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If it has been 3 months or longer without there being any activity on the account and there was a zero BTC balance then the account may have been purged along with all the transaction history and comms. Either way the admins will be unable to reset the pass phrase for you unless you can prove yourself as the rightful owner so assuming the account is still there but all the trans/comms history is gone you will need to provide a BTC address used to fund the account as that will be the only way of verifying you.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:50 pm »
Ok, well this isnt the first time i've read about you having a shit load of orders coming in from all over and not having received anything.

I simply said something that might have been of some help, but obviously not. :P

If your not following me, then thats fine no problem bro. Hope you sort out whatever it is...sorry i offended you by saying you should slow down.

My friend the other day had a go at me for doing drugs...and i just looked at him while he was holding a beer. I said "How many of those do you drink a week?" He said-"I buy 2 slabs a week. I laughed and told him to fuck off in a friendly way, and said your doing more damage than i am.....anyway...

Oh, as for the customs workers, say if you have one job in say mail sorting. You will only have that post/job for a very short time, then you will be moved to another section. Its to stop corruption, etc. Theres more to it, but i wont add anything else.

All good mate and I'm not that easily offended  ;) I get you were being well intentioned, I just didn't follow the logic is all.

I've had a bad run before, March was pretty ugly but this is shaping up to be even worse. I will know by the end of this week if it's just some ridiculous delays or whether customs have nabbed my shit, holding out for the delay right now!

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:37 pm »
I will say this though, if a lot of my current orders do not make it I'll be pulling up stumps for a while, we have seen episodes where a lot gets seized, March this year and last month we had confirmed operations being conducted but I have a feeling something has changed recently and I know of others who have seen their success rates plummet of late when previously they were having no issues.

Jesus if I have to start paying domestic prices again I'm going to cry  :-\

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:31 pm »
No need for defense, but they are all arriving at the same place right?
So there getting profiled somehow. Lots of orders, all different vendors, addys, and still nothing?

I'd slow right down SSBD, your my bro here and i'm just thinking of you that is all. ;)

Just been watching the news about customs workers. They are about to do a major shake up....

I'm still not following you mate, I'm sure my few grams here and there doesn't stand out in amongst all the other drug mail. If you apply that logic you should be advising everyone to "slow down", I'm not being defensive, I'm just not seeing where you are coming from that's all.

What was on the news re customs workers? thought they had sacked most of them for importing drugs  :P

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:21 pm »
How was it posted samesame? I assume not via USPS First Class International.. if you have some sort of tracking? I'm waiting on something that is taking it's sweet ass time from same destination..

That was in fact the shipping option I asked for but it seems to have come with tracking. I have never ordered with tracking because I think it actually increases the chances of an intercept, not looking to restart that debate on that again but anyway it's late and I know of another person who ordered at the same time and received ages ago.

Recently had an EU order take 3+ weeks to land though so who knows, all I know is I have multiple orders from around the globe all going to different drops and nothing is arriving atm.

I agree with you on the tracking, i've never opted for it, nor will i ever. If it is intercepted, then your screwed.

SSBD, sounds like you need to slow down a little, there's staggering of shipments i know, but think about it, its as though all your orders are all arriving roughly at the same time...and are being profiled too easily. Its just a thought, and i hope you receive everything next time around. ;)

in his defence, they are sent to lots of different addresses from different vendors. not sure how their profiled ;)

*edit* just re read your post Jonny boy, I'm a bit confused as to your logic there mate, my orders come from all over and go to anonymous drops along with all the other drug mail, how does that increase the chances of profiling?

any joy yet SSBD?

Not yet mate no, I've got a few late in transits as it goes all from different locations heading to different drops so not sure what the go is with the mail system at the moment. Something needs to land soon though, hoping for some joy this week! My main concern re this order is as I have already said that I know of others who ordered at the same time received theirs ages ago so I am loosing hope.

Silk Road discussion / Re: SR Vendor label
« on: July 02, 2013, 08:40 pm »
feel free to message vendor support again and give them a gentle poke in the ribs.

Is vendor support ticklish?


Deleting the message your end does not delete it on the recipients end.

Hi SR tech support team,

I created my forum name "rabbithole" a while ago, which is the same with my vendor name, but I forgot the password of the forum name "rabbithole". So I created another forum name "therabbithole". Today I read that, to qualify for access to the Vendor Roundtable, I should have identical forum and vendor username.
The question is how do I change my forum name to "rabbithole"? Please help.

Thank you!

I think an admin may be able to  help you reset the password on your SMF forum account, send Libertas a PM and ask them if that is possible.

Customer support / Re: sellers terms and conditions
« on: July 02, 2013, 08:18 pm »
hi all, I bought an eighth of weed which never showed up, the vendor says he sent it but it never came. now the interesting thing is in his profile page he states that unless a customer selects his tracked option then he will not refund or resend.

my buyer stats show I have spent 15btc in 4 months on the road over 32 transactions no refunds or auto finalise.

what I want to know is if I open a dispute using the resolve button then will sr admin look at his stance on refund/resend and automatically find in his favour because I did not use tracked option, is it worth even opening a case as it will be a blot on my stats for no fault of my own.

Your buyer stats are certainly considered yes along with a number of other factors. With regards to the sellers terms and conditions you may have technically agreed to them however an admin can still make a determination so I would recommend proposing the resolution outcome you would like. As someone else posted if you approach this issue in a calm, polite and non emotive manner with the vendor I would hope that they would be open to working things out with you, if not the resolution center is there for your support.

Customer support / Re: Resolution extended by Silk Road staff
« on: July 02, 2013, 08:09 pm »
Dear ... and ...,

I am sorry you could not come to a resolution so far. We have extended the time you have to resolve this matter by 5 days. I hope this is agreeable for you both.

wtf? it's some kind of joke?  :(
so in result : 17 days without order + 5 days waiting for resolution and still nothing!
what next? or i can start to prepare for additional 5 or may be 10 days?

Please ensure that your most recent proposal in the resolution center reflects the resolution you are asking for and that you respond to any counter proposals made by the vendor. At the end of the resolution period if you have been unable to reach an agreement the matter will be reviewed by an admin and a resolution decided upon.

Sometimes these matters can take a little while to sort out so please try to be patient.

You can go into your post history and delete your posts, alternatively there is the 'remove topic' option, can be located at the bottom on the left.

Technical support / Re: SR BTC Price Frozen?
« on: July 02, 2013, 07:40 pm »
SR doesn't use just the mtgox weighted avg anymore, it's drawing from multiple markets now and the SR xrate is more closely tied to the last price than the weighted avg over the day.

I don't know why so many people are saying someone with 40 keys in SA would know how to smuggle it... 40 keys in SA isn't that much. Down in columbia you can get a gram of cocaine for a dollar.... a kg for $250-400.

In bulk 40kg the dude probably got them for about $100 a piece, that's $4000 for 40 keys....which is not that much money.

There are a few options:
Disguise very cleverely as a legitimate powdered supplement in Mylar bags, with labels and all, including online receipt, and ship 1 key at a time, or so. Use multiple addresses. Most would get here, some seizures/lost packages are inevitable...

If stealth is on point enough, do the above option and use Fedex and you might be able to get them here 10-20 at a time in a week, tops. If you do this I cannot stress the importance of the MBB bags enough...dogs must not smell them. If the box gets opened and they look legit with receipts and all and proper labels, no Fedex guy is going to slash open one of the bags and smell/taste it.

If you were really smart though you would get a pilot, to fly you down there, or fly yourself with your own pilots license, and personally pick up the bricks, fly back and land in your own private airfield. I am not an expert on air-regulations, but I can assure you this method is possible and is done by a lot of big-time smugglers.

I don't know where to begin with this post.

In short, no.

$100 a piece?

This thread should have stayed buried, resurrecting it is pointless.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:50 am »
Postmarked 18th June, received today. Few weeks? First class international. Vendor posted few days after he marked in transit, but I have come to expect that from this particular vendor and it came when I expected it too based on our previous business transactions.

Going to give the product a good run tonight..


That's the normal shipping time, 15 days is about the average in my experience. 15 days is a distant memory for most of my current MIA orders.

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