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Title: Using another browser and Tor
Post by: Buster39 on March 10, 2012, 06:18 pm
Is it unsafe to use Tor to browse Sr, while using say Google Chrome to look at other sites/video/downloading? What about using both while checking your email or logging into say a forum to view a video using chrome? Would I be in danger? Also im on windows vidta(iknow) Ihave became comfortable with PGP, now getting into truecrypt and using malewarebytes. I just restored to factory can anyone recommend anything else I should use for protection as Im a rookie? Also can you reccommend a hard drive eraser, I heard there is one that will do it 35 times ect.
Title: Re: Using another browser and Tor
Post by: homerstoned on March 10, 2012, 07:56 pm
if you use another brownser you will have to CORRECTLY config it .
so before you read (yes read) how the tor works and go throught the hidden wiki...

then u probably never use chrome and tor again :P plus its plain stupid...

use the bundle. or set a relay to better off the speed :)
Title: Re: Using another browser and Tor
Post by: pine on March 10, 2012, 11:05 pm
No. Just don't confuse your browser for the TOR browser at any point, it can be easy to do if you're in the habit of frequently checking your email...

There's all kinds of programs to overwrite HDs.

But there is actually little evidence to suggest that 35 writes are better than 1 over the entire HD. The study that everybody refers to, i.e. the Gutmann Method, is usually taken out of context. Just overwrite once, and then if you feel you need more security, smash the platters with something heavy and throw them away. There has never actually been a recorded incidence of overwritten data being recovered that I am aware of. Also, you get some awesome new fridge magnets. <-- Protip

The business of overwriting many many times, is somewhat of an urban myth in technology circles. Most IT geeks know overwriting once isn't enough, but relatively few know it really doesn't matter, all the papers that followed Gutmann's paper were extrapolating about a theoretical possibility and it became Chinese Whispers after that. By all means, overwrite as many times as you please, but it's a case of diminishing returns.