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Title: Recieving at a university residence... double sorting...
Post by: coloredmad on August 13, 2012, 06:19 pm
This would be my first time ordering off of silk road. I live at a university residence. The mail to all the university is just delivered to the university and then they sort it out and send it to residences etc within a day later,  I have a mail box (rather like a PO Box) at my residence. I have a feeling that if I put the wrong name on the delivery the residence people would not put it in my mail box (since people have erroneously sent me mail with my name accurately spelled but in which they messed up my address and switched the numbers on my mail (like from 118 to 181) and I've received the mail anyway even though it was clearly sent to the wrong box, so it seems that they check names and if it doesn't match the name of the resident with the box they don't send it). I regularly receive a lot of mail, especially packages of food/books from domestic sellers so I don't think a Canadian package would be out of the ordinary at all. I am worried by the idea of the mail being opened by someone at the university and then having some issue with them (I really don't want to have any issue with them and have to quit school or something). Although I honestly don't think the university is going to scan the mail at all. And even if they did I think it might be illegal for them to open it ?/keep it from me ? In any case I plan to write return to sender and leave it for a couple of days before opening the package. Do you all think receiving here this is wise?
Title: Re: Recieving at a university residence... double sorting...
Post by: nonojk on August 15, 2012, 05:58 pm
I've never ordered from SR to university, but I have ordered kratom, which is not illegal where I live in the US. The school intercepted it. The pakage didn't look suspicious to me but usually smells like plant material. Idk the legality of it but I would assume that signing my housing contract basically gave up all my rights. They emailed me their drug policy, which I actually read and didn't break, it specifically talks about breaking the law and "controlled substances," but I wasn't about to go confront someone about it. I've invested thousands into that stupid piece of paper and don't want it to go to waste. I got a PO box and have had no problems.

Remember this was kratom, not illegal, I certainly wouldn't risk it with illegal drugs. I've read here that people get deliveries to PO boxes from SR so my opinion would be go with that.
Title: Re: Recieving at a university residence... double sorting...
Post by: pine on August 16, 2012, 01:20 am
You should read my old thread:



Might as well just give it a repost:

Ohai fellow criminal masterminds!  ;)

I have a great solution for certain types of buyers, or buyers in the appropriate locations.

Where I live, there exists student accommodation in the locale.

In this student accommodation a pigeon hole system is used for post.

That is:

You walk into a part of their building, and they have a series of pigeon holes with letters placed in them by the First Initial of their Surname or something very similar.

This is extremely common in flat block complexes and university student accommodation.

This only works for regular letters and magazine sized shrink wraps. But most deliveries are likely to be letter sized for buyers anyhow.

So, simply address your letter to a relatively normal sounding name at a specific apartment/room number e.g. Susan Kahneman and wait.

For some types of accommodation you'll need a small key, but getting that and making a copy isn't exactly a feat for James Bond.

You have:

  :) Plausible deniablity.

  :) The possibility of frequently checking the pigeon hole unobtrusively.

  :) Controlled delivery is next to impossible when flocks of students back for lunch are investigating their pigeon holes.

  :) You can check the schema for addressing. e.g. Check that a certain Apartment No. or Block No. or Room No. actually exists.

  :) You can ensure somebody really lives at that Apartment/Block/Room, and then ensure your name you address to is different.

  :) Same Name/Same Location is pretty much next to zero probability.

  :) The sheer volume of mail makes it unlikely the Flat Block Complex / Student Accommodation staff are going to suspicious of your packet.

edit: Maybe "The Awesomeness of Shared Accomodation for Purchasing Mammals." was confuzling some people. Not talking about smuggling snakes onto plane here!