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Customer support / Re: Can't login to my account
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:48 pm »
There are instructions in the FAQ sticky at the top of this board for how to request a pass phrase reset, you essentially need to open a new temp account on the market site and contact SR support verifying your identity. Please refer to the SR wiki for full instructions.

This is hallucinating horse by the way just in case anyone missed it.

That's all I have to say, I'm not dignifying this with so much as a response.

Don't run off too far samesame. Your gonna have some explaining to do soon.

I won't be running off anywhere mate, as always I will be right here doing my job making sure the community is kept alerted to potential risks and danger and if that involves upsetting a sociopath meth head (you) in the process then so be it, I will not be intimidated or threatened by you to stop doing my job.

And no I won't have any explaining to do, least of all to someone with a proven history of spreading more lies and FUD on these forums than all the others shills to ever register combined.

This has to be the lamest attempt to deflect attention off you yet, can you not see how transparent this is? I inform the community as to who you are and your history of crazy antics, something you barely even try to deny then you come back with this load of bollocks.

Fill your boots mate, you ain't got jack diddly squat on me and you know it.

This is hallucinating horse by the way just in case anyone missed it.

That's all I have to say, I'm not dignifying this with so much as a response.

So i'm working on this post for the main SR discussion, should it be "forum mod top FE scammer" or something like "SSBD has FE scammed many thousands from this community"

Of course the post would contain the screen shots I have saved detailing my findings. I went ahead and shot DPR a message, maybe he wants to figure it out before this huge embarrassment comes out. Or shit, maybe he already knows.

All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. You let your giant ego get in the way. Fine with me, I love to watch you squirm.

The cheese has finally slipped off your cracker mate, I just opened the screen shot listed in the post below by heatfan showing the post you put up about me not being from Australia and some other weird and wonderful accusations about FE scams etc.

Your desperation is palpable, all you are doing is further evidencing what an absolute psycho you are and emphasizing why it is so important to keep a spot light on you to try to limit the damage and drama you continue to cause.

My post history is there for anyone to examine at any time, DPR knows precisely who I am etc, something he can verify at any time should he wish to do so. Thanks for the warning PM by the way, let me post it here for the community to see what you are sending me under one of you other accounts:

Hey SSBD/Heatfan/thurgood/bruce/jasper/ oh whatever. I'm just going to call you matt, ok?

All your posts need to be deleted. Quickly. You shall never post in regards to me. You shall never use another shill account to post about me.

Stop and consider reason. Allowing that huge inflated ego of yours to come into play will only damage you. I will enjoy every second of it. Never fucking speak of me again you multiple account fe scamming piece of shit.

Nothing personal, oh wait yes it is.

So I'm HEATFan, Thurgood and Jasper now too am I?

You are so RETARDED is defies belief, anyone wanting to get some popcorn please get it now, I have clearly poked the bear and he is now on the attack. YOU HAVE NOTHING ON ME COACHELLA apart from your lies and FUD.

I will not be deterred from trying to keep this community safe by alerting them to who you are and what you do simply because you are trying (and failing) to run a smear campaign on me. This always was and always will be about YOU and no one else. This is just further evidence of why you need to be kept fully out in the open and a record of all your alts and shills documented.

You are a cancer to the SR community.

Security / Re: Do you have a plan?
« on: September 28, 2013, 10:25 am »
At the end of the day that is just my perspective on things, hopefully it will encourage others to give serious thought and consideration to their situations as well, as you say it is a matter of personal judgement.

Rumor mill / Re: Meth vendors and product reviews
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:22 am »
DPR, take care of your mod. I know you frequent this thread. So please take care of this motherfucker. I will take down every single person I can if he continues this shit. You read me loud and clear.

Issuing threats to the owner of these forums probably isn't the way to go, just saying.

I heard DPR hates to lol, maybe we should ask him why his mod won't get off my nuts.

It will make him lol, and I heard he hates to lol.

Ask DPR whatever you like, I have already informed him of who you are and what I am doing in the defense of the SR community by keeping the spot light on your actions and behavior. I am sure as 4 x banned vendor who delights is stirring up shit on DPR's forum by attacking your fellow vendors he will be really unhappy with me for outing you at every turn.

Neon Lights

southpaw, you sly dog

Please stop it, you are killing me with this shit now :D

Neon was a great domestic vendor, never bought from southpaw if they are in fact a vendor, in fact I thought they were a forum account as it goes?

Oh wait hang on... are they me?

You are going full retard now mate, this is what I was talking about the other day and yes I have a front row seat too, awesome!

because I'm not a scamming lying mother fucker like you.

lol  ;)

Meth head with too much time. You're right. That also spells a disaster for you motherfucker.

That would only be true if I had something to hide which I don't as my post history is testament too. So far you have made reference to two entirely normal and innocuous pieces of information, like I said you have nothing on me, those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear, even from sociopath meth heads like you ;)

Hey did you "lol"? I know you hate to lol

You know what though, I'm not going to allow myself to be drawn on your bullshit too much though because that's playing right into your hands.

Plus everyone knows who and what you are so I really do not feel the need to defend myself against a sociopath meth head with waaaaaaay too much time on his hands.


Was my go to vendor for many months until he stopped vending due to apparent ill health.


I do love my soaps.

Stick around bro. About to me big things popping, and little bitch mods dropping.

Hahahaha it just gets better and better with every post, you must be seriously trolling through my post history now, let me save you the trouble hey given that dates back to late last year if my memory serves me correctly.

I ordered a sample from CocaCowboy and it arrived, very soon after that they turned FE scammer, something I probably posted about myself.


You haven't got sweet fuck all on me mate and you know why I am so confident of that? because I'm not a scamming lying mother fucker like you.

Rumor mill / Re: Meth vendors and product reviews
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:41 am »

See ya around the traps mate ;)

Rumor mill / Re: Meth vendors and product reviews
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:19 am »
Come back and sell real meth like germans sell beer? Well I do have a direct line to some precursor.. Hmm. Two problems.

First, I was "banned" from ever selling on SR again by indigo (or however you spell it)
Second, I don't feel like dealing with "heatfan" so if anyone could figure out how I can bury his ass, let me know.

Still got all the glassware and shit. So if you "Tweakers" (HOW FUCKING DARE YOU) could figure out these two problems, I can save you.

In the meantime, me being the troll I have always been, will leave you with something sure to piss of these vendors selling "meth."  Save your money and buy from this catagory. https://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion.to/silkroad/category/191

That's what they are all selling, expect they crystallize it.

Fuck me how many accounts do you have???

I am seriously blown away by your dedication to forum trolling, can we start a thread that lists all your known alts and shills?

Look at this motherfucker right here.

How am I trolling? I admitted to exactly who I was, and I was talking about making meth? Hop the fuck off my giant nuts and go get a fucking life. ok "mate" (lol) Don't you have some FE scams to pull?

DPR, I know your reading this (sooner or later). Can you please tell your staff that you pay to quit stalking me and go find something to do? Seriously.

And just so you know, stop using the excuse that "i'm not Bruce, he was banned" because they did that with jack me off when they made him a mod, you know, the whole "calling out dpr" skit.


Step off bitch.
Blah blah blah words words words mate mate hey look im a aussie mate mate mate.

Thanks for shitting up the meth thread moron. I apologize for staying on topic.

FYI you just got on my last nerve. Now I dig. I heard someone "justsmuggledin" some really good info.

Don't let me take all the credit, you had stunk up the thread long before I got here with this classic fudtastic post..

Considering the fact that I'm pretty sure everyone down to the admins are multiple account having, FE scammers who hate because "real meth" is bad for their business,  trust is something I won't have on SR.

Also I just want to see that annoying twat heatfan crushed, because he is a annoying twat.

Only two things about me are true, i'm a "paranoid crazy" high on my own supply, and I know some stuff about chemistry.

Maybe all the administration hates because they could'nt handle a fourm full of people on real meth?

Where my bees at yall?


You are so deluded it defies psychological classification but at least you admit you are "paranoid crazy".

You crossed the line coachella with your relentless FUD campaign so yeah now I'm on your ass making sure these forums are kept illuminated to who you are and just how dangerous and fucked up an individual you really are.

You want a quiet life? quit with the shill army of bullshit and concentrate on your vending account whilst you still have one because the way you are going you will be banned within the week, you were after all banned for life remember.

This is being played out across multiple threads now, the latest one to come to my attention is the meth thread right here


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