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Security / Re: BTC speculation hyper bubble
« on: March 21, 2013, 07:36 pm »
60 to 74 in just over 24 hours.
47 to 74 in under 4 days.
Holy fucking shit.

I just posted the exact same thing in another thread, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!


This cannot be sustainable right? I am now officially starting to worry

Security / Re: Police came
« on: March 21, 2013, 01:38 pm »
A lot of people are giving you some good advice and all you keep doing is questioning them. I suggest you invest some time in the security section and read up on encryption etc instead of second guessing those who are trying to help you mate.

Using a mobile is not as secure a connection as you should be using imho. Others may disagree with that but at the end of the day mate you do what you think is best, personally I would never use a mobile phone for anything TOR or SR related but that's just me.

Customer support / Re: How long time for withdraw bitcoins
« on: March 21, 2013, 01:19 pm »
Thank you Sam, i feeling a lil  bitbetter know :)
what do you say max waiting bevor i ask the support? 12 hours?

It will arrive within 12 hours, if not then yes you may need to contact support but I sincerely think you will not need to, patience  ;)

Customer support / Re: How long time for withdraw bitcoins
« on: March 21, 2013, 12:44 pm »
Yes this is normal, sometimes withdrawals can take a few hours, sometimes even longer.

Please refer to the FAQ sticky at the top of this board.








*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*   ;)

Hi guys I'm here again !  ;D



The last days I was Disappeared of SR because I was in the Hospital ( I was injured a months ago and these days were the last days of the Wound Rehab)

Now to the future I'll ship every order in less of 24 Hours and ALWAYS I'll have stock of Cocaine (The new batch has a 92% of purity )

I'm going to do seriously business on The Road and I'll be more time making business in this Amazing site : )

I'll try to get Hash or Weed but it will be in little stock for now.

So, start to order Pure Fatty Coke Guys , Happy Snorts : )



92%? you sure about that?

Rumor mill / Re: Official La Fuente Review Thread
« on: March 21, 2013, 09:47 am »

What did everyone expect?

Not that I care about shipping times, but these all seem ridic at best. I could save up the money to fly to mexico and send stuff back myself in the time it takes to receive something..

Too be honest, precisely this but took a stab at it anyway, always new it was going to be a long wait and high prob nothing would come but thought fuck it I'd have a go anyway  :P

Looks like the word is getting out on the MBB's

Glad to see that this inclusion is being added. It really helps both the customer and the vendor. The vendor looks good for adding an extra layer of stealth but he also increases his earning potential from advertising/trustworthiness. And the buyer has an added layer of trust to help them decide on who to buy from.

Though lets try our best to let others know when a vendor does not provide something that they state they will. MBB are not "subjective to the user" like the actual product is. If it's being used and they advertise as such, let us know. If it isn't and is advertised as being used. LET US KNOW!

I am adding vendors to the stealth sticky listing daily now, the dominoes are falling faster and faster.

This will become the standard, those who don't get on board will see their customer going elsewhere.

Security / Re: Police came
« on: March 21, 2013, 08:54 am »
If they come with a warrant they will seize all of your electronic devises, phones, computers, USB's, hard drives, the lot!

You should get anything incriminating out of your home immediately (drugs, paraphernalia, empty packaging that has once contained illegal substances etc...) if you are unable to safely encrypt your computer files and it doesn't sound like you have achieved that move or redact the lot.

Customer support / Re: Can\t login into SR account
« on: March 21, 2013, 07:57 am »
Please refer to the sticky thread in the newbie sub forum re phishing scams.

Clearly I did not ask my question in a understandable way.

My SR account is "PrivateReserve"  I have no trouble accessing it, and the password has not been compromised in any way.

I also set up an account on the forum with the same name "PrivateReserve" and did NOT use the same password as my main SR account (as that would be unsafe in case the forum was hacked.  Simplemachines is not meant for security.)

I never actually posted a single thing with this account, and now, 5 days later, when I'm actually ready to make my debut on the forums, I realized I had no recollection of the password I made up for my forum account.

I was hoping that since I must have a matching name in the forum and on SR in order to join the vendor roundtable, somebody with admin priviledges here can delete the forum account so I can create a new one.

I imagined this wouldn't be a problem since it's only 5 days old and has 0 posts.

The SR account, on the other hand, is perfectly secure, and I have no interest in giving up that account as I've already deposited my bond to become a seller.


If you would like me to delete the forum account PrivateReserve I will look into it for you, please confirm this is what you want.

Security / Re: Police came
« on: March 20, 2013, 09:48 pm »
I need a clean anything.

Strange comments here..

If you do not know what the term 'clean house' means you shouldn't be ordered from SR.

Just saying...

I personally think spamming should be banned. If new people joining the forum cannot say 50 valuable, helpful or interesting things then there should be no reason they should be posting throughout the forums. I realize it's hard to have integrity while being an anonymous person and I also realize that newbies have intelligent things to add at times. Post count and karma are not always the best way of judging comments but it would work a lot better if people couldn't spam there way up to fifty posts. I feel as though the information and communication throughout the newbie forum would be a lot more interesting if people had conversations instead of starting and posting on spam threads.

Will members look at you the same if they look back and see you made 50 spam posts in one day. Maybe not, but I will, not that anyone really cares what a newbie thinks.

Spamming is against the rules, it is however tolerated on this board for the time being in the hope that in time as people will eventually get over the need to race to 50 and start to use the forums as intended.

I would love to clean this board up, lock and delete all the spam but that would probably just cause more harm than good right now. If you really need to spam then doing it in just the one thread isn't actually such a bad idea but it may send the wrong message.

Try and use your time getting to 50 constructively and invest time to research the forums and educate yourself on how to navigate SR safely. The entire purpose of creating the newbie sub forum was to reduce the amount of spam and duplicate threads created on subjects already posted elsewhere.

Many people do not take the time to use the search function before posting things already covered which just clogs up the forums with multiple threads and reduces the effectiveness of information sharing.


There are ways to launder money without paying income taxes. Tax exempt income.

What gets me about the people on the forums is when someone is referring to another post, but they don't quote it or reference it somewhere in their post. Please clarify your forum posts by referencing all related parties. Is this too much to ask?

Yeah, I know that. You probably know yourself (guessing by your username) that basic money laundering through a business isn't that difficult. Most people could do it.

What kind of services do you offer? Might be interested in having a chat with you!  ;)

I don't currently offer any specific services, not  vendor. But if you would like to have a chat to get to know each other better, I'm always up for a PM. I'm pretty new to TOR and still need to figure out PGP, so until I get it figured out no loss lips yet in your PM.

I urge both parties to exercise caution when doing this, anyone could be anyone on here, I am not casting dispersions just be discreet not to disclose any information that could be used to profile or identify who you are, as the post above says, no loose lips.

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