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Customer support / Re: Quick question about negative buyer stats
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:37 pm »
Cancelling an order under any circumstances has no impact upon your stats.

Leaving an order to auto-finalize or receiving a refund though will impact upon your stats and can be viewed negatively by vendors you wish to do business with.

Customer support / Re: Resolution Question - Due in # days.
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:33 pm »
That is correct.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:11 am »
quick couple of question guys will PM results from vendor if you want afterwards on success.

International priority with DCN traceable: Is this signature required? If not.. Will it give me proof of delivery as in Delivered status?

IS ^^scrutinized/x-rayed singularly as in not mass conveyer belt the same by customs as express international?

TL;DR: Wanting to order express international, but would opt for international priority if i get a delivered status/don't have to sign.

Using tracking just raises the profile thus increasing the likelihood of a seizure IMHO. Others may feel differently and each to their own but you want as few people handling your order as possible, safety in numbers and all that.

Lol the UK is becoming Airstrip One. All hail Oceania!

When wasn't the UK the USA's little bitch?

I hate to say it, but Australia is still the UK's bitch. Along with New Zealand and Canada they are the "5 Eyes". PRISM is just a supercharged ECHELON


So still. Basically Oceania if I'm up to date with my Orwell.

And... oh shit.



I think Australia is more the USA's bitch than the UK's as it goes, I think ever since the CIA had a democratically elected Australian Prime Minister booted (Gough Whitlam) because they considered him a threat to national security (he was asking inconvenient questions about the top secret USA spy bases in Australia that were not sharing any intel, just making Australia a first strike country in any nuclear conflict) they have had AU by the short and curlies.

Lol the UK is becoming Airstrip One. All hail Oceania!

When wasn't the UK the USA's little bitch?

« on: August 21, 2013, 07:44 am »
DPR just gave you the green light, no vendor account needed.

Customer support / Re: PlanetExpress - FE scammer
« on: August 21, 2013, 05:55 am »
It is like groundhog day watching an FE scam unfold I know, I was placed in the uncomfortable position of having to call the ETM scam just as I was going out for dinner on Sunday afternoon having seen events start to unfold throughout the day. It was uncomfortable back then because I hadn't been a moderator that long so I was still a little unsure I was calling it right but went with my gut feeling anyway. Spent the entire evening shitting myself wondering what kind of drama was unfolding on the forums and whether I had either called it right or just hung out to dry a vendor who was at that time ranked in the top 1%.

From my perspective things have tightened up a lot over the last 6 months and even the FE scams that have taken place have been no way near as big as those previously and I have personally seen vendors accounts locked out before they could even make off with the FE'd funds.

As to whether DPR will implement changes that will make this type of scam harder to perpetrate or not I do not know, I think there is definite room for improvement in this area though.

Off topic / Re: The Australian Thread
« on: August 21, 2013, 05:32 am »
The price of local Drone is a disgrace. Same as Coke.
Won't be touching the local vendors until they get real.

You might be waiting a while then mate, can't see the prices dropping, in fact if the current trend of overseas seizures keeps up you might be paying even more for your domestic orders.

People expect local vendors to sell on here for cheaper than they would pay on the street, not considering a few things:

1. BTC fluctuate rapidly.
2. If you get caught vending on Silk Road you will spend way longer in jail than if you are pinched doing a deal on the street.
3. You don't get your money straightaway here, sometimes it's in escrow for 17days.
4. Silk Road charges fee's for all listings plus extra for hedging.

Mephedrone goes for $250/g on the street for pure, if it's cheaper it's generally cut. There's also a huge difference between good and bad Mephedrone, 75% of the overseas vendors have shitty Indian-grade Mephedrone that doesn't even come close to the euphoria of the Chinese stuff.

Don't hold your breath for cheaper local prices, every time they come around you can bet your ass it's a scam as it would be stupid for someone to lose a bunch of money just to sell drugs online instead of in real life.

Also, prices on Silk Road are relatively inelastic. In economic terms that means that demand is not inversely correlated to price in a 1:1 fashion. What this means for the vendor is that cheaper prices DON'T equal more customers unless they drop their prices a significant amount to the point where it's almost unprofitable. Conversely, raising prices won't cause a vendor to lose customers unless they raise it a significant amount.

This place obeys very simple economic principles, as it is essentially a completely free market with only a couple of rules to make trade easier. If you don't like it, import some Mephedrone or Coke and vend yourself, I guarantee within a month you will either have the same prices as every other local vendor or you will be out of business.
Yes. Everything you have said is correct.
The MDMA prices on here are actually cheaper than what people would generally pay for pure MDMA outside of SR.
$250 - $300 / gm is normal, sometimes even more, depending on the location. The MDMA prices on here are $190 - $220 which is significantly cheaper. ANd the vendors also have to pay SR fees, and t he costs of cashing out as well as the time and effort it takes to package and send each order.

What happened to old mate (can't remember their forum handle) who was going to come on here and vend mollie at $100 a gram? I'm so surprised that hasn't happened yet, they seemed to committed.

Shipping / Re: Delays UK - AUS?
« on: August 21, 2013, 05:17 am »
The information I posted regarding the scanning of larger quantities of letter mail came from a slightly more credible source that just "a few mates" but I accept that it is not necessarily cast iron proof of what customs may or may not be doing, I just have it on very good authority they are implementing these practices more frequently.

My personal success rate has dropped this year and the UK continues to be a challenging country for me to order from, I have no idea why my experiences ordering from there differs so much than many others but I am well aware I am far from alone in seeing a very notable increase in the number of no shows across the board over the past 4 months.

I think it might also be worth noting that this aspect of the discussion in this thread was sparked by claims a no show was proof of selective scamming, something I challenged as a no show proves nothing and could very well be a customs seizure even if the person I was responding too claimed customs could never find a 1g order in a letter unless it was packaged very poorly. Having lost multiple small orders from vendors I know to have shipped I know for a fact customs can and do detect small quantities in letter mail regularly.

Anyway this argument will continue until the cows come home, was being bounced around the forums 11 months ago when I joined and is showing no sign of letting up because in the absence of a clear context people will invariably create their own.

You may need to contact SR support, I am not sure how you go about deleting everything including your stats etc.

Shipping / Re: Delays UK - AUS?
« on: August 21, 2013, 01:20 am »
Very glad to hear it, sounds like you have done your homework, good on you! :)

Hey guys, this board isn't really supposed to be used for general vendor discussions, it is intended for customer support matters. Please feel free to continue this discussion in an appropriate section of the forums.

Once an order is finalized your only recourse for a refund is directly with the vendor as SR support are unable to help you.

Shipping / Re: Delays UK - AUS?
« on: August 20, 2013, 08:52 pm »
Woahhhhhhhhhhh fuckin relax customs man,so you are saying they are xraying every letter that comes to OZ before they go through the sorter?

How do u know this and is there anyway to hide organic matter from xray?

They are x-raying a lot yes, not everything but a lot more than they ever used too which is why shipping times are all over the place and seizure rates are up significantly. I know people whose success rates have plummeted in the last 4 months, these are buyers with over $100k spent and a 0% refund rate I might add so they know what they are doing.

As for what you can do to counter it well I'm still considering that myself but just making something non permeable with MBB is no longer enough, I am just hoping they run out of money soon as they cannot keep this up indefinitely, they are also due for a funding cut which ironically might be the driving force behind their extra efforts so they can go "hey look at all these drugs in the mail, if you cut our funding the sky will fall in".

I am sure there are some experts in spectroscopy who could advise on methods to beat the scanners, it is however not a subject I am qualified to offer an opinion on.

LoL thanks for the insight samesame...Just made me soo much more worried. I got 3 orders coming in from overseas...Got 2 from UK and 1 from Germany (but I think the seller is really NL as some buyers report return addresses from NL :(  ) Fuckity Fuck Fuck...These are my first internationals and if none make it in I will only ever order domestic...Fuck!!! Only small amounts I might add..

It is good to be worried when importing illegal substances across international boarders, a healthy dose of paranoia is severely missing from many people who have recently bumbled their way into SR (I'm not referring to you by the way shazmo009, I'm just making an observation). I just hope you are using safe drop arrangements i.e. not ordering to your home address or an address easily linked to you.

Technical support / Re: Lost Account
« on: August 20, 2013, 08:45 pm »
You use a clearnet site with the same name?

I wouldn't recommend you do that mate.

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