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Title: Sellers that provide tracking
Post by: drpepper on September 28, 2012, 04:31 am
Is it common for a seller to give the ETA that comes from tracking? I understand about not giving the actual number unless it was lost but it seems like telling the buyer the estimated date wouldn't be an issue.
Title: Re: Sellers that provide tracking
Post by: pine on September 28, 2012, 04:52 am
Sellers that use tracking have, ah, risk assessment issues if we're being kind about it.

The advantages are psychological and the risks catastrophic. Stay in escrow, be patient and this is just unnecessary.

That is my view and it will remain my view until tracking parcels doesn't somehow wind up as records in a government database in which every access request is IP logged and compared with a list of addresses that are suspect, which will certainly include Tor exit nodes, so unless you're using a 3rd party website to submit tracking requests...

I honestly don't even understand why people question that this happens. I'd only be surprised if it didn't happen. It's the same system they would be using to find bombs in parcels/anti terror procedures. I mean come on, imagining this is paranoid is like thinking the government doesn't monitor for possible terrorist threads. I suspect a lot of Australia bound packages have been surveillanced, possibly intercepted in this way.

Title: Re: Sellers that provide tracking
Post by: johnmtl on September 28, 2012, 05:03 am
I give an ETA but I don't give out that tracking number, That's just stupid imo.

I only track the packages using clearnet but I use a shield to redirect my ip so it looks like I'm tracking from a different place then I truly am and does not set off any red flags. ( at lest that I know about)

I don't like checking a tracking number tho, like pine said I'm sure someone may be tracking tracked packages looking for any red flags... ;like someone checking every 2 hours for example.. if I was a terrorist chances are I'd be kinda stupid and want to track my package of c4 all nigh until it arrives at its destination.  :)

So it makes sense that someone watches tracked packages....
its a dangerous game this whole mail order drugs but a fun one and could prove to be fruitful if played right.

but still try not to track packages unless its really needed. IE... lost package!