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Customer support / Re: resolution center a big joke or what?
« on: June 29, 2013, 01:22 am »
okey, hello.

I've been a member for just about 3 months.. made 27 successful transactions, with 0 refund 0 auto finalize. some 1300 spent.

this is my first time having to use the RC.. an now that I am having to, it feels like a fucking joke.

I have had an order of 5 tabs of cid, for well over a month (shipped may 5th), that I haven't received.
the communication from the vendor has been dodgy at best. with delayed responses over many days.. and only thing that's happened so far is time extensions... :-\

the vendor, after a this long has sent be a message offering a reship, I just want my money back.. so far the RC has been nothing but horse shit.

anyone else experience this or just me?

You need to ensure your most recent proposal reflects the resolution you are seeking, if the last proposal in the resolution center is an extension, especially an automatic extension then it will just keep extending, you have to request something else to happen.

Customer support / Re: Accidentally withdrew bitcoins
« on: June 29, 2013, 01:11 am »
So I'm dumb and I withdrew bitcoins from my account using my own address (the same one for deposits). I'm new and I was trying to figure out how to buy something (I didn't see the "add to cart" link at first). How do I get them back for use on SR?

Thanks for your help.

If you withdrew them to the same btc address they will just find their way back to your account, don't worry you are not the first person to have made this mistake.

Newbie discussion / Re: Please move me to the Vendors list
« on: June 29, 2013, 12:34 am »
All you need to know to get vendor status is here



Many thanks ReD EyE

Please refer to the SR wiki, it covers 99% of most of the questions that get asked here on the forums.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Refund rate
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:17 am »
Mmmm. Try getting a refund on a $8,000 order due to a seized package, followed by a $14,700 refund by a vendor who cancelled my order due to their account being hacked and fear of my addresses being reported to LE by hacker, followed by a $49,500 order being refunded because the vendor no longer wishes to conduct such a transaction.


Ouch  :-\

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: June 28, 2013, 08:05 am »
hey all, bit of a long shot but any  chance someone can lend me .10btc? i can pay it back in a couple of ways on monday which i am happy to discuss via pm.

i know its a long shot but i fucked up when i changed bitcoins and need it asap.

if anyone can show the love would be greatly appreciated. i keep my word you will get it back.

I can cover it, send me a pm of where to send it.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Where are the forum Moderators?
« on: June 28, 2013, 07:56 am »
I haven't noticed any of the Moderators in a while, are you there Libertas, Scout, SSBD?
edit: come to think of it, not heard from DPR either. Silk Road staff holiday?  ???

Right here just like always mate  ;)

Holiday? what's that? I can't remember a day when I haven't been on here since the last down time.

Off topic / Re: Atlantis launches a commercial
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:46 am »

he said

"Law enforcement is going to be aware of us (and probably already is) regardless of the way we choose to put our product out there."

not wrong imo, they already know about SR, Atlantis, or even worst website.

too dangerous to engage a "war" directly?

It's true, of course law enforcement, journalists and authorities know about all these websites.  I think that is somewhat different to sticking your finger up at them in a dare.

In the lane behind where I live, there is a heroin dealer.  Everybody knows it.  He does a roaring trade, day and night.  Has done for years.  No doubt the police get periodic calls from neighbours telling them about him, and no doubt they say there's not much they can do, need to catch him in the act, need probable cause yada yada yada.

But what do you think they would do if the dealer himself put out a sign in front of his house and rang the police yelling "HEY PIGS I SELL HAMMER AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT??"

I think their reaction would be a little different, just quietly ::)


If we allow ourselves to get cocky, arrogant and complacent you watch how quickly they will mobilize to shut this down, resources won't be an issue, it will be about face saving and we all know how our governments like to prove a point.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:40 am »
  When you get old the high on meth is a little TOO long, thats without going into the comedown.   

Speak for yourself Tellemetree! (lol) I love the high you get from QUALITY meth, not some of the cut shit out there. Those who have indulged in the pure nectar of the God's will know what I mean.  :)

I'm too old Wad, and probs hit it too hard for too long and now I am just a pussy.

Still love it, but tend to go with the "beep, xanax, terminate" option as soon as it starts to grind on me.

I'd be scared to work out how much of my life I have spent coming down from meth. I think my body knows this and punishes me waaay worse than it should.

Don't worry, I'm no spring chicken myself. But when circumstances allow, I certainly won't knock back an opportunity to have a puff. I know my limits (as I'm sure you do) and stick to them. That wasn't the case in my younger days, but is certainly the case now. Couldn't agree more with you about our bodies punishing us more than they should. I think that's just a case of us getting old though.  :P

Yeah, see I am weird like that, cos these days for the very reason we are talking about, I prefer good speed to meth, shorter acting, more rushy, none of this clean and lasts 48 hours shit, we all know 48 hours means high for 6 and coming down for 42.

Can you relate to that or will speed always be meths poorer cousin in most ppl's minds?

I used to only use speed and can still get some wicked base IRL. But I got sick of snorting it (base + glucose) and my nose had enough of it. Since then, I started using only Meth (I did dabble in it though when using goey) and saving my nostrils for some delicious, euphoric charlie. I Haven't looked back. I guess it just suits me a lot better now but we are all individuals with a variety of tastes.  :) :)

It's my firm belief that these younguns who have never had real MDMA or coke before in their lives try meth for the first time and get this euphoric rush think it's the ducks nuts of all drugs and then become hooked on it because they want to experience that all the time.

I've seen it claim that many people I never would have imagined where as I had plenty of MDMA during the rave culture era of the 90's and when I toked meth for the first time I asked my mate "is this it?" he said "yep... pretty shit eh?" and I'm charging off my head and said "where's the love, where's the happiness and sense of oneness this is just shit?"

You hit the nail on the head with those words, I truly feel sorry for the younger generation of today who never got to experience the late 80's and early 90's rave culture, changed my life forever in the most amazing ways. I've never touched meth, I'm not against it per say but I do think it is unfortunate that in countries like Australia that have ridiculously stringent drug prohibition measures it limits peoples access to other less harmful drugs resulting in people consuming anything that's available, you only have to look at the aboriginal communities where people die from consuming home brew or sniffing petrol because they are restricted access to grog etc for their own good.

Prohibition doesn't work, education and harm reduction does

Long live SR!

Customer support / Re: scammed by belgianchocolate
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:25 am »
That vendor was banned sometime ago now and as my memory serves me correctly they are one of the repeat scammers who keep coming back under different vendor accounts and pulling the same FE scam every time.

Do not FE for any vendor, we need to get rid of the incentive for these scammers that blight out community, if everyone refused to FE is would seriously cut down on this type of things happening.

Sorry you were scammed.

Technical support / Re: Problems posting on PC ???
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:38 am »
No problem, glad you got it sorted (kinda).


Customer support / Re: Missing Bitcoins
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:35 am »
the coins was sent through silkroad, user to user. where can i find the info to check blockchain?

Ahh I see, well in that case please review your account history and you should see the transfer there, if all looks ok and the coins have not arrived at their intended destination then you will need to submit a customer support ticket and have an admin take a look for you.

Customer support / Re: bitcoins not recieved
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:32 am »
You will need to submit a customer support ticket via the market site and ask an admin to look into it for you, you cannot get assistance from the forums on such matters.

lol so 4 heroin is gone finally now?

more 2 come please, and once the accounts are banned what happens to the coins does Sr take them or give them back 2 the stolen?

Scammers generally withdraw all their ill gotten gains off SR as quickly as people finalize orders so when a vendor is banned there usually isn't any coins left. In cases where a vendor is locked out of the account and people finalize after this has happened then they can get their coins back, it really all depends on whether the funds are still in the vendors account or whether they have been withdrawn.

I have passed the name of this vendor up to the admins, please make sure you submit a customer support ticket via the market site also.

Customer support / Re: Scammed by Righteous [25i-nBome Vendor]
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:46 pm »
Fingers crossed that you receive your reshipped order soon then.

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