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Customer support / Re: MendicinoMistress a scammer FOR SURE !!!!!!!!!
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:56 pm »
I have responded patiently to several other of your posts and threads on this matter so I have nothing further to add at this time. If you however persist in creating duplicate threads in this sub forum I will start to delete them as there is no need to keep posting the same stuff over and over.

Vendors who are shown to be scamming are banned, we always encourage buyers to be on the look out for suspicious behaviour and both scout and I are very proactive in reporting vendors who are breaking the rules.

No one likes getting scammed.

Customer support / Re: Refund
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:30 pm »
Well the resolution gave you 100%, the coins should be in your account immediately so I can only assume they are held up in this withdrawal and deposit issue that is currently affecting so many people. Both scout and I have requested updates from DPR and the admins and we are still waiting for a response so I am unable to tell you any more at this stage I am afraid.

Silk Road discussion / Re: accounting errors
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:31 am »
Went through faster than ever. Got my coins within 20 minutes. So, like scout says, there's probably a problem with your account.

Good to hear! hopefully these issues are now being worked out.

Here, incidentally, is a stealth rating system I think would make sense:

0/5: exterior contaminated. Casual inspection reveals scent or sight of product. Canine magnet.

1/5: conspicuous package likely to lead to inspection, and product obvious on inspection (sight, smell). Canine magnet.

2/5: passable external packaging, but opening, or any breach in exterior reveals product. Foodsaver baggies. Canine magnet.

3/5: adequate exterior stealth. Adequate interior seals. However, open/torn package still reveals product.

4/5: stealthy. Well-sealed product with interior disguise - however, supposed contents tell no sensible story.

5/5: tailored camoflage. You might not realize, yourself, that you have been sent the product. Could be opened by LE/customs and sent still sent on.

Basically, if there's a vendor offering a product who would be a "5" on this list, nobody else stands a chance of my business (and I doubt I'm the only one) so long as he keeps stocking the product. A "3" I'll never deal with again, regardless.

The whole current feedback rating system is flawed for a number of reasons. I am currently giving thought to a standardized rating scale that incorporates some of the shipping practices I am trying to promote in the stealth sticky in the shipping sub forum.

It is definitely an issue that deserves more discussion and I am hopeful more vendors will get on board and adopt safer practices, it may take a bit more of a push to get it happening though and that will require the support of the community.


Off topic / Re: Tony76 Number Plate
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:12 am »
MrDank was one of the most ridiculous trolls I've ever encountered.

He was probably high as fuck behind his screen giggling to himself about all the absurd shit he was typing.

Is Lim still here anyway? He used to be in pretty much every thread, now I don't see him at all.

I'm gonna have to do  search and check out their posts then, I find it hard to imagine anyone could hold a candle to MtlJohn though, that guy was pure comedy gold, I trolled him pretty hard myself and manged to get a few bites out of him, was hugely entertaining to watch him melt down with his ALL CAPITAL LETTER POSTS EXPRESSING HOW FUCKING AWESOME HE WAS, brilliant  ;D

Given this issue has nothing to do with silk road I'm rather perplexed as to why you are repeatedly posting here seeking assistance, scout and I have tried to be of assistance, you will need to follow this up with blockchain I am afraid.

Hope you get it sorted!

Customer support / Re: deposit not in my account
« on: February 23, 2013, 10:52 am »
Others have now had their issues resolved, hopefully yours will be soon too.

Customer support / Re: Refund
« on: February 23, 2013, 10:47 am »
Depends on what stage you are at in resolution really, if you are in agreement with the vendor and they accept your offer the coins are normally refunded immediately.

All I can say is this very out of character for this vendor and I am sure there is a very good reason behind it. Hopefully neon will post an update soon.

And on that note DSGE I will take the opportunity to lock this thread as resolved as wish you good luck in your new crusade with bitinstant, glad SR support got things fixed for you eventually.

Go get em tiger  ;)

Off topic / Re: Tony76 Number Plate
« on: February 23, 2013, 07:01 am »
AHH MISTER DANK!!!! completely forgot about him hahaha didn't he just go around accusing people of being LE and if anyone said otherwise he would say that they were LE too just like a massive cycle of groundless accusations. omg and when someone paid for moonbear to get a vendor account ??? what a shambles. someone with a lot of time could make a book of the funniest stuff on here as an ebook and sell it
ah lim i liked pre mod when he just came across a bit psychopathic suggesting tying pedos to trees and slashing them up or 'striping'. he is quite a character! seems more street than a lot of people come across on here, can't tell if it's a front or not
every tiny little bug or downtime people start up troll accounts with conspiracy theories. i pretty much have blind faith this place will survive almost anything by now.. otherwise they'll learn from the downfall (i hope this doesn't happen) and create the silk highway

We need a Dank vs. MntlJohn poll

Dank was before my time, I feel like I've missed out  :( but at least I have had the pleasure of MtlJohn, what a cunt  ;D kinda miss him is a sadistic sort of way... he has been back 3 times under different names though, persistent scamming little fucker that he is.

Shipping / Re: Any danger in a re-ship?
« on: February 23, 2013, 03:54 am »
Is there any increased danger in re-shipping product? I would think so, in the rare case that it got seized and they are monitoring the address. As a vendor, it would be more beneficial to re-ship than to refund. But as a customer, if you doubted your vendor, a refund is preferable to a re-ship. Any comments?

One no show burns an address in my book. Even if you are not 100% sure what happened to the order you would be bloody stupid to keep ordering to the same address. Yes the chance of your mail being monitored after just one no show is highly unlikely but if anything else is intercepted on its way to that address then they have more chance of paying you a visit.

Don't be lazy, get a safe drop.

« on: February 23, 2013, 03:36 am »
Can I just clarify, moisture barrier bags are sealed with a heat sealer, or hair straighteners, and not a vac sealer?

How are mylar bags sealed?

MBB's are sealed using a vacuum sealer, if you have a look on YouTube there are plenty of video clips demonstrating the process.

Heat sealed foil bags are sealed as the name suggests with a heat sealer and/or hair straighteners.

Mylar is just a brand name for a certain type of packaging, if you want to know more I suggest you do some research on the net,

For those serious interested in the technical details re selecting MBB see info below:


There are 3 types of barrier bag technology currently in use:

• Foil/Polymer: The oldest and highest barrier technology. A thin sheet of aluminum foil (usually about .00035” thick) is
laminated to nylon or Tyvek for support and protection.

• Aluminized Polymer: This newer technology reduces material costs. Aluminum is vapour deposited onto polyester. As the
metal is so thin multiple layers of aluminized polyester are laminated together this way any voids in a layer are covered by
the next.

• Engineered Polymer: Clear plastics that do not use metallic layers provide limited moisture protection and are primarily used
for food packaging. In the electronics industry their use tend to be very short-term for dry storage and clean room situations.
Thes bags do not meet test standard requirements for MIL-B-81705C.


Typically, this structure consists of a 60 gauge nylon laminated to 0.00035 aluminum foil, which is laminated to heat sealable
polyethylene. This is the most common foil/polymer laminate. MVTR for this structure, when properly converted into bags is
very low at about 0.0005 g/100in2/24hrs(1).

A structure consisting of Tyvek, laminated to 0.00035 aluminum foil, which is laminated to heat sealable polyethylene. Tyvek
Foil is the oldest barrier structure, however has gradually been replaced by nylon/foil or metallized polyester structures. MVTR
for this structure, when properly converted into bags is very low at about 0.0005 g/100in2/24hrs(1).

Aluminized Polyester/Poly
This is the newest technology for barrier materials with a structure consisting of two layers of 48 gauge-aluminized polyester
laminated to sealable polyethylene. These bags are generally lower in cost and have become are a big success with medium
to short term dry packaging users. For 3.6 mil materials, MVTR is about 0.02 g/100in2/24hrs*. Structures that are 7.0 mils thick
can achieve 0.005 g/100in2/24hrs(1).

My review of Lexq’s cocaine

I received my very generous ‘sample’ in 15 days, was starting to get a little worried about it making it safely but I need not have concerned myself, the packaging was defiantly a cut above many other vendors I have seen on here and Lexq has obviously taken some time and effort to perfect his methods.

One thing Lexq does need to do is implement the use of a non-permeable layer to safeguard against canine detection. I am sure he won’t mind me mentioning this here as we have already exchanged a few comms about this but those vendors who are serious about buyer safety need to jump on this bandwagon.

Now to the good bit, upon opening the vac seal I was greeted with that lovely coke smell which immediately had been thinking this was going to be nice gear. Now I know smell can mean absolutely nothing about quality and I do not go in for all sorts of fancy testing kits, rubbing it against my fingers or dissolving it in water, the only testing kit I need is my nose and it never lets me down.

What I will say is this batch from lexq is very nice; it chops up easily into a fine powder and goes up very smoothly. Effects came on pretty fast, nice euphoria lift and put me in a very good head space, no speediness, no jitters, just a nice coke buzz that you get from decent high quality clean coke.

I should also mention I had recently tried some of TheStores coke so my tolerance would have been up slightly at the time but it didn’t seem to matter.

I would have no problems recommending Lexq to others, this was my second time ordering and it certainly won’t be my last.


Technical support / Re: Escrow(usd) vs Escrow(btc) - please help
« on: February 23, 2013, 02:30 am »
Some of these posts lack clarity, yeah what he said ^^^^

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