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Title: TrueCrypt issue
Post by: TrueCrypt Issue on February 28, 2012, 09:48 pm
I have TrueCrypt installed on my machine, and am trying to set it up to have a decoy system. I went through and installed the operating system for the decoy, but when I got done, it didn't overwrite the TC boot loader, it left it on, and also installed the Windows one. Now, when I start it up, I get the TC screen that says "Enter password for hidden system", and above that it says ''Press ESC to load the non hidden system (boot loader)"

 I have installed TC before on other machines, and it worked fine, so this seems strange to me. For now, I just went and changed the header to say something different than the above mentioned, and I may just leave it this way. AFAIK, if someone gets it, and boots the decoy system, they will be able to tell that TC is on, or was run on it, but not be able to prove that it is being used to run a hidden system. I could just say that it was used to encrypt a USB drive correct?

The OS I'm running is Windows 7 Starter. Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas?

Thanks, and Peace!
Title: Re: TrueCrypt issue
Post by: pine on February 28, 2012, 11:09 pm
Sounds weird O_o