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Look, another new account which could not possbly in any way shape or form be another thurgood shill. Lets ignore the fact that he has heatfans/thurgoods exact same fucking syntax.

You seem to know my past history very well. Not many people keep such a log of my actions. I know one fag that does. The only people that call this account DoD is the mods/heatfan/thurgood. Everyone else either does not give a fuck, or does not know.

Thurgood stays and pleas because every day that drags is another day someone will FE.

Try again dick sucker

Also, try to learn how to read punctuation. They hate blacks PERIOD. End of that sentence.  The next sentence was a independent run on. Idiot.

Well thats awkward that you think this is a shill account. If you spent a mere minute youd see that I have reviews for multiple different vendors across a time period over over 6 months. Would be one crazy shill account, going back before TJ was even a vendor. On to the comment about how I know a lot about you, well sorry that I do my research? It took me about an hour, a day or so ago, to find out about you and your other accounts because I was trying to piece together your story and your thoughts about TJ. I wanted to see how reputable your story was but then I connected everything going back to you being "butt hurt" that he called you out on a new account. Heck if I were to scam I would be pissed too if he called me out before I could run off with people money, but then again Im not a douchebag. As for the syntax, Im also sorry for talking/typing like an educated person.

Please make sure you have your facts straight before you accuse me, or anyone really, of anything because now you just look like you have egg on your face.

Your doing it agian. Your doing that thing that only thurgood goes.

Call me whatever you want, im not going away anytime soon thurgood.

You're a fucking crack up coachella, anyone who doesn't agree with you is a shill right? so am I Thurgood/HEATfan? how's my syntax?

I was pm'd last night from a buyer telling me Thurgood hadn't shipped their FE'd order seemingly confirming what you are claiming, then 5 minutes later they pm me back to say their order just landed.

I'll say to you what I said to them last night, if there are a load of people waiting on their FE'd orders then start making some noise in this thread. I have passed Thurgood up twice now for an audit just to be on the safe side and the admins have found nothing to indicate any issues with Thurgood's vending account.

You flood these forums with your bullshit daily, I've lost count of how many shill account you have used, just recently you were creating new forum accounts in the same name as vendors and posting inflammatory bullshit to try to damage their rep. It seems blatantly obvious you are on some kind of crusade to try and hurt as many other vendors as you can, I can only surmise this is motivated out of some sad attempt to assuage your own failings in being one of SR's most banned vendors.

You're a joke coachella and the sad thing is you are the only one not laughing because no one else takes you seriously, well no one with half an ounce of common sense anyway. Is the irony of a self confessed FE scammer who threatens his customers masquerading as some sort of protector of the truth on here lost on anyone else?

Can't wait for the barrage of insults, "pussy ass mod", try constructing a sentence with some FACTS in it, oh yeah and that image you put up proves fuck all, hence the 0 posts in that thread.

Over to you ready eddy.

The PDS is just simply fucking amazing.

Gus and i both live in the USA now. We get PDS domestic. WOOT. Ha ha ha ha ha

I know right? now with you two guys living right down the street it makes things so much easier :)

I've moved to America too, like GUS I normally keep my mouth shut but this has to be said, Studio has the best coke on SR, FACT!

Customer support / Re: PLEASE HELP MAY HAVE GOT SCAMMED $5000
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:29 pm »
Talk to the vendor to get some clarity, if they continue to ignore you post in their review thread and/or create a new thread asking for others who bought from them to share their experiences. Get a test kit and test it.

Given you have finalized the order your only option is to appeal the vendor, SR admins cannot and will not be able to assist you with a finalized order.

Customer support / Re: PLEASE HELP MAY HAVE GOT SCAMMED $5000
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:10 pm »
Have you finalized the order and released payment to the vendor from escrow?

Customer support / Re: Transfer stats to new account?
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:08 pm »
Stats are not transferable between account.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:42 pm »
Hey guys
First, id like to say a massive thank you to all of you aussies, you've been great customers since my first day!

Im very pleased to announce that we now have our 90% tested MDMA available for domestic delivery in Australia.
You get to sample the finest MDMA available on the road, without the customs ;)

The 1g listing is now online - https://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion.to/silkroad/item/ef034399cf

All the love!!
I can confirm this is indeed 90% pure :D Tested by our Avengers group, and currently topping our charts for active vendors I believe.

Doesn't 90% bend the laws of physics mokshaft?

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:36 pm »
Just added this little disclaimer to my Australian molly vendors list on the avengers thread, but in light of seeing 'Importer' get about $5k in FE funds today\yesterday I feel it's necessary to re-post here.

There are always a lot of new Aussie vendors popping up, and having seen these vendors come and go for so long I feel it's imperative to warn other Aussies that there is absolutely no excuse to FE for any domestic order. This is your first and only real line of defense against scammers. There are a few resident scammers that continue returning because they keep getting idiots who are willing to FE for them. Usually the template is to not even bother putting up real pictures or get any legitimate sales on the board, but lately it's evolved a bit (SlangNRox specifically) to starting off legitimately and suddenly asking FE for all listings - This is a huge warning sign but should not be tolerated whatsoever.

If your vendor cannot wait up to 3 days (express) for their cash, it means they do not have enough overhead to cover a lawyer in case of being busted and increases the chance of them revealing their client list\operation to LE for a lesser charge\sentence.

This is exactly right, what bothers me more is that "Importer" only ships on Monday of every week, so he doesn't need a constant inflow of cash to support nextday shipping as he is working week by week, which makes his request for FE even more alarming.

And to add salt to "Importer"s wounds, hes asking people to use PrivNote when sending private messages which is ridiculous ask as it can be extremely unsafe as it is a clearnet website.

This is extremely upsetting as i was interested in the blue defqons as Aus' imported pill market has been very dry recently.

Somethings up with importer. I offered to buy most of his MDMA and all his Defqon pills and he made me a listing, then asked me to FE. I refused and he cancelled the order, costing me $344 because it was a hedged listing. He then messaged me apologizing for costing me the money and offered to let me order again and stay in escrow because I had good stats, and said he'd give me 5 grams extra MDMA to make up for it.

I placed the order again (un-hedged this time thank god) and he promised he'd post Monday and gave me a weird link to the tracking number that tried to open and run an executable file on my computer. The tracking number itself is an EMS international format number that to the best of my knowledge isn't ever used for domestic orders in Australia.

Now I look through his profile and I notice 3 pages of FE, including for a 50x Defqon listing, a 25x Defqon listings and at least 3 10x Defqon listings, even though he is supposedly selling everything to me!

Considering he just came back from being suspended by vendor support the whole thing looks extremely fishy. During the negotiation phase he kept offering to let me watch video footage of them with the drugs at their Sydney hotel, to prove they had them, like that would convince me to FE.

As I said to you the other day AussieMitch, these fucktards eat stupid for breakfast every fucking day.

Just as well you are in escrow, what does this clown hope to achieve by stringing you along? make sure you keep SR support updated, sounds like the ban hammer is getting ready for another swing.

Off topic / Re: What does DPR look like?
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:27 pm »
I say that he is either Obama, Wong Ka Kui or John Howard. :)

John Howard? he is seriously facially challenged, definitely a face for radio.

Customer support / Re: silk road broken
« on: August 08, 2013, 08:29 am »
Ok we will get right on it ;-)

Customer support / Re: Login failed
« on: August 08, 2013, 08:20 am »
Thread locked as resolved.

Customer support / Re: Bitcoins removed from my account
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:56 am »
Glad the issue resolved itself.

Thread locked as resolved.

Security / Re: Severing Tormail and PGP ties
« on: August 06, 2013, 10:04 pm »

Everyone should change their PGP keys.

Customer support / Re: Login failed, please try again
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:59 pm »
No problem, most questions asked in this board can be easily resolved by referring to the sticky and reading the SR wiki.

If you get stuck with a translation just post back here and I will step you thorough it.

This then leads to their SR accounts being hacked, any orders in transit finalized and the feedback you see with the Atlantis phishing link included.
I would assume that in addition to this, any feedback available under Account-View feedback would be edited.

Most probably yes.

I'm afraid not, PIN resets are automated and cannot be fast tracked for anyone under any circumstances due to security reasons.

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