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Silk Road discussion / Re: can anyone destroy the road????
« on: June 10, 2013, 09:54 am »
You can get better reindeer meat in a wider variety on clearnet.

http://reindeerranch.ws/reindeer_meat.htm - Sold out right now.  Shit must be good!

http://americanpridefoods.com/reindeer-meat.html  - You can buy a whole case from them and they have a great variety!
Alaskan Reindeer Sausage
Cube-Cut Reindeer Stew Meat
Breakfast Sausage with Reindeer Meat
Hot & Spicy Reindeer Summer Sausage
Bacon-Wrapped Reindeer Medallion Steaks  MMMMM My mouth is watering!
Alaskan Reindeer Hot Dogs
Ground Reindeer Burger Meat
Reindeer Burger Patties
Alaskan Reindeer Polish Sausage Dogs
The Alaskan Sausage Sampler

Just search around clearnet.  Lots of good reindeer meat to be had. :D

You can keep your Santa Clause meat, emu and kangaroo is where it is at, we do not fuck around down under, we eat our national emblem, best roasted on the BBQ, nom nom nom...

Beautiful product, beautiful vendor.

I wish every transaction on the road could be like my experiences with NaturalOils.

Customer support / Re: new topic.
« on: June 10, 2013, 09:09 am »

Don't ya hate that?


ugh...woke up to take some meds for pain and seen ya here SameSame  :)

thought i'd chime iin for a bit  :P

I hope everything in your world is good  :)

Peace & Hugs,

ChemCat  O0

Yes mate life is good as it goes, Queens birthday today down under so lazy day, red wine and movies  ;)

Your back still giving you grief then I take it?

Customer support / Re: new topic.
« on: June 10, 2013, 08:40 am »
NCK deleted their post making mine look rather misplaced now ChemCat  ;)

Message to tcbagby - before you do ANYTHING else please log in to your account on the market site and read your messages there, if you can't log in (as we suspect you have been phished) then create a new account and contact customer support by submitting a ticket requesting a pass phrase reset, if you need to know more read the SR wiki.

OP updated with new vendors  :)

dabdiego, where is the link to your vendor page?


Sorry, a bit of a brain fart on that one  :D Here is the link to our page. Reviews will be coming in the next day or two. Packaged over 20 units today using the foil, we fall in love more and more every day lol! Thanks again for this awesome thread, it has been a lifesaver.

VENDOR PAGE: silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/user/bfbdfedfb8

Done  :)

« on: June 10, 2013, 08:01 am »
this thread is trippin me out  ???

Just when you think you have seen it all.

If the order was finalized after the vendor was demoted then I'm afraid the admins are very unlikely to amend your stats, in fact I'd say the chances are zero. Buyer stats are only ever amended in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the admin team on the market site.

Customer support / Re: new topic.
« on: June 10, 2013, 04:37 am »
Tell me to mind my own fucking business if you like NCK but are you sure you want to be encouraging that kinda behavior? I can fully appreciate you just want this issue to disappear but anyone with half an ounce of common sense can see this for what it is, I just hope you don't encourage others to behave in this way.

Either way I hope the issue can be resolved quickly and amicably on both sides asap.

Just wanted to do a courtesy bump to remind others not to believe everything they read. I have proven today that hero members, mods, and admins can be led to believe lies. Question everything. I also want to remind everyone the danger that is amateur detectives (looking at wraith). I virtually ruined a persons new account, and all I did was post a link directing others to his shop. Doing that was alot easier then what I did to boost, Jesus that set up took a while, but it paid off. I have shown that most users, especially "hero" members are idiots desperate for any tiny amount of attention they can get; they want it so bad, they ignore reality and facts, all so someone they will never meet, praises them for a "good job."

With the exemption of a few, most information and conversation done on this forum is done by idiots. I have managed to convince one member, and most of the mods, that I was several different people. Coachella420; I never took this role until heat fan "made a link." I played on his drive to uncover scammers. I knew he would be looking for other accounts that belonged to the "super scanner Coachella." Mindblower was the door keeper which, once agian, convinced heatfan I was someone I was not; I knew he would be trolling the meth thread. One of the most surprising acts was with frequent flyer. I can't believe a mod believed a known liar that he was a new vendor selling lsd. No looking into it, no research. Just jumped from A to Z.

really makes you wonder of the quality of support we have here, and over at the marketplace.

All you have managed to prove coachella420/InfiniteSource/MindBlower is that your reputation on here is so fucking atrocious just the mere speculation of you being linked with a vendor account is enough to tarnish it's reputation. So you deliberately associated yourself with a new vendor account for god only knows what reason, who really does know what goes on inside that messed up little head of yours.

Carry on with your psyops FUD mate, enough people have you pegged for the just what you are around here now so hopefully you will be prevented from doing too much damage to others again in the future.

As the poster above correctly stated clicking on 'resolve' will take the transaction into the resolution center where you can propose the resolution you would like, in this instance I would suggest 100% refund with no damage to your stats as it would appear the order was never shipped. The resolution staff can review all the messages exchanged between you and the vendor so there is no need to copy and paste lengthy details, just keep it succinct and factual when explaining the circumstances of your situation.

If the vendor does not return a counter proposal then the resolution staff will make a determination on your behalf. If however the vendor does come back with a counter proposal make sure to respond to it. Once in the resolution center orders will never auto finalize, more information on how escrow and the resolution center works can be found in the SR wiki.


I was browsing through some listings for plain old Nepalese ball hash and found one that say it contained small amounts of opium, just curious if there's a chance yours does as well NO? Not sure how common it is if at all, but just got me curious. If anything I think it might make a nice addition.. Maybe that's just me though.

Definitely just you moksha  ;)

Shipping / Re: Opening a PO box
« on: June 09, 2013, 09:48 pm »
Mail to PO Boxes always attract more attention from customs than a normal house address, specially on risky countries.

If a shipping was sent with decent stealth and well sealed can arrive everywhere in the world, but  as said, always was much more suspicious receive a package from overseas in a PO box than in a house.

I would challenge that assumption as it goes. Here in Australia you need two forms of ID including a photo ID to open a PO box therefore it stands to reason that the chances of linking the rightful owner of the PO Box to an intercepted order is much greater than if something is just sent to a residential address given you can just say "I have no idea who sent that and it's definitely nothing to do with me". So I therefore fail to see the link between a PO box being more risky and attracting more attention, why would that be?

Opening a PO box with fake credentials obviously increases your potential list of charges if you were to get caught using it or linked to it, therefore many people do not take the chance and just run with ordering to residential addresses including their home, which is if you ask me something that is far more risky than using an anonymous PO box not linked to you i.e. opened with fake documents. Sure the penalties are harsher if caught but the chances of getting caught are also much lower as you sever the link between you and the order. As will all things SR related it comes down to risk vrs reward, understand the potential penalties of the actions you are taking and make an informed decision based upon what you consider is acceptable or otherwise.

Something to think about.

People always getting busted at festivals here in Australia by the drug dogs. Operating online I fail to come to terms how so many mail packages at post offices so often would not raise attention. All exp post envelopes here in oz can be tracked to place of purchase....review cctv bang you are identified.

Slightly off topic but just so you know there are ways of procuring the exp post envelopes without going into the post office the same as it is also important to ensure you are posting said envelopes into post boxes not covered with shit loads of CCTV.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Vendor Silk Road Study
« on: June 09, 2013, 08:00 pm »
I am assuming that you have approached DPR regarding this before being so presumptuous as to post in the SR forums on such matters?

If not GTFO.

I am sure you will understand my sentiment.


Email reply from DPR - feel free, thanks for your interest  :)

All good, I'm sure you can appreciate my concern and it is after all the courteous thing to do under the circumstances.

Green light given, I'll leave you alone now  ;)

Anyone who likes world class hash and does not jump on this 200% free offer needs to seek immediate help! my next SuperBall is due next week, last one landed in 7 days! 7 DAYS!! one of the fastest international orders I've ever had arrive.

NaturalOils love your work!!!

Yeah, I should see mine this coming week..  And I am gonna get sooooo fucking ripped once I get it, I may just take a sick day from work.

You're supposed to put it in the fridge for a few hours when you get it to help it reform as it gets very squishy in transit, notice I said 'fridge' and not the freezer for 30 seconds then skinned up with  :P

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