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Customer support / Re: order cancelled
« on: May 06, 2013, 11:11 am »
Budworx can take a good few days to respond to messages, I can only guess at the volume they get but it must be huge.

They have posted in the forums stating they will consider refunds even for finalized orders, they claim to consider each issue on a case by case basis so if you have good buyer stats and/or an established relationship with them it should help you work out a resolution.

If you have given them a negative review and low feedback score before having some discussion with them I'm pretty sure you will burn any chances of working something out. I understand they have been slow to respond but if it has literally just been a couple of days I would invite you to change your feedback and give it a few more days and if nothing changes then you edit your feedback accordingly.

Customer support / Re: Ausid why won't you reply?
« on: May 06, 2013, 10:48 am »
To be honest mate I have no idea what to make of them, they copped heaps of flak on the forums when they came on the scene, if you read their vendor review thread it is mostly accusations and challenges for them to prove themselves as legit and not LE, when they finally did that they disappeared.

As for whether they are gearing up to do a runner there would be nothing to run from, they haven't been vending as far as I can tell and apart from a few disgruntled buyers still chasing for a resolution there isn't any other info being posted.

They were always pretty clear in that their IRL business was more than enough to turn a healthy profit, that could be true or BS, and SR was from what I can tell nothing but a total pain in the ass for them.

Basically I have no idea and I would suggest the only people who know the truth is AUSID. I do know of a few people who had very good experiences with them though before they went awol though, shame really because SR really needs a solid vendor providing those types of services.

Locking this, if the OP has an issue with this feel free to PM me to discuss.

Thread locked as resolved.


I'm sorry, did you say George W Bush was a socialist?


Yes! Really I do! For realszies!

I have to tell you that "Really?" is most annoying. It's grammatically incorrect to begin with, but I'm no grammar fascist. It just sounds so childlike. I've been going to great lengths to get that "question mark at the end of every sentence" garbage, out of my kids speech patterns.

Ex. "So I went to the mall yesterday? And I was walking around a lot? And there were lots of people there? And I got an anxiety attack? And I was really dizzy?"

I hope you catch my drift.

Thanks for letting me get that of my chest!  ;) (Really!)

Wait! Maybe you're really Seth Meyers! What do I know? :P

Now, to the point of my stating W was a Socialist. He certainly was more to the left than any other Republican president before him. Though your leftist indoctrinators at University probably wouldn't allow that, it's true. Many pundits have agreed on this, even the Wall St Journal editor!

W pushed the United States further down the road of economic socialism than any previous president, including Bill Clinton. In the 1996 Presidential campaign, Bill Clinton won the economic debate by painting Republicans as callous scrooges who want to rob the poor and elderly.

His ploy worked and he convinced the average American that Democrats were more compassionate. In framing the debate this way, Clinton crushed the Conservatives under foot. Ever since that time debates on economic policies have taken a decided turn to the left. The ideas of true economic conservatism do not stand a chance in the current political climate.

In order to prevent a repeat of the accusations of the past, George Bush strategically moved far to the left, adopting liberal economic policies as his own. The left turn was necessary to stop Republicans from becoming easy targets for the Democrat's slogan machines. George Bush learned well: if you want to win elections, don't debate real issues, use slogans and sound bites.

And above all, don't require the electorate to have to think. It is a recipe for disaster.

How did we get to this from "Help! Police came to door"?

Oh yeah, I insulted our fuhrer, and got the knee jerk reaction built into everyones brain by the media and academia. (a year into Obama's 2nd term, and they're still getting away with it!) ::)

The point I was trying to make, in reference to people and their rights if they're arrested is, that's all changed, and few people know about the National Defense Authorization Act that O signed into law. Unless you search for news outside the mainstream media, you have no idea the treachery this current administration is up to, and has been up to since day one. They are taking away our rights with every day that passes. The US Constitution they see as "an old outdated document". Yet they were able to get to where they are in power, by using that very document. Well that and a lot of race card playing, affirmative action, greasing the skids for this street agitator to glide into power.

Well enough politics.

That's one of the reasons I take drugs. I can't stand to see my country going to shit.

Nice discussion thread though.

Take care


Sarcastic retort and grammar lesson aside you make some interesting points.

I see Obama and his wall street cronies no different from any other US administration that has come to office in the last 40 years, the erosion of civil liberties will continue until people wake up and realize their beloved president(s) are little more than puppets doing the bidding of the real power brokers.

Customer support / Re: Ausid why won't you reply?
« on: May 05, 2013, 08:27 pm »
Last seen 8 days ago on the main site apparently.

I haven't seen nor heard from them is ages.

Have you messaged them on the main site? if so have those messages been read at all?

Has anyone ordered any coke from LaFuente recently?

Have a read of their review thread, some claimed recent weed arrivals but I've not seen anyone post about a coke arrival in over a month maybe longer. Either LaFuente's customers keep it quiet and/or do not frequent the forums or no ones received/ordered.

Rumor mill / Re: New cocaine vendor ItalianMafiaBrussels
« on: May 05, 2013, 02:49 am »
I'm definitely going to be trying your gear soon, IMB.  How long can I expect shipment to the U.S.?  Just so I know when to expect it after ordering...See you soon!

USA is mostly 7-12 days ;-)


SAMEBUTDIFFERENT: You got your pm's answered. Only today i was able to properly access SR without timing out.


All good thanks mate, I know it's been difficult to get onto the main site, great to see it back up now!

Rumor mill / Re: The Avengers LSD Vendors Review - SEE THE OP
« on: May 05, 2013, 02:47 am »
Well, if he is a selective scammer, YES, he would waste his time here without doubt. Be careful and read again: SELECTIVE.
I don't think a lot of no-shows without a letter of the customs would be plausible, and I think extremely unpleasant that message of his.
Considering that, I repeat, I'll NEVER buy from him in my life.
Hmm, yeah my logic is actually a bit flawed, you are right.

Just so many of you understand a few things...many new members who start to read and follow this thread jump to many conclusions. Some in defense and some against vendors..We all have to be careful on what we say..but we have to post what we experience.  I have seen over the last several months many different kinds of vendors. The only way for us to really know how a vendor is doing is reading the collective postings of members and vendors a like, from these we can paint a picture on how well a vendor is doing or not...and whether we will support them and buy from them.

these are the beginning steps .....I really hope HO is not heading down a slippery slope ...like many did before, like ETM and LD, MIMM and Jimmy Buffet and so many others...But lets not stop posting our experiences, good or bad...it help us all...


Good day !

yes .....we all have time on our hands...Now the attacker seems to be well prepared as DPR said....

the ONLY slippery slope... we see... is USA

We crossed out other slippery slopes before.......Australia/NZ, Norway Finland Sweden and Ireland....all countries with custom issues......and now USA to follow for month May or indefinitely........

again..... there is NO reason at all to panic...ALL buyers are in escrow.......SR HAS the money.......NOT US......the names of bad vendors.... i saw are...were...sellers with high FE   policy.....NOT US !! ...we have 99.9% in escrow

All sellers have 2 kinds of buyers

1 ...Happy buyers who receive.......
2.....Non happy buyers....who do not receive


Again...as i said before...a seller can not defend himself if being called a selective scammer......same as you can not defend yourself if called a selective buyer scammer.......or worse.....a child abuser...

we deal.... when SR is up again....we are going nowhere....

SR Rulez!  we like it here !..... We stay !

good weekend

I would just like to point out what i have noticed, when a vendor is legit and not scamming, they will only defend themselves
one time, then move on from the matter. All the vendors I have seen that get called out for scamming will fix the problem
in one post or so, but if they are scamming then they will continue to post and post and post saying how they are 99% or
in top 2% of vendors and that they are not scamming and we are all just being mean to them. Just saying thats what I
have noticed not only on SR but in real life to face to face with your dealer they will jack you or skimp you, then talk
about how you're an asshole for bringing it up and that no one else said they got skimped.

This is in no way directed towards HolandOnline but it is fairly common for vendors to cry foul and accuse buyers of being scammers when they run into difficulties, the same it should also be said happens in reverse with buyers accusing vendors. It is just the way things play out on SR it seems, both are often too quick to point the finger at the other.

It just comes up with a black screen with a blue box with the following error message:

"The selected boot device failed. Press <Enter> to continue."

Then if I press enter I am taken to another screen that has:

Boot Option Menu

OS boot manager
Boot from EFI File

up arrow and down arrow to change option, ENTER to select option.

Press F10 to BIOS setup options, ESC to exit.

Ok has anyone tried this on a computer that comes pre-installed with windows 8?

I have followed all the instructions, created the USB and installed Tails etc and even edited the BIOS to select the USB as first in line for start-up and I can't get it to work  :(


Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: May 04, 2013, 11:04 pm »
Nope - The Dingo did not eat the Drugs...

The fucking police dog ate the hamster during the drug raid! Would never happen to me - I keep my hamster in a 'special' place ;)


"Police Dog Eats Pet Hamster During Drugs Bust"


Tasty  8)

Customer support / Re: Placed Order Before Crash
« on: May 04, 2013, 10:33 pm »
The site is back up  :)

Fantastic news, thread locked as resolved.

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