him nearly five days ago, it hasn't gone into transit it's still processing, I read on his vendor's page (which he updated yesterday) his computer went down, I'm still waiting for a reply and my order is still processing. Newamsterdam has apparently gone rouge, there's been complaints on the newbies discussion board. I'm going to read some new vendors review threads and make my next move ;)

I pm'd La Fuente about 5 days ago and it hasn't been read, one or two glowing reviews of their cola doesn't really offset what seems like ongoing issues with comms. If they were online yesterday I'd probably be cautious with ordering PH, I recall many many posts a month or so ago lamenting what a nightmare they were to get in contact with. If you are however happy to be VERY patient though the goods might be worth the wait if the reviews are to be believed.

I would like to think its a joke but it would be a horrible one if it is. Weird shit.

Possible hack? Can someone confirm the email address? It seems funny there is a 1 after magicmoments in the addres. Don't send your address

My sentiments precisely, a very poorly judged attempt at humor if that's the case.

Shipping / Re: Customs 'Toughness' league - Top 10
« on: February 12, 2013, 10:12 pm »
Ive heard many stories about Australia's customs being tough

Ok I'll bite on this subject for the hundredth time  ::)

Aussie customs are tight but they are not the impenetrable fortress shows like border security would have you believe. Australia is a remote island albeit a fucking large one and the volume of importations into this country is HUGE! As such a lot of drugs make there way into Australia via the mail system and SR has been the catalyst for a shit load more smaller importations that is reflected in last years seizure rates which were up significantly.

The main issue with getting stuff into Australia is to do with the stealth and packaging techniques used by most vendors, chucking your 8 ball into an envelope after vac sealing once with PE food grade plastic isn't going to avoid detection as often as some vendors would like to think.

The is also a massive amount of FUD banded about on here just adding to the conjecture and myths, threads like this being case in point with everyone posting what they 'think' to be true.


Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:51 pm »
Oh my god I have just discovered the 72 hour karma rule does not apply to me, what shall i do with this immense power of unlimited karma  ;D

with great power, comes great responsibility

Haha this is true GUS  ;)

Newbie discussion / Re: MarijuanaisMyMuse... vendor
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:09 pm »
@samesame, his FAQ actually states that he ships a few business days after your order is marked as in transit, which alone takes at least a day to happen. For a vendor with that many orders though, this is understandable.

I stand corrected, kinda splitting hairs though because that's pretty much what up to three days would be  :P

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:02 pm »
Oh my god I have just discovered the 72 hour karma rule does not apply to me, what shall i do with this immense power of unlimited karma  ;D

Off topic / Re: + KARMA
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:45 pm »
Ballzinator (karma slut)
PrincessHIGH (one of the nicest and most thoughtful people on here)
GUS (because he loves it)
BOGAN BOB (loves his VB like a true blue bogan should)
Wadozo (still waiting for you to go for the record)
Jnemonic (drowning in o/s orders now)

Newbie discussion / Re: MarijuanaisMyMuse... vendor
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:24 pm »
I just ordered a g of his Molly. It is still processing. Should I be worried? Should I not FE if he requests? If I dont FE and he decides not to sell to me will I get my money back?

If you read MiMMs vendor page and FAQ it states orders usually take up to 3 days to move into transit, this is because they only move into transit when it ships unlike other vendors who mark it as in transit really quickly giving the impression is on the way when in fact it hasn't even been packaged up yet let alone shipped.

MiMM ships over a 1000 units a month so I can only imagine how many personal messages they get asking the same questions over and over in relation to things that are probably covered in their FAQ.

MiMM will either send you a PM asking you to FE (necessary for shipping) or asking nicely if you would like to (entirely up to you). Obviously if you do not need to then do not FE for any vendor, escrow is there for a reason.

In my experience MiMM has been nothing but professional, they took care of an intercept that happened due to them being profiled late last year affecting many people and the reship made it without any problems.

Personally I tend to steer clear of the really big vendors now as I prefer the level of service I get with vendors not as slammed with orders, I do not like waiting 4 days for a reply to my messages for a start. I know a few people who have been nothing but happy with MiMM and others who never got their orders... make of that what you will.


Newbie discussion / Re: Have I been compromised.....already!?
« on: February 12, 2013, 12:36 pm »
hey team
I joined the SR community in November 2012 and have placed a couple of orders.  Not sure if I should mention countries, but order 1 was from a Euro country and orders 2&3 for another Euro country (different vendors, same country).
Order 1 arrived in 3 weeks. Very impressed with everything and quite excited.

However order's 2&3 from the other Euro country did not arrive.  I've been in touch with both vendors and received a refund on one order  and a reship on the other.  Basically it's coming up to two months and no package.  I'm figuring there's a problem.  Where exactly is unknown and I'm trying to pin point.
Does anyone know of Euro countries LE are targeting at customs.  The country I live in they have a border show called 'Border Security'.  No doubt some of you are familiar with this show.   Couldn't believe it but last week they played a segment when they were at the postal centre filming dogs sniffing regular mail,  and the customs workers had singled out the country I ordered 2&3 from!!!  To my absolute surprise the dogs sniffed out 3 random envelopes that appeared to have small amounts of coke inside them (2gm-3gm).

I'm now wondering if our customs are intercepting all mail from this country and if I've been compromised.  If I have does this mean I'll be on some watch list. I also used my real name and address.

I'm really pissed if this means an end to SR for me already :(  I wasn't sure if posting the details of the associated countries was good SR etiquette so I erred on the side of case LE are monitoring.

G'day mate

Firstly loosen the tin foil...

Ordering from o/s is a bit of a mine field as you are now discovering, the most important thing you need to do is find your go to vendors, personally I would avoid the big guys shipping hundreds of items each week, too easily profiled and customer service can suffer. No one will hand you the names of the vendors they are having success with because before you know it they will be splashed all over the forums and success rates will plummet. You will need to invest the time on here and read read read I'm afraid.

Secondly change up your drop arrangements, do not order to your home or addresses of people linked to you, it can get messy. There are some options you can use to sever the links to your drops that dramatically reduce your risk (pm me if you need help).

I would also avoid hot countries like the Netherlands as they come in for extra scrutiny, stick to safer 'non drug producing' countries for more guaranteed results.

You could also try pm'ing well established members asking for help, no guarantees but it can't hurt to ask.

There are no easy short cuts to finding your feet I'm afraid, just make sure you stay safe whilst doing it.



so next attempt wil be direct from Argentina?

Yes. I will sell only from Argentina, enough Colombia for me.

Hurry up an move to Argentina, enough of these Colombian dramas already  ;)

Get it set up and I will order, best coke I ever had was from Bolivia, shiny almost silica sheets of translucent coke, unfuckingbelievable stuff.

Hoping to see you operational soon mate, you have many eager people waiting for it to happen.

Just look at ETM... That fucker is like the Harvey Norman of the road... Death to him.

Top 1% of SR vendors though mate, he/she/it is gonna make you take the blue pill for that slanderous comment  :P

Depends on what country you live in, if its the US then names are linked to addresses so using a fake name will cause you to come unstuck. In Australia you could address it to Mickey Mouse and the post would deliver it, as such I use random fake names all the time and have never had a problem. Obviously whatever name you do use though try and make is look believable! John Smith is not the way to go.

Newbie discussion / Re: FAQ - created by Delta11 - being reposted
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:19 pm »
I think it says it all that this only was read 16 times since I posted it on the weekend and you are the first to comment.

Everyone is too busy posting bullshit spam to read anything beneficial it seems  :-\

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