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Newbie discussion / Re: Check your Tormail
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:43 am »
I give it 5 minutes before the next load of pointless drivel gets posted backed up with multiple shills all inflaming the situation and stiring up the natives.

For any newbies out there reading this, this is how some keyboard warriors operate, create the illusion of truth and justification by posting from shill accounts expressing they are in agreement. What is happening here is extortion via doxing which is about the lowest form of behavior there is.

Newbie discussion / Re: Check your Tormail
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:33 am »
Scout my man.. I hate to say it.. but.. I'm with this guy on this one. What exactly did he do wrong to prompt a comment about him posting cryptic hints? Am I missing something?

Aqua - Bro, welcome to the SR forums. Where hypocracy is the order of the day (unless you're a price fixing vendor who makes the powers that be money), and the mods/admins play favorites yet have the nerve to preach their liberterian musings on how censorship of any form is wrong. I saw your post earlier about the pervert lurking around here. Believe me, knowing the mods here... they never fail to defend such fuckbags and lock/delete/ban/take sides willy nilly. Don't expect fairness. Expect to be signled out for everything you do. Expect, if a vendor cusses at you and you put him in his place, the mods jump over backwards to do their bidding.

Never fails to amaze me this place.

Obvious shill account spreading FUD, go fuck yourself.


Shipping / Re: Flagging names/addresses
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:16 am »
If you get an order intercepted you can guarantee those details will end up on a register. I do not think the mail system is capable of screening mail for certain addresses but your address can be flagged and then LE will intercept all your mail. You would need to be under a full blown investigation for that to happen though so your missing gram of coke will probably not result in that happening  ;)

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:08 am »
Seems like the forums arent very active lately? (entire forum)
That or I'm on it too much hah

better off like this
people should post info that needs to be posted

Couldn't agree more.

It's a long weekend, get outside and enjoy it like I am about to.

Technical support / Re: Can't connect to SR
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:06 am »

Shipping / Re: Stupid Fucking Mailmen
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:05 am »
Anyone else have a fucking retarded mailman that you just want to cut into a million little pieces with a pair of dull scissors?

This stupid motherfucker doesn't even bother knocking on my door, he just sticks the package slip in my mailbox and walks away. Like wtf? This cocksucker has the package slip already filled out.
Is there a special sticker I can put on my mailbox so that I don't have to sign for packages? Is there someone I should complain to or are all mailmen this fucking gay?

I'm gonna spray water allover my sidewalks at night so that shit is super slippery the next morning. Hopefully that piece of shit falls and breaks his neck. (I'll just run up and slip the package out of his cold dead hands)

Made my day, LOL.

Hey, what if it was a HOTTIE MailWOMAn?

How hot are we talking here?

^^^ This

Technical support / Re: technical problem or....?
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:03 am »
SR is up and down all the time, roll with it.

Just posting this about a new vendor Operatorlease. I noticed a few strange goings on in the LSD domestic section and posted the below questions in his thread just on the off chance that he is a scammer or ETM reincarnation (not saying he is but being cautious). Re posting here in-case he deletes the thread.
Can I ask why you have had a vendor account for 7months but have only just started posting or listing any product ? In fact it may just be a weird coincidence but two other new LSD vendors have just popped up also having accounts opened exactly 7 months ago.
TheKandyMan - http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/user/dadf351ca2
Kensebben - http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/user/fc54f6362a
Also how do you know your tabs are 150UG, have you had them tested? Finaly it would be a good idea to post your username alongside a picture of your product instead of a generic pic

Sorry to ask the hard questions but after the recent events thing need to be clarified.

It is ETM for sure. The marketing and pictures all reak of him.

Hopefully the fucker will stay off the forums this time and just trade in the quiet.


Oh please, if we were EnterTheMatrix we'd be with everyones money and not to mention the money they had made over the years enjoying a sunny part of world overseas. You don't rob a car yard of its vehicles only to come back for the till weeks later nor do you sacrifice years of hard work to come back again with a couple of deals a week. As for the marketing..are you suggesting we should have charged the first five customers full price to help generate some quick sales for feedback and reviews?

As for the whole ETM scam we think EnterTheMatrix and Jeremy West of spendbitcoins are connected with each other in real life. Both were located on the Gold Coast (Jeremy in Coomera in fact), both showed up at the same time and spendbitcoins stops buying others bitcoins moments before ETM scams a truckload of coins? Loosely connected none the less however it is conceivable but that is another can of worms entirely and our piece about it has just been spoken.

What a load of FUD

Technical support / Re: Removing Subscribed threads?
« on: March 30, 2013, 12:57 am »
^^^^ That is the only was to u subscribe and believe me if there was another way I would love to have it!


This gets asked 50 times a day, give it more time, if there is no sign after 12 hours contact SR support.

@CocaExpress:  Why 3x acetone wash?
There is always going to be a mechanical loss involved in a wash.  For an experienced chemist using decent equiptment, it'll probably be less than 2%.  Washing 3 times will invariably lead to the same(or similar) mechanical loss each time.  If you aren't screwing around and doing it properly the first time, it'll still remove 99% of the adulterants that a triple wash would, without losing the extra 3-4% product.(or, more likely, 8-10% due to clandestine equiptment/inexperienced chemists)

I'm not trying to call you out, I've just seen the phrase "TRIPLE ACETONE WASHED!!!" in several cocaine advertisements and wondered where it originated from, or if there was a legitimate reason for it other than a marketing gimmick.

The Triple Acetone Washed process is pretty much standard.... i mean, you wash it with acetone 3x -- that's just the standard process. I think some vendors use it as a marketing gimmick to draw more attention to their listings.. which is fine, there's nothing wrong with that., i would rather someone tell me its been washed 3x than given a quick once over with acetone, but again its hard to really determine if the vendor is really doing triple washes with acetone..

now if your doing chloroform, then acetone washing, then that's a different story --yes, alot more effort, care and attention goes into that process. so if someone is saying "triple washed" well that just means you've done the basic acetone washing techniques.. it doesnt reflect quality or purity of the final product...

just my .2cents.

I'm the originator of the TRIPLE WASHED COCAINE. LeJunk is the one that gets the credit for the Acetone wash. My TRIPLE WASH began when I decided to bring the cocaine through 1 Anhydrous Acetone wash and then 1 chloroform wash and then another acetone wash.

Lets be real.. you came up with this as a neat little selling gimmick to get people to think they were buying the same type of quality washed product that was being done like trevaforts washed cocaine...

you never did an acetone wash, then a choloform wash from day one, so dont come on here and say that was your washing technique from day one cause it wasnt,  you were doing standard acetone washing, and thats it..

I like how you say "My TRIPLE WASH began when I decided to bring the cocaine through 1 Anhydrous Acetone wash and then 1 chloroform wash and then another acetone wash." --- which is a lie cause you never did Choroform washing then acetone washing.. as if you came up with this technique in the first place... cause you didnt so why make it seem like you came up with this idea on your own.

go back and look at the threads, i was posting about acetone washing techniques loooong before you came on the SR scene....

1. I sell acetone washed coke. As well as chloroform washed.

2. You may have posted your little information about LeJunk's that you ripped from a website awhile ago during Christmas time, but modified it with a bunch of repetitive fluff to make it look like you perfected it. Come on now, the shit is easy! Anyone can do it.

3. I was selling the washed before you typed that nice report-I'll give you that, it was a nicely written tutorial.

4. What is your deal riding me? If you tried my stuff before I implore you to send me your address and I'll send you some to make up for whatever bad experience you had with me. We all made mistakes on SR once and  won't put myself on a pedestal saying that I'm without fault.

Bottom line is I'm still here and I still sell coke and do pretty well still. I have my regular customers that buy weight and they are purchases from highly respected members/vendors from this site. I may not sell in volume compared to some of the vendors on SR, but then again I don't advertise like they do anymore. I'm comfortable where I'm at currently and  sell more than 1 product. Plus my stuff is just as good as the other guy's. When you purify the coke it doesn't get much better than anything else in the top class of purity.

Like I said, PM me on the road and I'll send you something you can review however you want.


dude, i wasnt ripping you, i was just setting the record straight., be it that LeJunk is the originator of the washing method, and that he had posted it way back in 2006, all of us are simply following his technique to reach the same outcome.

and the post i made about my specific washing techniques? i posted that back on July 4th 2012 not christmas, you joined in SR in May and your thread "Best Fucking COKE on SR!!!": didnt begin until September 2012...and in those posts not 1 mention of washed coke.. sure you mentioned that your product could be cooked down to base form and smoked but that's about it...

again,... im not riding you or telling people that your product is junk or that you havent come through on product delivery... so dont mistake my critique for criticism, i havent said one thing bad about you, i just think (personally) that you have a way of promoting your product as the best cocaine on SR ---- that's like saying your the toughest guy in the room, just let the product speak for itself...

im rather glad that you've stayed around as long as you have, being that you had a rough start and some INTL packs had issues, but hey, we all live and learn right? most vendors would have packed up and closed shop.

my only issue is what you post on your seller page "

i mean, really dude? if i ordered from you, and lets say the product i received in my opinion was a 3/5, it could have been better.. would you never do business with me again simply because i gave honest feedback and said "hey, your product didnt knock my socks off" sorry but that's just my honest opinion... are you trying to discourage honest upward feedback from your customers? cause if i was a vendor, i would want someone to tell me if i sold them wasnt A+ ---- you know who use to do that all the time?? Purp13.... if you got an 8 ball of coke from him and you said "well it was ok, not A+ but maybe C- -- he would message you asking you to go back and change your rating from 3/5 to a 5/5 and he would give you a discount on the next order... thats not how it should be done !!!! sorry --- just my opinion, but people should be able to give honest and upward feedback without feeling that if they do mark a vendor a 3/5 or 4/5 dont be a dick and say  "oh, im never doing business with you again"...... MIN never did that, GoA never did that TV never did either,

thats just my take on things dude.. ... again, not bashing you, ----- just speaking my mind, we're on the same team man, just take this with a grain of salt..

I guess we have been long over due for some SkippyJiff coke dramas/debates  ::) every time you post in this thread it blows up into something. As someone said, let the product do the talking.

Take it to resolution, that automatically adds 5 days to the auto finalize date, ask for a 100% refund and explain why. If the vendor does not agree SR support will decide, just make sure the most recent message in resolution is yours as the finalize date approaches.

Customer support / Re: customized orders
« on: March 30, 2013, 12:37 am »
Thread locked as resolved.

Sorry to hear that mate but as I stated earlier the only way your coins could be transferred is by someone using a PIN and that only happens when you are phished, I would do a thorough clean of your computer in case you have some key logger malware has found its way onto your computer or something.

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