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Customer support / Re: Vendor Bond
« on: June 23, 2013, 03:07 am »
I suspect the only way to become eligible for a bond return would be to meet the terms and conditions as set out in the sellers guide, I will ask and admin though to double check.

There is absolutely no drug except heroin which perfectly cancels out the comedown of coke.  They are made for each other in that respect.  I never do coke unless I have some heroin on hand.

I prefer beer and Chinese food myself if I am feeling a bit seedy after a big night  ;)

Customer support / Re: New America's MDMA
« on: June 22, 2013, 09:50 pm »
Thank you for raising your concerns, I will ensure the admins are made aware of your allegations.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: June 22, 2013, 09:39 pm »
Hey all,

Just thought some who were following the whole UK crackdown might have a slight interest to know that I received my order safe and sound from the UK--myself having ordered at the end of last month, so it would have coincided quite nicely with this so-called crackdown I believe.
I took heed of all the feedback regarding the crackdown and was so so sure my order was a goner--my previous uk orders were ~6 days, but this time it was getting past 2 weeks and  I was seriously worried (and I almost tried to get a refund out of my vendor!)--but alas it arrived in a little over 3 weeks :)

A tidbit of speculation from this incredible vendor:
"I send ALOT of mail to Australia, and I dont think ive had a single non-deliver in the last few weeks. It could be the quality of the vendors and the packaging - most likely!"

Don't really wanna reveal the vendor name because i'm selfish but i'll chuck him a kind review heh.

But yeah, take what you will from the whole debacle, it certainly had my heart racing for a while.

Stay Safe  8)

Hearing about an order from the UK taking over 3 weeks to arrive has given me some hope, I've got an EU in that bracket and a US one late too.

Security / Re: Signed delivery in Ireland led to prison sentence
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:57 pm »
It says there that they only got suspicious because the name was different on the mail than what was registered on the address, and then he  actually signed it. If he had used his real name and signed it, he probably could have gotten away with it. "I sign all the packages I receive, it might be important."

Another reason to not use "Ronaldo the Methhead" as your name on orders.

If I could +1 you I would, that made me spit my red wine out, Ronaldo the Methhead, classic

Yes it is, that is a given.

My post was motivated by my reaction to reading your post, given I know for a fact that the admins who run SR care passionately about everyone who buys from this marketplace, your post insinuates otherwise. I am just giving my opinion.

Customer support / Re: crack vendor in oz?
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:35 pm »
Idiot proofed instructions, here you go (you can thank me later)
1) Go to www.google.com
2) Type in 'How to make crack'
3) This is a hard one so bear with me here, you press the 'enter' key or hit 'google search'.

Is it 'enter' or hit 'google search' ???

please respond quickly, I just can't think for myself  :P

« on: June 22, 2013, 12:33 pm »
weed4me, I am sympathetic to your issue, it sucks that you go robbed but I do not understand why anyone would purchase btc through a vendor here when so many legit avenues for obtaining bitcoin exist. Why not go through one of the many channels to purchase bitcoin?

Probably because the OP thinks that bitcoins are illegal. They always do. Bizarre, truly.

Yeah, i was the first person to post this... 2 WEEKS AGO!!!  This is an old issue, and frankly i am sick of still remembering that i got GOT by that piece of shit

And yes... I understand there are many legit other ways to get btc... unfortunately Bitinstant had just switched its service to member only, and i had a demand to meet, so i needed them quick!!  I just trusted the rating system of SR, more than anything! I   I know that i might not be as ALL KNOWING as some people, but i am not stupid.  Since then, i have taken the time to find these other means, and will never make that same mistake again, so we can all stop worrying about my personal situation.  I just really wanted to spread awareness, as AnonymousAddict said, I was the one, along with one other to post this to inform others to try to improve this community.

Send me your btc address.

why?nothing happens.

sorry you feel that way, maybe SR isn't for you.

Shipping / Re: Packaging methods tested with actual trained dog
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:17 pm »
Lol, awesome info, I really only read like 3 pages in so I dont know if anyone has said this, but If your really freaked out by dogs super noses that can "sniff a single molecule out of the air" apparently, lol just dust the inside of your package with benzocaine, it is not illegal and will knockout a dogs smell sensors for at least an hour or two. Simple fucking shit, quadruple/quintuple seal that shit with the Polypropolene bags, then dust that shit in benzocaine dawggg. Lol sounds simple, but dogs are simple creatures that just happen to have good noses, this aint some crazy star wars shit lol you can trick an organism in many different ways. Lol I know you can knockout a dogs sensors with cocaine, but ummmmmm probably better use benzocaine, or ketamine, drug dogs cant smell ketamine I do believe, but I would still go with the benzocaine =p

Dogs give more false positives than actual detections but damn they are still a major pain in the ass!!

Rumor mill / Re: FPUK review
« on: June 22, 2013, 11:59 am »
C'mon Monday! hoping the postie will be delivering some of this much anticipated cola.

JOR = honesty, integrity and high quality merchandise

You will be sorely missed, hurry up an reinvent yourself if that's what you need to do, SR needs more vendors like you.

How come I can't see Koltbiz's listings ??? only selected buyers or is he on a break ???

You're probably blacklisted DrWalterB  :P

Seriously though if the listings are down then koltbiz has sold out, that is all mate.

another scam? normal day on the road then.

The scammers will ALWAYS be with us sickroadleaks, help your community by keeping your eyes open for issues and report them as you see fit.

Off topic / Re: Australians spend $7bn buying drugs
« on: June 22, 2013, 11:46 am »
Doesn't surprise me, they pay $300 for a gram of coke  :P

$350 actually

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